Friday Evening Update

Good evening, gang. I don’t have a whole lot to share as the forecast remains on track this weekend into next week.This is when the arctic express pulls into the state and this is a pattern that is going to hang tough through the rest of the month and into February.

The first arctic front moves in early Sunday with a few snow flurries possible. The real arctic air arrives on Monday as a system pushes in from the northwest. This will likely bring a round of light snow to much of the region. You can see that pushing in as early as Sunday night on the High Resolution NAM radar…


That will continue through Monday with snow showers and squalls kicking in as arctic air pours in from the northwest. That is some cold air and will bust the numbers you are getting from the models…


There will likely be another disturbance diving in from the northwest late Tuesday or Wednesday with another round of light snow.

The next system should be stronger as it moves in by the end of next week…Euro 2

On a side note… I don’t know what other forecasts are saying for next week and I simply don’t care. I also don’t know what the weather app on your phone says. Those things are useless and have NO human input.

I will have a full update later tonight. Enjoy the evening and take care.

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93 Responses to Friday Evening Update

  1. Dale says:

    Thanks Chris.

  2. HEB says:

    The weather GOD is getting testy

  3. Caroline in Central West Virginia says:

    Thank you Chris! I will be watching your blog very closely NEXT week, even though I am in West Virginia because I trust your forecasts over everyone else’s πŸ™‚

  4. jacob liford says:

    I commend you for what you do. Your weather forcast are always more accurate than anything I get from any other weather station or weather app on my phone. I was reading about the snow we got down here in Barbourville yesterday well in advance. Thank you for all you do. Your blog is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing at night.

  5. Tammy Fields says:

    And this is why I like your weather! It is weather with attitude lol! My husband likes that useless weather app….I’ve tried to enlighten him, but alas….I just wait and say, “Told ya!”

  6. machell says:

    Glad to see someone putting some human understanding and reasoning into forecasting. πŸ™‚ You do a great job, thanks for your dedication. God bless

  7. Redsfan says:

    I love the wkyt app for the radar but I guess I should ignore the 7 day forecast?

    • Chelle says:

      I have wondered the same thing, it does’t match up with Chris’ or WKYT’s forcast, which I think is kinda weird but, just my opinion lol πŸ™‚

  8. Louis says:

    Go on with your bad self, Chris! So true about those apps with no human input.

  9. MarkLex says:

    Chris – please understand and forgive our bad moods.

  10. weather blog troll says:

    Thanks, Chris. Looking forward to some cold and snow.
    The nattering nabobs will always be around.
    Keep the faith.

  11. Todd says:

    Kari Hall just said 39 Thursday, 45 and rain Friday, is she a weather App in disguise ??

    • Andy Rose says:

      Some people flip flop with every model run that certainly wasn’t the forcast she gave last night her’s was right in line with Chris’s

      • Laura says:

        Those maps above sure are colorful. I am guessing that it is not a good thing coming our way.

      • Todd says:

        I hope Chris is on target, I’m just pointing out people he works with have different forecast than he does, just find it interesting because I know he is the Chief Meterologist of WKYT?

  12. Yakoff Smirnoff says:

    That’s why you’re THE man to go to for weather….Nobody is being forced to come read your input on the weather so let em’ look at their 7 day forecast on their apps.

  13. blizzardtim says:

    Get’m Chris….lol

  14. Jeff says:

    Honestly Chris, why do you even allow comments? If people don’t agree with you, there’s plenty of other forecasts out there to follow! You work too hard for nothing in return to be challenged on every word you say!

  15. Chris Mercer says:

    Today is the 19th anniversary of the worst winter storm I have ever seen in Central and/or Western Kentucky. I don’t know about East Kentucky. On 1/17/1994 freezing rain began, and we were forecast to have an ice storm. The freezing rain changed to sleet sometime before midnight and then early on the day of the 18th it snowed like crazy! When I woke up at 6:00 there was a layer of ice and sleet covered by over a foot of snow! And then came the real arctic blast. The temp on the 18th fell through the teens to below zero and by the morning of the 19th it was 20 to almost 40 below in Central Kentucky. Anyone else remember that storm?

    • Todd says:

      Yep 94,96,98 all mega snow years, but 1994 I watched it snow 20 inches in 6 hours in Frankfort with thunder mixed in, if only the snow gods would wake up like that again!

      • Dale says:

        Even though it was in March, you have to add in 1993, The Storm of the Century.

        • Todd says:

          Frankfort missed that one, got maybe a couple inches of snow, I know Lexington got a good snow and my in laws in Corbin got 20 inches plus!

        • Chris Mercer says:

          Dale–that storm was limited to the Eastern 1/3 of Kentucky, although the impacts there were severe. I think January of ’94 was statewide.

          • Upslope says:

            The Storm of the Century dropped upwards of 2 feet of snow here in eastern Kentucky.

            • Chris Mercer says:

              Where are you located “upslope?” Was the storm in ’93 as long lasting as the one in ’94? My only memories of the storm of ’93 are good ones here in the Lexington Metro. I remember UK dominating the SEC tourney at Rupp during that storm! Good times.

              • Upslope says:

                Hyden, Ky… snowed for 2 days it seemed…..I remember watching the Cats dominate!..and was praying that our electricity would stay on so we could watch the tourney!

            • Mark says:

              Don’t really remember the Jan 94 storm, was in elementary school then, guess the worst of that stayed well to our north (I was in Morristown TN). But won’t forget March 93! In Morristown, snow drifts were nearly to window level. Lots of downed tree limbs, no power – the fireplace we normally never used sure came in handy.

              I’ll never forget looking inside a neighbor’s garage; the aged car garage door was slightly warped so one side had a few millimeters gap between door bottom and concrete. Despite this tiny gap, a sizable mound of snow had piled up inside the garage!

              • Mark says:

                This is anniversary of both the 1994 snowstorm and a violent 1929 tornado outbreak that included areas near Campbellsville KY and Sonora (on I-65 south of
                Elizabethtown). Two very different types of wx in different years but same day, got to love this part of the county.

          • KeavyMan says:

            That storm, in 93, dropped 32″ in Keavy. There was a very sharp cutoff line to it too. I-75 was closed from just south of Lexington all the way to Alanta. I DEMAND A REPEAT!!!! LOL

            • DougT10 says:

              Boy that one was a dandy I and some friends were in Atlanta for the NASCAR race it dumped a pile on Atlanta,believe me those folks thought the end was near had to bring salt and snowplows from Chattanooga and Nashville to clean the roads absolutely unreal. Loved the 4 days I was stuck there ,Days Inn just cold beer and snacks from the vending machines the city was completely shutdown. Oh how I long for the good ole days.

        • Dawnp007 says:

          YES!!!!!! Glad you brought that one up! I was a freshman in college. Never will forget it!!

      • Chris Mercer says:

        I think I actually had a bit more snow in 98 but not near the impact of 94. 98 had temps around 30 the entire time, but the ice/snow and -20 (or lower) combo made 94 perhaps the worst winter storm in KY since the “Great ice Storm of 1951.” I don’t remember that one, but I’ve read about it. Of note, the winter of 1950-1951 had two great storms–one in November and one in February. That was on the heels of two of the top ten warmest winters 48-49 and 49-50. Perhaps 13-14 will be our winter!

        • Todd says:

          Yep, 1994 storm I worked for state gov in Frankfort and it was shut down all week long, after that they took away snow days for state workers!

    • Upslope says:

      Yep..we live on a mountain in southeast KY, over a foot of snow fell with temp falling to -20f. The National Guard drove their Hummer into our neighborhood to check on residents, our power was out…. and with a 6 week old baby, I will never forget it.

    • eyewall says:

      94 was wild. Thunder snow all night long in Lexington. About a 22 inch total, if I recall correctly. Then came the coldest temps ever seen here. I remember waking up one morning and it was -20, with a wind chill of -40 something. I had water pipe break in the basement. Had to go outside with a snow shovel and try to find the shut off valve. Don’t care to see a repeat of all that.

    • Mike says:

      I was out of the country during all of the 90s. But I will add my 90s snow memory — Dec 8, 1990 a heavy 8 inches fell on Oxford, England. The entire region shut down. However – the Dreaming Spires of Oxford where never more beautiful than they were that morning!

  16. Doug Doughty says:

    Look at the pretty Artic colors. Can’t wait for some real winter weather at my house. I live 5 miles nw of Williamsburg and only had a very light dusting of snow. Chris you was right about the cutoff. Down in Williamsburg they had 2″ of snow. Keep up the good work…..

  17. feederband says:

    I have an app for weather that is updated by someone.

  18. Krista says:

    My weather app is WKYT’s. ??? Useless??

  19. Matt in Richmond says:

    Chris, you are the man!!!! Don’t let all of the ‘Debbie Downers’ ruin a great website. I frankly do not care what all of the ‘arm chair’ weather people are saying. You are the man and always will be in my book!! Thanks for all you do!

  20. Tim says:

    I like your forecast most Chris. I`m a huge, old snow lover and I`d love another 1978 or 1994. In Louisville, where I live, they are calling for highs in the twenties Monday – Wednesday, but mid and high 40`s Thursday and Friday with rain. Only flurries Monday – Wednesday at best. I hate to waist a good cold snap, then warm just in time for the precipitation to start. I read your post everyday.

  21. Pharmist says:

    Gotta love all the arm chair quarterbacks! Tell em, CB!

    In CB we Trust!

  22. Todd says:

    I have noticed last couple of cold shots Louisville mets have been way to warm and they wait until1 or 2 days away & drop their temps back, Chris is first always to sniff out the colder air while others play catchup!

  23. Leeannie says:

    Had to chuckle on that weather app comment! I know mine on my phone always predicts temps too high. I think they must just base them on historical averages for that particular day (that or they have a little monkey sittin’ at the keyboard punching in random numbers….);-)

  24. maria says:

    i live in floyd county near harold. was thinking i must have slept though the snow cause we ant seen none all year:(

  25. Todd says:

    No snow in Frankfort since December 28th, Yes we did get a little freezing rain, but a new snow drought has started, hoping for better results in the weeks to come?

    • Chris Mercer says:

      Same in Lawrenceburg. Todd, we have to hope for a repeat of February and March 1960. Lexington had a so-so winter (like this one) up until mid-february and then there was at least an inch of snow on the ground from Mid-February to Mid-March with much of that time having at least a foot on the ground. The March average temp was less than 30! Hard to believe, but true.

      • Todd says:

        My parents told me about those early 60’s winters and I’ve seen photos to back it up, march snows were over fence post in some areas!

  26. troy says:

    Thanks Chris for your completely accurate for call on the snow Thursday. You, as well as 2 Knoxville station meteorologists are the only folks who called this as it happened several days out. 4.5″ of heavy snow in Middlesboro and the NWS was STILL saying little to no accumulation an hour after the event started with an inch on the ground already! Those guys in Jackson really need to get their heads out of their a**. Thanks again Chris.

  27. rolo says:

    1987 u youngsters must been in diapers spring 87. OLD SCHOOL

    • Dale says:

      1987 April, I had exactly 3 feet of snow, the temperature never got below 33 and it snowed pancake size flakes.

    • Chris Mercer says:

      That was an epic storm for Eastern KY. Lexington even got a dose of snow–5 or 6 inches but not like what you guys got.

  28. In Lincoln Co. says:

    Just curious, …any accumulations possible this week? I am yet to get a good batch of snow cream this year!! I must admit that I do have a weather app on my phone….for some reason it has my hometown listed twice (along with a few other single locations)….and it has a different temp listed for the SAME place at the SAME time! It is useless!

  29. Mike says:

    I was out of the country during all of the 90s. But I will add my 90s snow memory β€” Dec 8, 1990 a heavy 8 inches fell on Oxford, England. The entire region shut down. However – the Dreaming Spires of Oxford where never more beautiful than they were that morning!

  30. KeavyMan says:

    Thank you Chris for all you do. Glad to see you comment how you did. I would hate to see you forget this blog and end it because of the way alot of people talk on here. You tell em and I will back you up.

    Pulled out an extra blanket and comforter. Now I am ready for the 17Β° high to turn to 05Β° high. KILL THEM PESTY BUGS OF 12′ If something doesn’t happen, freeze wise, we are going to be taken over by bugs and we will be held for ransom. Lets put them in a deep freeze so we can live normal this spring into fall.

  31. Chris Mercer says:

    Now, Chris Bailey must feel better about the comment section tonight πŸ™‚ Good times sharing memories of the storms of the 80’s and 90’s. This has kind of been a trip down memory lane. Now, if we can only get a storm like one of those, I think the comment section will go wild!

    • KeavyMan says:

      If we could just get the whole state at one time get a nice snow…..everyone but the snow haters will be rejoicing. You know, can’t make everyone happy. Now the snow-haters will have to keep their mouths shut if the whole state gets into a snowfall at same time because snow-haters has ruled past couple years. Now it is our turn!

      • StacyLoveGuru says:

        A whole statewide system would be awesome! I can’t take not having snow haha. I wish I could read those models and maps he has put up so I can see if we are up for something here in Laurel County with this next system coming in???

  32. Sue(Flatwoods ,KY) says:

    READY for some cold and SNOW!!! And i agree my local weather and app on my phone were a bust on temps this week, they had the temps way to high, our actul highs were much lower then what they said!!! Thanks Chris for all of your hard work!!! : )

  33. Bernard P. Fife says:

    I tried calling old man winter…but his answering machine said he was still asleep, when’s that old geezer gonna wake up!!

  34. Joey Wilson says:

    I’ll say this. If it’s cold and snowy through next week, Chris will be THE MAN.

  35. BubbaG says:

    CB, I respectfully disagree with your last points in your usually fine posts. Your blog links to Accuweather (the outlook is on your main page) and you work for WKYT which “has an app for that”.

    VERY understandable some folks could possibly confuse those linked points of information to you. You rock, but the circumstantial links are respectfully there.

  36. Tammy says:

    Chris, I want to thank you for keeping us posted here in Charleston WV. I don’t trust our local guys, they always get it wrong. We sure do miss you. I am hoping for a lot of snow soon. Take care.

  37. Coffeady says:

    Thanks, Chris. When it comes to the weather, there is no one I trust more than you. And Chelle, I remember all of us “originals” too. And several of us are still here. I never miss a day reading this blog, and I will usually comment, even if it is just a Thanks, Chris. I remember the winters of 77-78, 87 and 93. Would live to see some snow like that again! Waiting to see what unfolds next…..

  38. Aaron C. says:

    Nothing like a trip down memory lane. Everyone remember Chris’s post a year or two back that was titled “A Night To Remember?” Boy, that sure WAS a night to remember. 50 MPH sustained winds for what seemed like a decent amount of time! There were some power outages, but that was one of the more interesting weather nights in recent memory.

    Imagine if you had that on top of heavy snow. That’d be something we wouldn’t soon forget!

  39. Aaron C. says:

    Hmm…methinks I know what might help this out… it time for me to break out the snowfall prediction maps again? πŸ™‚

    • Wes says:

      Please do!

      • Aaron C. says:

        If I can get the old computer to workin and find that old program I used to make the maps, would do it. The newer computer isn’t compatible with the old program, and plain ole’ MSPaint just doesn’t do the trick. πŸ™‚

  40. Cosmokramer says:

    “The next system should be stronger as it moves in by the end of next week.”

    Remember when those 33rpm records would get stuck….get stuck….get stuck….get stuck….

    ….that’s what I will remember about the winter forecasts this season.

    • Aaron C. says:

      RPM records were around in 77 and 78 weren’t they?
      Yeah, I’m gonna have to find that old program and see if I can get it to work…even if it is on the old computer.

  41. RhondaB says:

    Thanks, CB. Frankly, I can’t see where you’ve been in the least bit far off in any of the forecasts thus far. That’s why when someone says it’s going to warm up next week I tell them I don’t think so.
    I will continue to get the weather forecast from you, and thanks for doing this blog.

  42. kymdawn says:

    I’m in SW Ohio, just about 45 minutes north of Newport. Since the storms just after this past Christmas the only weather I check is here. I might look at local stations just to compare but Chris is always so much more accurate, and he’s giving of information. Stations around here won’t pin down a forecast until it’s actually happening it seems…then they still aren’t as accurate

  43. kymdawn says:

    I just LOVE the fact that he tells what he knows, even a week in advance. I love reading him a well. He has such a great personality. I’m a fan.

  44. Tonya Harris says:

    I can already feel the front moving in on Sunday–my joints are aching like crazy.

  45. Shawon says:

    Here are the temperatures that the met on the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati posted for next week:

    Monday: Low 15, High 24 (Flurries)
    Tuesday: Low 6, High 16
    Wednesday: Low 9, High 28
    Thursday: Low 23, High 40 (Breezy)

    Too high, or sounds reasonable?

    • BubbaG says:

      Reasonable, since that is a cold spike and the temps are expected to increase some with a system moving in around the weekend. I do not have a clue if the temperatures are supposed to go back down again. Perhaps somewhat dependent on if there are snow packs?

      Chris will probably mention something this weekend.

      • MikeM says:

        That’s the curse. The temps will spike with the arrival of moisture just enough to give us a 33 degree rain. Or in the case of last Monday a 30 degree rain. We’re running out of winter I’m afraid.

  46. Ben C says:

    Can someone please explain the what the color maps mean for Lexington as far as temperatures go?is that *18 Fahrenheit on Tuesday? Minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit? Please some clarify for me. Thank you.

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