Snow and Ice Tracker- 9am Update

9am Update

Good morning, gang. My fear of a decent ice event across southern Kentucky is being realized. An ICE STORM WARNING is now out for many counties into early this afternoon. Here’s a look…


Ice accumulations of a half inch is possible before this system pulls out of town. This is leading to the closing of roads and may eventually cause some power issues.

The rest of the forecast area is dealing with snow and an icy mix. This is leading to widespread travel issues.

Stay safe and take care.

Previous Discussion

Good Friday, everyone. A fast moving storm is going to blast the bluegrass state today with snow and ice. I continue to like the forecast I have out and will let it ride. Before we get to the tracking tools… let me give you some quick thoughts.

– The radar will explode with precipitation early this morning, with most of the action taking place after sunrise.

– This will be a high impact travel event. The ground is frozen solid and road temps are well below freezing. Each and every flake, ice pellet or freezing raindrop will stick.

– My snow map from Thursday still looks good. An inch or less across the west with 1″-3″ from areas of central Kentucky into the east. I can see some parts of eastern Kentucky exceeding that.

– I’m very concerned about the ice accumulation across southern Kentucky. Several counties here may see .25″ or higher of freezing rain and sleet. Nothing good would come of ice… let’s hope it turns out to be mainly sleet or snow.

– The snow and ice will shut off very quickly from west to east this afternoon. Leftover flurries and snow showers will continue into early Saturday as a cold northwesterly wind blows.

I have all the toys you need to track this system…

I-75 @ Clays Ferry Bridge South
Between Lexington and Richmond

View of Downtown


US 60 @ US 127
US60 @ US127

I-264 @ Freedom Way
Near Louisville International Airport
I-264 @ Freedom Way

I-71/I-75 at I-275
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ I-275

Courthouse Square

Downtown View

View from Courthouse

Natcher Parkway MP 5
Near Bowling Green
Natcher Parkway @ MP 5

I-24 MP 7 @ US 62
I-24 MP 7 @ US62

We often talk about doing a snow dance here on the blog. Well, a lot of people were doing them last night and posting them on my Facebook page. Check it out:Β Chris Bailey WKYT

Be sure to post the reports from where you live and I will update as needed today. Stay safe and take care.

P.S. The models are showing a wicked pattern taking shape for the middle and end of next week. πŸ˜‰

Take care… again.

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244 Responses to Snow and Ice Tracker- 9am Update

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Snow dances? Really? smh

  2. Dawnp0318 says:

    I watched the snow dances and lmbo!! I dread the ice here in southern Jackson Co. No doubt my hubby will be out working the power lines! Everyone be safe. β›„

  3. trailrunner says:

    Hoping for more snow than freezing rain and sleet here in Bowling Green. I do not need trees coming down around my home! It was 24.3 here until around 11:30, then it slowly climbed up to 26.2, now we’re back down to 25.4. Really wondering if it’s going to get above freezing here today or not?!

  4. WXEMGUY says:

    Everyone is probably asleep…but first signs of radar lightup taking place with narrow bands forming over extreme western KY, western Tenn, NE Arkansas and southern Illinois on NWS radar. So here we go.

  5. DougT10 says:

    Can it be freezing rain at 20 degrees 45 % humidity and a dew point at 1

    • WXEMGUY says:

      The issue down in the southern counties will not be the air temperature on the back yard thermometer…it’s what is going on aloft. Up there…a warm tounge of air (slightly above frezing will wrap around the low. Since this is in the snowflake formation zone, flakes will not develop. Instead, super cooled rain droplets will develop and freeze either close to the surface, or in contact with the surface. I hope that helps to answer you question. Just know that a backyard temp of 20 does not imply freezing temps aloft.

      • DougT10 says:

        Thanks,weather is a strange creature I suppose was hoping for snow but it is not to be.

        • WXEMGUY says:

          Don’t give the hopes up just yet if you are in a southern county, but know that the models predominantly have shown warm air aloft down there. If the models are correct, it’s an ice event for this reason.

  6. Sherry says:

    I’m in Olive Hill, waiting on some snow, wondering when it’ll get here, & if they’ll be school in Carter County on Friday.

  7. WXEMGUY says:

    My 2 cents…this system has just about phased. Higher precip totals seem more likely based on satellite and radar. I see organized bands of precip forming, which may up the anti…especially since this may be a smidge ahead of schedule. My call is 2-3 IN snow for Lexington.

  8. WXEMGUY says:

    …and I don’t agree with the NWS Louisville office on their latest forecast discussion….

  9. Mike says:

    0″ so far (0547) so far in my part of Madison County. After years of experience: IWBIWISI (I will believe it when I see it).

  10. Pharmist says:

    Humidity is increasing (up to 40%)…. Snow is on the way for Louisville.

  11. Chris Mercer says:

    Nothing here in Lawrenceburg yet but I’m going to go ahead and make my commute into Lexington a bit early. Sounds like a good morning for some Chick-Fil-A anyways!

  12. bjenks says:

    WXEMGUY….Not sure what you are seeing, but nothing hitting the ground here in Lou. Radar shows it, but nothing falling. I think you are right about NWS Lou. They should cancel the WWA…Nothing to see here. Now I will say the freezing rain needs to be in the WWA…ICE is nothing to play with.
    When all said and done CB will have nailed this one with his maps….CB is the best in the biz…..Thanks Chris for your time and thoughts. I like wicked for END OF NEXT WEEK…..Just wish the warm up didn’t occur and we have all that precep begging next week as snow……OH WELL…..Have a safe day everyone.

    • Pharmist says:

      I think you misunderstood WXEMGUY. I think he meant that the NWS is underplaying the snow totals for today and this system will beat their numbers.

      • bjenks says:

        No! I understood what WXEMGUY was commenting! I don’t think Lou. will even get a dusting out of this. Nothing to see here Folks…Keep Moving…WWA should be Canceled for Lou. As the precip will move out just as quickly as it starts.

        • Pharmist says:

          lol Ok, so you’re just on the other side of the NWS! :p

          I have had that light dusting so far… may not be much more than that though… Not looking good at all.

  13. Pharmist says:

    It is now snowing in Louisville! Very light and fluffy snow… falling ever so softly (trying to show off their ninja skills – maybe you won’t see it! ha)

    • Go Cards says:

      Gonna bust on that inch here in Louisville. I’m not saying high or low but you know which one.

      • bjenks says:

        UUUUHHHH….I am going to play the under card on this one…..Oh well…Chris did say it could get WICKED end of next week……NEXT WEEK!!! after we get 2 inches of rain….

  14. james says:

    Light snow in Lex, now,

  15. KyDerbyBelle says:

    I am in Elizabethtown and it’s an Icy nightmare! Multi-vehicle wrecks in Glendale on I65 …both north and south closed down. Numerous jacknifed trucks and overturned car. Then, in hart County, right below…a bus is overturned. I went out for a minute and everything is a solid sheet of ice! Schools are closed but the Community College is going to open on a 2 hour delay. I don’t know who will be able to get there! It’s still coming down..light at times and then hard enough to hear it hitting on roofs and windows. Stay warm and be careful!

  16. BubbaG says:

    As usual, nothing so far in north Richmond.

  17. rolo says:

    well lets hope the radar doesnt get any worse, ice already accumalating in tenn and some in KY.

    sad but its icing farther north than expected, but right now its SSCATTERED. lets hope it stays thay way.

    luv u all.

  18. Joyce says:

    The radar does not look like we are going to get much. Is there more going to follow?

  19. Tonya Harris says:

    Light snow starting to come down in Richmond. I would like to see just one little snow this season that will be enough to cover the ground–then spring can come!

  20. c-BIV says:

    Moderate snow now falling from east Louisville to Shelbyville. Phase earlier than expected, is what we all need to “over perform”.

    • bjenks says:

      MODERATE snow???….I would not even call it light snow…as a matter of fact it is not eveing snowing at my house in Lou.

      • Go Cards says:

        Exactly. Can’t even squeeze an inch out of this in Louisville. What a “storm” ha ha.

      • c-BIV says:

        My exact location was I-64/I-265 merger going eastward. It was indeed moderate snow. I just drove back through this same area headed west and it is now very light snow. There are minor buests in snow events sometimes, and I drove through one. Remember, Louisville is a BIG area to cover. Was just trying to report what I was seeing at the exact moment of post.

        • c-BIV says:

          Buests= bursts*

        • bjenks says:

          c-Biv…Sorry for the smart@@@ comment. Just been a frustating two winters for us snow lovers. I do get what you are saying. It was snowing flakes as big as silver dollars in Valley Station and raining here back during the New Years storm….

          • c-BIV says:

            It’s all good Bjenks…I’m just as frustrated and have tried to stay off the blog because of it. I miss our good snows. The drought is nearly unbearable!

  21. R Miller says:

    Icing in Knox County

  22. Mark says:

    Some freezing rain here in Nashville TN area. Cars and tree limbs have ice on them, although sidewalks and roads seem mainly wet at this time.

  23. Snoluvr says:

    I’m west of Elizabethtown near the Meade/Hardin county lines. Woke up to a coating of ice everywhere with nothing coming down at the moment. Hoping this is not an overperformer! No more ice please.

  24. Andy Rose says:

    For those worried about precip type moisture is hitting the ground in Knox and Bell counties and its not snow. Bell already has a coating of ice according to reports

  25. Todd says:

    Snowing in Frankfort

  26. BubbaG says:

    Still zip zero in Richmond. Not an exaggeration. Nothing yet.

    • BubbaG says:

      As far as next week, yep if folks like the results of this week, it appears very similar next week. Should be good enough for a school day miss, but not much as far as snow.

    • BubbaG says:

      Oh, we now have ice rain falling and not snow. I am so stunned it is not snow, I almost fell over πŸ˜‰

      • bjenks says:

        ICE RAIN…I like that…..Just took my daughter to the bus stop….I tripped over the ONE snow flake that fell on my sidewalk here in Lou.

      • LD says:

        I see a white ‘something’ on that Clays Ferry I-75 camera. It looks similar to here, like a snow/ice version of 5 o’clock shadow.

  27. RobertW says:

    I’m no weatherman by any means but by looking at the radar it looks like the snow coming out of the NW is going to meet up or merge with the mess moving across the state. Anybody else see this or do I just need another cup of coffee this morn?

    • bjenks says:

      The two lows are suppose to merge (Phase) into one over Eastern KY. This will help with the far eastern parts of the state and snow fall totals. CB’s maps are pretty much spot on, minus a half to one inch for most.

      • BubbaG says:

        Next week looks like the 33 degree rule scenario. We can’t get a good snow before the cold air, during the cold air or anywhere in between.

        Notice I did not even bother with “big” snow. have to adjust expectations to reality.

  28. Joey Wilson says:

    Periodic freezing rain in Owensboro this morning. It didn’t look bad to me so I started to head out to Evansville for my job. Pulled out just as moderate rain started, saw glazed streets and slid in my all-wheel drive going down driveway. Turned around and went right back in garage. Freezing rain is nothing the play with when it’s 25 degrees.

  29. LD says:

    Berea has what seems like air that’s too warm to do anything frozen, and yet there is the thinnest sheen on snow/ice stuck to the ground on the pavement and roads in the neighborhood. It’s really sticky to the touch at the surface but frozen on the bottom, so snow on top of a little ice I guess.

    Nothing in the air atm. It really does feel about 10 degrees or so warmer than what it’s supposed to right now (low 20s).

  30. mikew says:

    Moderate freezing rain in gray on knox laurel line.23 degrees unbelievable everythings glazed over and it coming down like an april shower.recc electric will be out soon if it keep coming down!

  31. Andy Rose says:

    Pouring in Knox County atm

  32. RobertW says:

    I have yet to see the first flake in N East Garrard county. I love snow but I am not terribly disappointed when we don’t get it. Have to work outside and have family on the road crew in Richmond. Everybody be safe.

  33. Tom in Rockcastle says:

    This system is a fast mover it will clear the state before lunch. Still have not seen a pure flake of snow this winter. So all those complaints about only seeing a few inches, it could be worse as some parts of the state have seen 0 inches of snow. In fact my area has not even recorded a trace of snow, not even a snow shower and it is nearly February.

  34. Ivirga Drago says:

    Storm, I must break you.

  35. Lincoln says:

    I have snow on the ground in Southern Lexington.

  36. Andy Rose says:

    roads are very slick you can’t even walk down a hill in Knox atm

  37. Teach says:

    No snow in northern Kentucky just yet. Waiting patiently. I appreciate the time Chris takes to create this blog and report. He is a weatherman, not God. Stop blaming him. Create your own blog but have respect for someone who takes time to report to you and has a love for his job.

  38. Joe says:

    Paved surfaces are ice in Corbin and Williamsburg area, numerous wrecks. Raining at 25 degrees.

  39. Cosmokramer says:

    Snow day for kids….can’t take it back either superintendents!

    Kids, open your spelling books to the word “nadaflake”. This word is a noun describing the invisible snow that results in a snow day! πŸ™‚


    Next week’s weather word is “wicked”. An adjective used to torture snow lovers. It fades the closer you get to that forecast. πŸ˜‰

    • KellyinLouisville says:

      JCPS is open, no snow day here

    • BengalFan says:

      Funny Post!!!! The ONLY reason that Madison is called off is that we havent had a snow day yet this year. Pre-caution!!! But in reality, NO WAY ON EARTH would we be off if we had already missed a week of school.
      I do like the word of the day!

      AND YES,, Chris PLEASE!!!! Why say next week..Wicked? This time last week you were saying the models are showing snow storm…Yes, we have a few flakes–little ice(at least here in CKY)..NOTHING TO GET EXCITED about.

  40. Dawn says:

    Patio covered in a thin sheet of ice here in Burnside. The dogs are so confused. lol

  41. RogerD says:

    I’m out in the country in Clark County, and our road is a mess. It is too slick to walk on, let alone drive on. We won’t be able to get out for some time.

  42. Chris Mercer says:

    Seems like the folks getting in on the good precip are getting ice. Looking out the window here at UK Hosptial I see very little accumulation in Lexington, but what has fallen has been snow, not ice.

    if the heaviest precip is going to be ice, I’m glad the dome is working here today.

  43. Joyce says:

    Sleet falling in Burgin….

  44. rolo says:

    precip in far southern ky back building out west, if temps dont get up, could be serious sutuation in far SOUTHERN/SE KY with the ICE. got a break in between might help things out.

    here on my last day before I leave, gotta say to the STUPID DRIVERS out there,m REALLY??? I understand some have to go work early in morn, but u can use little common sense like,,,,, DRIVING slowly. this morning locally on highway 421 driving like it was a SPRING DAY with rain aND in the 50s. safe to say that idiot went in the ditch and destroyed front end of car. Samr goes for the 1-75 etc drivers, REALLY??

    show some sense, its people like u who kill people like me.

    • Andy Rose says:

      Driving slowly doesn’t solve all the issues I parked in neighbors driveway and the truck was sliding down after I had it stopped

  45. bjenks says:

    BubbaG…..Looks like you are about to get into about an hours worth of something. ICE RAIN or snow????

  46. Ky Boy says:

    Okay either I’m blind or this system doesn’t have much moisture with it? The radar hardly has anything? All the snow and moisture is North of us πŸ™

  47. rolo says:

    it like a FINE MIST if we dont get HEAVIER PRECIP we be ok, lets hope that out west of BGREEN dies down a bit, it reflecting sleet etc and not as heavy as it looks.

    its really fine precip, be no eltric problems with this light precip.

    like I say maybe few scattered problems way back in the hills were they use possum for yard dogs u might get tree limb on a line.

    they did good job last decade clearing out ALOT tree lines here in SE KY.

  48. Chris Mercer says:

    This looks like much more of an Ice storm that Snowstorm for 75% of Kentucky. It looks like anything South of I-64 is mostly ice. Here in Lexington there is nothing falling and what has fallen has been snow. I see there is now the dreaded “ICE STORM WARNING” for parts of SE Kentucky. Hope this one busts for you down there, but I got the feeling all the snow deprived people are going to get it a big slap of ice.

  49. Shelley says:

    NOTHING!! it’s not even snowing.

  50. Todd says:

    Yep the old dome is full force to day in frankfort , snowed for 5 minutes and stopped, now big hole in radar with very little moving this way. Busted forecast on the very low side, bring on spring!

  51. teacherT says:

    Started snowing a little after 6 o’clock here in Irvine. Some white on roads, but it is also crunchy. Not doing much now, though.

  52. Snowdayw4kids says:

    Greenup Co. Dry. Nothing wet or white here! School snow day… Hope it’s worth it!

  53. Ky Teacher says:

    Sleeting in Pike County

  54. Louis says:

    Started sleeting/freezing rain in Lancaster around 6 this morning. Moderate freezing right now with side roads and driveways being a sheet of ice. Be careful out there folks.

  55. upslope says:

    heavy ice accretion, along with sleet and some snow in Leslie County

  56. Mike S says:

    NWS Jackson storm reports include Somerset and Whitley City with at least 0.1″ ice and numerous accidents. More rain approaching the area. Possible 0.2-0.4″ total ice possible in the WARNING areas. I was concerned with the ice aspect of this storm earlier this week. It would’ve been nice to be wrong this time around.

  57. Sarah says:

    Snowing pretty good in Cannonsburg (Boyd co) and sticking.

  58. BubbaG says:

    I don’t know what some are talking about as far as snow. A coating fell for some at first, but this looks like mainly ice for a lot more counties north than expected. Looks like warm air was underestimated again.

    • Tom inRockcastle says:

      Exactly, the radar shows my location under moderate to heavy snow but its all freezing rain. I am not surprised. This is the second time in a week this has happened. The sad fact remains,. we have had about 0.20 tenths of ice accumulation this season. Snow accumulation, 0.00, that is right not even a snow shower this season.

  59. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Snow has just started to fall in Pikeville.

  60. rolo says:

    2 batches, one now in the TRI CITY AREAS HEADING INTYO manchester and another round BGREEN, we getthru those we be ok.

    moving fast enough I thinking we going be fine as far as any eltrical problems as a whole. rest is FRIZZLE/DRIZZLE falling.

    now as a forcasat u say hit and a miss, NOWHERE NEAR snow totals forcasted for the state, even in the east, their be isolated areas get a inch or so, but as a whole the SNOW PREDICTION will be a BUST.

    but the MIX prediction pput out NAILED IT in south, but as some here stating it frain alot farther north than expected.

  61. London2012 says:

    Freezing rain coming down in southern laurel co. (campground area)

  62. rolo says:

    any snow much be PIKEVILLE/ASHLAND aras far east NE KY. farrrrrr

  63. KeavyMan01 says:

    Heavy Ice falling here in S Laurel County. Chatting in chat and watching the weather. Lots of wrecks here in S Laurel. Heard 25 E is closed. Come on in CB. Would love to have ya there.

  64. MJ says:

    Last night’s NAM run was right with carrying the heaviest icing down across southern KY. Along with the rapid refresh(RAP), and hourly rapid refresh(HRRR) runs. Though it looks like the snow accumulation in the north is going to be a trace to 1″, maybe a little higher in the coal fields of east KY.

  65. rolo says:

    overall give Bailey a A for this forcast as we got closer he focused in a nailed the ICE for the region which was the CONCERN as it turn out.

    Warm air aloft won out, but this system was MOISTURE STARVED, u look at it and once again u say HOW DID WE EVER GETSnow years ago. as 5 percent of Winter weather last decade is a MIX or just plain rain.

  66. Seth says:

    System does not look that impressive for snow on the radar for any of Kentucky.

  67. Bobt says:

    Sad when you look at all the webcams posted and you can’t even recognize snow in 95% of them. The dome truly exists. When you can have it 23 degrees with moisture in half of Kentucky and it still doesn’t snow, then you know it’s just not meant to be. Be careful on the ice out there. Hopefully we get some warm weather and won’t have to be disappointed with all these week away systems.

  68. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    roads are turning white here, it is almost like snow pellets instead of snow flakes!!!!!

  69. Swami In Corbin says:

    Raining hard near Davis Salvage on the Falls Road…24 degrees

  70. CorbinCommando says:

    A city utility vehicle just rammed into a telephone pole a block from WD Bryants in Corbin. Slid right into it. I’ve not seen this much ice in 20 years.

  71. cjmajorgirl24 says:

    Oh this isn’t sounding good! Started out as snow but ice is mixing in FAST! —I have a paper to write- I should get busy. Stay safe my friends!

  72. Dara says:

    Snowing at a good clip in Johnson County and its 24 degrees πŸ™‚

  73. William says:

    The side roads are freaking horrible in Knox county. If you don’t gotta go anywhere, don’t. If you do, good luck.

  74. John says:

    Anyone else noticed that the Accuweather radar CB uses in his posts tends to over-depict actual ground level precipitation? Compare that radar to Wunderground, for example. Wunderground gives a much better idea of what is actually happening, at least in my area.

  75. Nate in Nicholasville says:

    RAINING and FREEZING on contact in SW Jessamine County. Snow flakes mixed in, but mostly freezing rain. Defroster running on MAX in the suv, still had a hard time keeping up. 23 degrees and rain, only in KY….

  76. Bernard P. Fife says:

    I’m ready for Pre Spring to be over…….Bring on real spring πŸ™

  77. Todd says:

    1 to 3 forecast for Frankfort, Deck duster at best, this is no trend buster, Dry slots, warm air aloft, Virga, sounds like the normal ugly under performing winter in Ky! Meanwhile heavy snow in southern Ohio, and most of Ohio covered by snow! The dome at its finest! πŸ™

  78. Dara says:

    Can someone tell me if more moisture will fill in or is this all we’ll have? Not complaining since snow is at least falling πŸ™‚

  79. rolo says:

    heaviest precip of the day just move thru Manchester, actual snow mixed in as well, that cause we got some evap cooling with the HEAVIER BAND moving thru.

    229 degrres on east 80

  80. DL says:

    All ice here in So Ky…very very slick…I live on a side road, and people can’t get up the small hill in front of my house. Definitely not the snow I hoped for.

  81. Bob says:

    26.5 degrees and freezing rain Knott Co.

  82. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Well snow in Pikeville has went from a stud to a dud lol,where is that football Grrrrrrr! It started out pretty good and now its only trying to sleet here we had good temperatures,I wish someone would study why we cant get snow in Ky.Thanks Chris I would not want to forecast this crazy area.

  83. Joyce says:

    If someone will answer please,Is the snow/ice over for mercer county?

  84. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Now the Snow is back its crazy.

  85. Swami In Corbin says:

    Rain freezing on my car but not on the trees……..26 degrees

  86. Swami In Corbin says:

    Pouring the rain now near Davis Salvage on the falls road ….very strange

  87. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Healthy rain in Monticello, temps are at 31…so things are pretty slushy, not seeing anything on the trees at this point & hopefully we won’t as temps are expected at 36 today.

  88. Miss Kate says:

    what a sad grey day this will turn out to be. and my 3 year old just asked if she could go out and play in the snow. poor girl.

  89. Jason says:

    Go figure, arctic air in place and it still rains.. 26 degrees with moderate rain in Breathitt..

  90. Todd says:

    Central KY needs put some new signs up along with horse capital of the world, also proud owner of the snow dome since 1998 πŸ˜‰

    • Neil says:

      I totally agree, I made a couple of signs for CB a few years back that he posted here, complete with the Dome on them!
      As for this event, it looks to be another tease for CKY. Its pretty darn sad when you can’t even manage a couple of measly inches of snow when its this cold, heck even Mississippi can do that! I’m pretty sure that in the US there is not a place less conducive to snow along our latitude with the exception of the two coasts!

  91. Dale says:

    Ice, ice and more ice in Southern Pike County, it is coming down like a heavy rain and has coated everything, very dangerous outside! 28 degrees.

  92. Tom N Lincoln says:

    This has been a winter to forget if you’re a snow lover in Ky. I kinda figured we wouldnt have much of a winter around here anyways. I saw lightning bugs on Oct.1st, they’re supposed to be gone by July arent they? I also noticed some leaves were still on the trees up into Dec. They’re usually all gone by the end of Nov. I just thought if we did have a winter it might be late in arriving, it still could, but I dont have much faith that it will. I havent see one flake of snow here in east Lincoln co this winter. This is a first for me. Is this the new norm? I sure hope not.

    • Todd says:

      Frankfort got lucky in late December 4 inch snow but that has been it besides a few rooftop dusters like the one today, Today was suppose to be a quick hitting 1 to 3, more like a quick missing storm?

  93. Ready4Snow says:

    This is one time i wish the skies would clear an the sun would pop out…Driveway is nothing but ice…ain’t no fun living on a hill in this type of weather…Heat miser where are you,,.lol

  94. Andy Rose says:

    It maybe raining hard enough to wash the ice away at this point

  95. Neil says:

    I remember when a snow day actually meant there was snow…

  96. Todd says:

    On to the next, I wonder If Chris is still forecasting those elusive snow showers from the north tonight, maybe eastern KY?

  97. Shannon says:

    Ice storm warning for Pulaski Co has been extended to 11 pm.

  98. rolo says:

    I actually think i can make it 3 days without the blog, fact is its like a DRUG, u get high and feel good and then BAM when start come down or as in weather get to 48 hours out u hit ROCK BOTTOM!! ur sick, cursing etc.

    u leave but then u here a friend say u see what BAILEY saying bout next week?? then u start grinding ur teeth say naaaa. but in the end u give in and back up on the horse we go!!! just to get high again and CRASH like a junkie on SouthLime.
    yes we all are addicted and fact is in the end, its a great stress release etc from ur everyday life being part of the CHRIS BAILEY WEATHER BLOG!!!

    • Andy Rose says:

      Nobody would be upset if you stayed Rolo we want you to stick around

      • bjenks says:

        Andy…Speak for yourself…..LOL

      • KentuckyGirl says:

        I never comment- but had to make an exception. I love reading Chris’ blog to get his thoughts on winter weather. However, I also find that reading the comments of the regulars also gets me excited about the possibilities of a good snow storm! So I agree with Andy! What would the blog be without rolo, bubbaG, blizzardtim, bjenks,coffeelady, and too many others to mention by name. Hope you reconsider Rolo- the weather is unpredictable-so just say “yep, got it wrong this time” and move on-keeping us excited that one day soon we WILL get our OLD SCHOOL:)

  99. Harlan says:

    Jealous of you guys getting nothing. All ice in my neck of the woods.

  100. BengalFan says:

    It gone..wait a minute, did it even come? I notice radar had snow up in In and OH with no breaks in the precipation…how much did they get, 2-3 in?

    Im not sure about everyone else, but MAdison Co. didnt get 1-3 inches..try,,,,,,
    .13inches Oh well look at the pattern and details later-right! HERE IS THE PATTERN…….NOTHING TO GET WORKED OVER ABOUT OR EVEN TALK ABOUT POSSIBILITIES IN THE DETAILS.

    You keep throwing the bait out there for everyone, so I haved to asked, please respond: What does WICKED mean? I look at the pattern and the details would have to be maybe get cold highs 20’s then a little light snow with some freezing rain. Would this be correct?

    • KellyinLouisville says:

      Ha, too funny. It means thunderstorms for us during the early week but if anyone mentions snow “next week” or the “week after that”, I’m going to just laugh at them.

  101. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Here is my I Report for Ky Weather Center as Ice&Snow started to fall

  102. Chris Mercer says:

    Just a nasty day right now. Latest observation at Lexington was 21 degrees, light freezing rain, 100% humidity and a windchill of 9.

    Speaking of roads, I just drove from Lexington out BG to 127 and no problems at all.

  103. Shelley says:

    Madison County Berea, lots of ice roads are very slick. be very careful out there.

  104. Johnny says:

    Rolo, once again your prediction for an Old School was wrong. The only thing that changes is the weather. Snowy winter? Wrong. Bring on Spring.

  105. LD says:

    No measurable precipitation, so another total bust for Berea. “Next week”, I should get that as a tattoo.

    Seeing pictures of snow cover in Richmond on the twitter feed, what kind of pagan rituals you all running up there? Even when we get nothing, you still manage to squeak out a little something.

  106. WendyT says:

    No snow to see here, folks. Let’s move along to the next week away system. Sigh….

  107. Danny says:

    Well on the bright side its a good thing this system didnt phase it would of been an ugly ice storm. So now we go from a little ice to temps possibly hitting 60 with a rumble or two of thunder and then back to being cold. Looks like by this time next week the weather will be the same as today temp wise.

  108. Tommy says:

    The snow dome continues for Kentucky πŸ™‚

    • BubbaG says:

      Looks like bust as far as snow, since most did not even anywhere near inch, yet alone the max.

      Considering all the model build up for all the next week events, culminating in the epic bleh of this event, I am done. I heart CB and fellow bloggers, but we can get a good snow regardless of system type or setup. Either warm air wins, or it is too dry.

      Unless snow is actually accumulating, take it all with a grain of salt. Speaking of salt, there is more salt on the ground than anything else.

      • Todd says:

        All true, Snowed for 5 minutes this morning in Frankfort and then quickly turned to a little freezing drizzle, We had a week of arctic air and was hyped into believing a nice little snow for most if KY today, models are a joke in this area and if mets don’t adjust their thinking more to the trend instead of the bogus model runs they are going to bust a lot more! Rant now over πŸ™‚

  109. troy says:

    Moderate snow and sleet falling in Middlesboro after initial icing this morning. About an inch so far. US25E/Cumberland Gap Tunnel traffic moving at a “glacial pace” (pun intended}

  110. Andy Rose says:

    Lost power for about half hr I can live with that

  111. Andy Rose says:

    Now that the worst seems over maybe we can focus on the week away stuff πŸ˜‰ I still expect drizzle which will add to the accumulation but nothing much more than we have already

    • BubbaG says:

      Bustola and another win for warm air. Even with our cold spike (arctic outbreak seems too much), it won out.

      Does anybody want an interpretation of future model hyperbole?: Meh.

      No offense to CB, but the models are about as smart as the ones that wear fashion cloths in magazines. CB rocks, but models lip sync and use autotune.

  112. Chris Mercer says:

    At this point, my four-inch snow back Christmas week was an EPIC snowstorm for central Kentucky. The fact I got one last year too in March means I must be in the “sweet spot.” LOL. It is said when the sweet spot becomes a four-inch maximum per year. Yet, I’m grateful. Sounds like many of you haven’t even seen that

    As for today’s weather, currently 25 in Lawrenceburg, with two flurries of accumulation and a skiff of ice. Main roads are clear, side streets not bad if you take it easy.

  113. Todd says:

    I have been wondering if the frozen ground will thaw before this next round of thunderstorms and heavy rain gets here, flooding more than severe storms might be the next threat mode?

  114. maria says:

    gee i have losted all hope of see a real snow this year.ahhh i guess thats ky weather for yeah

  115. Mike says:

    My comment at 0547 was IWBIWIS seems on target. Apears that my seasonal total of 0” was / has not even been threatened. When is the next WAS (week away storm)?

  116. Ready4Snow says:

    We should get a more active southern stream heading into Feb….Of course when you tap into the gulf it usually bring’s warmer air into ky…Still would rather have the gulf moisture instead of any system coming from the west…If we do get lucky chances are we get a bigger snow or ice or rain…lol…I know it’s a hard pill to swallow sometime’s but living in Ky our expectation’s should not be high to start with…All we can do is wait and hopefully before the winter is gone “OLD SCHOOL” comes knocking at our door…

  117. Chris Mercer says:

    Since Feb 1998, we’ve had more major ice than snow events in Central Kentucky. My definition of major is 1/2 inch or more of ice or 6 inches or more of snow in one storm.

    Major Ice:
    Dec 2002 (Dec 4-5)
    Feb 2003 (Feb 16)
    Jan 2004 (Late Jan)
    Jan 2009 (Jan 26-27)

    Major Snow:

    The record speaks for itself, does it not?

    • BubbaG says:

      Yep, and all from southern fed systems. Our old school snows systems are now new school ice storms.

      If not a clipper, we get nothing but teeth gnashing.

    • Rachel says:

      On March 7-8, 2008 Northern Lexington got around 6 inches, Georgetown, Paris, and cities right about us had around 8 inches… so I by your definition that would have been a major snow in central kentucky…

      • Rachel says:

        Not that it doesn’t still suck! I want another one.

      • Chris Mercer says:

        Here are the 4 inch plus snows in Lexington the past five years. These are all storms that were “multi-day.” Many had small accumulations from snow showers for several days. Now, bear in mind, totals will vary from location to location.

        March 7-8, 2008 4.5
        January 7-10, 2010 4.5
        February 15-17, 2010 6.1 (WOW!)
        December 12-16, 2012 5.4 (with some ice as well)
        March 4-5, 2012 5.3

        It appears 4-6 inches in a multi-day storm is the new “big storm” for around here.

  118. misty says:

    It looks like the radar is cleared out for Whitley CO. Is there more on the way? The ice on my porches is starting to melt…the icicles are dripping water.

  119. MarkLex says:

    HUGE HALO around the moon the other day

    We should take note in Central KY that if we see this, it would mean winter weather around our region, not necessarily over top of us.

  120. Todd says:

    Chicago finally got an inch of snow today, but I see where their total for the year is 2.3 inches, Frankfort has had 4.5, a trace of snow today but it now looks like most of ky will end January with 0 snow! WOW

  121. Mike S says:

    From the CPC, Jan 30-Feb 07 – below normal temps and above normal precipitation for much of KY. Hmm, what could it mean???

  122. SarahH says:

    Not showing up on radar, but light freezing drizzle in eastern Fleming Co.

  123. Ready4Snow says:

    Winter remind’s me of deer hunting….You’ve killed the spikes,4 pointer’s, and now wait patiently for that ever elusive monster buck(snow)…You see it in site,your heart beats faster,your knee’s shake,you breathing is erratic,this is it, the big one, then as it get’s closer it turns away and shake’s it pretty white tail and slowly fade’s away in the distance…Mean while another hunter(State’s up north,south,east west) just around the knob has just killed that 12 pointer you were looking at…

  124. Crystal In Pikeville says:

  125. Crystal In Pikeville says:

  126. Chris Mercer says:

    Lexington’s official snowfall total was 0.3 inches from this event. Looks like the “voice of reason” nailed this one. He was consistent with a “Trace-2 inches” for Lexington the whole time. Perhaps Chris needs to add a “trace” in his low end total. If Chris had said a “trace-3 inches” then we would have expected the trace and enjoyed the .3 inches πŸ™‚

  127. Aaron C. says:

    Roads are very sneakily dangerous. Wet spots, then a bit of melted slushy ice in places. Took back roads home. Prefer to drive on less traveled roadways when there’s ice.

    Parking lot at home is so slick, I can’t park my car in my parking space due to the incline. The ice and gravity overtakes it and the car slowly inches down the ramp. Better go get the ice I bought a month or so ago.

  128. Todd says:

    I will stick to my previous thoughts, most snows 1 inch or less, anything more EPIC!
    Now you folks know what I mean about EPIC!
    (Seemingly takes Epic event to get wide spread 1plus in. snows in this state!)

    • Chris Mercer says:

      Todd: That March 2012 snow is even more amazing after I just looked at the data from that month again. There were only 2 days the entire month where the high was below 50, and those were March 4 and 5. 5.3 inches of snow official in Lexington with .3 on March 4 and 5.0 on March 5.

      The average temp for the month was 56.3 or 10.8 degrees above normal. April was actually colder with an average of 55.9.

      I guess we just need to hope for a “freak snow” like that one last March!!!

      • Todd says:

        Yep, theirs a better chance at a good snow when warm weather trend is in KY, weird I know but the stats don’t lie, as we have seen this week really cold weather does not equal snow in KY!

  129. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Icy day here in Danville. Glad it’s over, though. Now the road crews can get it taken care of.

  130. Sue Flatwoods Ky says:

    we are loading our students on buses now to head home!!!! Wish us luck!!!!!!

  131. Cosmokramer says:

    The 5″ snow on March 4, 2012 was after two tornados in Morgan County on Feb. 29th and March 2nd, 2012.

    My family helped another family salvage belongings and memories for days. The snow was bittersweet. I have always loved snow and I have linked the tornados with the snow, but in a gracious way. It was as if God was saying all is well and here is a peaceful sign to prove it. I wasn’t cold at all during those days.

  132. Joey Wilson says:

    Ugh…now we’re headed for temps in the 60s with lots of rain and possible severe weather next week. Then, it’s February which = six more weeks of winter possible. Mother Nature, it would only take one good snow thumping to make most of us happy. Please. Pretty please.

  133. rolo says:

    good post READY4SNOW,

    • BubbaG says:

      Since 1977/78, we have averaged a big snow from a southern fed at least every three years. That was stopped dead in 1999 and the only big events now from those same old school systems is ice.

      Anyone notice that yet again the models did a great job outlooking and forecasting ice, but a gosh awful job with snow? Case in point this system, nailed the ice part and muffed the snow part. Uncanny to miss snow every time and nail ice every time. Wild stuff.

  134. Mike says:

    Sigh, ….. Another WAS that was a total bust. In my part of Richmond we are 0 for 3 (or is it 4?) for ANY snow this year. (Wait! I can see a slight dusting on the neighbors roof! I take it all back!) The total this year for my back yard is… Wait for it! … Wait for it! … 0″!!!

    Winter weather modeling must be aspirational rather than analytical. It must be more than the math / science / computer modeling can handle. Forecasts are based on models – I consider this (and all the previous ones) more of a model bust than a forecast bust. I take them all with a grain of salt anymore. I read them for curiosity sake and make no plans or even hopes either way. The models seem to be guesses at best.

    • BubbaG says:

      Once again Mike, us elite north Richmondites have you beat. We got a roof stressing 0.2″ of accumulation (some might be salt) and we are now just past .5″ of snow for the year.

      If the stars align and weather prevails, we MIGHT bust past the 1″ mark next week. Winning! πŸ™‚

      Maybe we will get another Arctic chill to get us over the edge. I think Arctic Chill is a drink at Dairy Queen…

      • Mike says:

        At least I don’t have to climb on my roof with a shovel!

      • BubbaG says:

        BTW, great job by the road folks in Lexington and Richmond. These little events are usually more dangerous than the bigger events. In spite of their great efforts though, it will still be very slick on secondary or lower roads. Be careful!

        • KRinRichmond says:

          I’m telling ya guys, it’s got something to do with the river. I don’t understand it but that river has something to do with weather events. It’s not like the Ky river is the ocean or anything but it’s real.

  135. Chris Mercer says:

    Well, for the first time this winter, the average temp is now LOWER than it was through the same date last winter and also snowfall is higher. I still bet we don’t get to average and/or below average temps for the winter (which is what Chris predicted) by February 28. It would take another period of BRUTAL cold, and that would have to offset the mild period from Monday-Wednesday. I just don’t see February being the coldest/snowiest on record and that is what it would take to make Chris, Brian Goode (from WAVE) and several other mets predictions for this winter. I couldn’t do any better, mind you, but still–lets be honest and call this the second mild winter in a row!

    • BubbaG says:

      I am no better, since predicted a decent winter last year and when that missed, thought NO WAY two in a row and this could be the year of the trend buster. So far, we have less snow where I live than last year, which was the lowest I remember.

      I thought there was nowhere to go but up, but if we forecast based on the trend over the last 1.5 winters, maybe not. I guess the obvious answer is zero is the lowest point we can go. Bleh.

  136. Danny says:

    Officially in my neck of the woods for the winter 1inch of snow and 8 inches of road salt.

  137. Robbie says:

    I hate to say it, but I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel on this winter. For two months, the cold’s always been 7-10 days off only to never fully materialize. We’ve had some cold stretches, but the actual cold has never matched what the models predicted in the medium range. Honestly, when was the last time temperatures busted to the colder side as opposed to the warmer side? And worst of all, the winter systems that have moved through the area, with the exception of the Dec. 26 storm, have been wimpy at best. Maybe the MJO moving towards 8, 1, and 2 will change things up, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

      I do not want to get political on this blog, so please do not take this as an issue, with that said the earth has warm near 1 degree over the past 10 to 20 years.
      The Southern States of GA,AL,MS,LA was consider ice country in the past. Could this be a reason that now under more ice threats than snow?
      Again I am not trying to start a debate on what the causes of warming temps, I just think that the climate is shifting south to north.

      • Robbie says:

        I think it’s more likely we just had the bad luck of having the Pacific and Atlantic basins going through their warming phases at the same time. Now that the PDO has gone negative, that should help cool temperatures over the next 15-20 years. Joe Bastardi also thinks the Atlantic will soon move to its cooling phase. We’ll see, but that should make a difference.

        I also wonder if the warmth of the Gulf has contributed to more warming aloft with storms? We seem to be in the right spot for Lows to throw warm Gulf air right at us. Who knows though. I’m just thinking out loud on that one. One thing’s for sure though. Unless February is a surprise to the cold side, this will be another nothing winter. Honestly, once we move past Valentine’s day, it gets a whole lot more difficult to get cold weather and snow.

        • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

          Yeal,the gulf right now is a steam bath. But that could work into our favorite,if it

          • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

            Sorry about the lost sentence,I hit the shift button. I was trying to say with a warmer than normal gulf,an atmosphere cool enough to handle snow,it seems that we could see a snowfall that is talk about for centuries. Of course we might be too close to the gulf to allow any well organize storm to pull the monumental feat off.

  138. JPeezy says:

    Awful quiet today CB. No worries sir. I’m still with you. You lose some, you win some.

  139. Todd says:

    Wow over 200 comments for a wimpy storm, yes it was high impact icing down south but northern half was a complete bust, wonder what will happen if we ever get a real winter storm, 1000 comments maybe?

    • Chris Mercer says:

      If it was a real storm, CB would post updates every 4-5 hours. πŸ™‚

      • Todd says:

        Chris B must be mad at us negative bloggers, or maybe he just doesn’t want to update since their is really nothing to update, a few days of warmer weather, and that maybe next week thing πŸ˜‰

    • Big Papa says:

      Yeah, but about 3/4 of those comments were talking about how much of a wimpy storm it was lol

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