Tornado Watch Expanded Eastward

11pm Update

A TORNADO WATCH has now been issued farther eastward into central Kentucky. This watch goes until 5am eastern time. Here’s a look at the watch outline and the latest warnings…

Updates as needed.

Previous Update

Good Tuesday evening, everyone. A TORNADO WATCH has been issued for far western Kentucky until 1am Central Time. Here’s a look at the watch outline and the latest warnings…

Widespread damaging winds will also be a possibility for this region. The line of thunderstorms will continue to roll eastward into central and eastern Kentucky late tonight and early Wednesday. Additional watches are likely to be issued overnight.

Here’s the rest of your tracking toys…

Current Watches

Possible Watches

I will have updates as needed and via twitter: @kentuckyweather .

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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61 Responses to Tornado Watch Expanded Eastward

  1. Thanks Chris!! We have the weather radio ready as well as the laptops and cell phones charged. We’re not in the Tornado Watch, but prepared for what may come. Again, thanks so much for keeping us informed 🙂

  2. Israel says:

    Here’s the forecast discussion from Tue NWS in Louisville
    NWS is forecasting well above normal temps 6-10 and 8-14 day temperature and precipitation outlook showing above normal precipitation and temps (no snow)!!!

  3. Bill L says:

    I am so thankful for this web page. Thank you Mr. Bailey.

  4. cjmajorgirl24 says:

    Thanks Mr. Bailey-for all that you do! Stay safe everyone!

  5. KeavyMan01 says:

    Thank you Chris for all you do. Please, come into the chat room sometime. We would love to have you in there. Following storms and chasers in chat.

  6. Go Cards says:

    I may have been wrong earlier. That line in Missouri is starting to look pretty dangerous. It just exploded.

    • Danny says:

      Right on cue. Line of storms are getting into a very favorable atmosphere the low pressure is exploding. This is extremely concerning, the atmosphere is prime for nasty long track wind damaging storms and isolated tornado’s. I hope no renegades storms develop ahead of the main squall line. If renegades storms do develop watch out they will go severe in a heart beat. Any renegade storms that do develop will go tornaic and if they dont the pure wind energy will have straight line winds exceeding 70+ mph.

  7. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Anyone have a time line for storms reaching I-75?

  8. Lincoln says:

    Storms last a good 20 minutes in Kentucky.. I was raised in Texas, seems like the storms lasted longer there

    • MarkLex says:

      It depends, really. If been under training storms here in northwest Lex and it was like the craziest 2.5 solid hours of what I would describe as a downburst. It rained almost 7 inches. I think this was Sept 2006.

  9. Marsha says:

    Can anyone tell me if you think morgan co will be under tornado watches and how bad will it be….

    • Danny says:

      I think statewide watches will be issued gotta see once these storms get into western KY and how the storms are behaving will determine what sort of watches will be issued for the rest of us.

  10. Danny says:

    SPC is warning of issueing some sort of watch for north central, and central KY not quite sure what kind of watch it will be as of yet.

  11. Danny says:

    Remember my peeps as this line gets closer to KY it should intensify no reason why it shouldnt

  12. Marsha says:

    I really hate living in ky now….

    • Danny says:

      Ahhh no you don’t severe storms go with the territory will survive we always do

      • Marsha says:

        No really the tornado we had on mar 2 has change me I hate living here and that is so sad because I always love where I lived until mar 2

        • Danny says:

          Never hate where you live because of mother nature. Dis-like the weather but don’t hate where you live or where your roots are, you have no control over natural disasters.

          • Marsha says:

            I know I have live here my whole life maybe one day the fears I have will fade in time maybe I can love living in Morgan co again…

      • BubbaG says:

        Seems a tad presumptuous, considering what happened last March. I think I know what you meant, but can easily be taken differently.

  13. misty says:

    I saw something posted on Facebook by the NWS it was a video of the storm and the impact. It also had regions of KY shaded in for time frames it would impact. If I remember correctly they had Eastern KY shaded in from 7am-3pm

  14. Danny says:

    What we lack in the snow department we make up for with severe storms.

  15. Trudy Kelly says:

    thanks for the updates. they are so important when severe weather is coming. :O)

  16. Caroline in Central West Virginia says:

    Thanks Chris.. the severity predictions have expanded drastically eastwards since yesterday… ie we have gone from “T-storms” to Strong T-storms here in central WV.. waiting for a “Severe T-storm” forecast with poss. high wind being the major issue. I am definitely keeping a “weather” eye on my desktop radar and YOUR blog tomorrow!!

  17. misty says:

    For those in southeastern KY this was posted on Facebook from the Whitley Co. Sheriff

    This is Sheriff Colan Harrell with a WEATHER ALERT. Beginning in the early morning hours of Wednesday January 30 (around 3 a.m.) Whitley County is expected to face winds in upwards of 40 miles per hour.

    If you have a weather radio, consider keeping that radio on tonight so that important weather alerts may wake you while you’re sleeping. If you do not have a weather radio, the sheriff’s department encourages you to purchase one before future storms.

    When power goes out, having a battery-powered weather radio can provide lifesaving alerts and updates.

    Strong winds may cause power lines to be disrupted. Take the time now to charge all of your battery-powered devices, such as cell phones.

    Water is a conductor of electricity. Do not approach downed power lines, especially if those lines are resting in water.

    If you see downed power lines, contact your energy provider or Whitley County 911’s NON-EMERGENCY number (606) 549-6017.

  18. James says:

    I’m so scared. Any chance this thing weakens any?

  19. Go Cards says:

    Looks like its slightly weakening. NWS Louisville said it should strengthen as it moves east. Looks weaker to me but who knows?

  20. Coach foley says:

    Wind picked up and temp had went up a couple degree here in Lily

  21. Todd says:


  22. James says:

    What time will you guys give it to hit in Williamsburg?

  23. E-TownKY says:

    Looks like it’s weakening to me.

    • Go Cards says:

      Definitely weakening. I guess you cant let your guard down though. Still have tornado warnings in Western Kentucky. Does not look like a big deal for the rest of us. 40-50 mph winds maybe?

  24. mikew says:

    About 6:30 7:00 in williamsburg

  25. MarkLex says:

    I’m glad it’s weakening. I’m not surprised. I’ve seen this a million times since living here. Those big huge squall lines out in western KY moving across the state and the strangest thing is it’s always the same time frame (like now) late late at night/early morning hours when it finally gets here and usually it’s nothing as strong as it was……..Even though there is no reason for it to weaken, it still does by the time it gets here. Some parts of the line seem to pulse up and down, but the overall line always looks more orange and yellow and more thin than those deep intense looking reds. Our worst storms seem to come from the northwest or along stalled fronts in the area.

    • WXEMGUY says:

      See my post below. What you are referencing with past systems is explainable…it may happen again this time, but it is being noted that the wind speeds in the low level jet continue to recrease. There is indication of wind speeds of 100 KT (115 MPH) at 4,000 FT and strengthening. If a thunderstorm downdraft happens to mix in with a slice of that later on…a good piece of that WILL translate to the surface.

  26. WXEMGUY says:

    Generally, the National Weather Service Louisville must be expecting this to “cycle” and intensify based on their update at 11:15 on their discussion package. However, I would otherwise agree…the squall does look less intense, and with the now faster timeframe of reaching I-75 between 3-5 AM combined with the buildup of a cold pool behind the line is suggestive of something I have seen many times before. When this happens, the line usually runs out ahead of it’s support before reaching Central KY, then weakens big time. That said, don’t take my word for it yet…as that has not occurred, and the NWS remains concerned about the setup as the system progs east. Stay vigilant.

    • MarkLex says:

      Yes – I’m in no way saying what I wrote would happen. You just never know. I was just expressing what I typically witness over and over in the past with these similar setups.

      • WXEMGUY says:

        I concur with what you are saying…have definately seen it in the past too. It’s preferred that streaks continue! 🙂

  27. WXEMGUY says:

    It’s play by play at the moment with a line that is far away from my neck of the woods (Lexington)…but the line is definately re-energizing south and east of Paducah. Reflectivity is improving along the Kentucky portion of the line (let’s not forget to mention the issuance of two seperate tornado warnings).

  28. MarkLex says:

    Gotcha – one thing that’s NOT typical is the fact that I don’t ever remember a setup like this in January (of all months)

    Something else I’ve always found really ODD. When we do have a squall line that moves through here that is rather intense, you see the occasional flashes of lightning and hear some faint distant rumbles of thunder, but nothing like the intense close lightening and loud thunder you hear during summer storms. It’s mostly just brief intense rain and wind as it moves through.

  29. James says:

    I’m curious. How bad do you think this Spring is going to be? Is it too early to tell? I mean, this stuff is turning into a phobia for me. I can’t stand it.

  30. WXEMGUY says:

    I hate to tell ya James…but it probably is too early to tell. I think we deal with this right now, then know it’s gonna get cold after for a least a short bit, and we get back to tracking some snow. We are dealing with an enhanced (exaggerated) jet stream pattern in decent part due the “sudden stratospheric warming event” phenomenon over the poles. It’s hard to say if the jet stream pattern will be as exaggerated in the spring, or where those enhanced kinks and curves will be.

  31. WXEMGUY says:

    As the line progs east…the storms are moving northeast at a pretty good clip…for Lexington tracking purposes…I’m following activity down in Tennessee to see how it evolves in our direction as the overall line approaches.

  32. James says:

    I figured so. Thanks for the information, it’s frightening when half your life it you really don’t have anything to worry about, but in the past four to 6 years it’s been pretty scary. It’s interesting, but I hate the being scared part. Is it bad I check the weather every day? Haha Chris’ blog has been my life basically, I check it everyday.

  33. Thomas says:

    Here in Calloway County we just went through two tornado warnings, one for the west side and one for the east side. I live on highway 94 in Lynn Grove west of Murray. Either we had strong winds or a tornado because between my house and Murray reports of downed trees and road signs here. My family is safe thank goodness.

  34. James says:

    It looks like it has weakened a little more, but in a way I don’t think it has due to the tornado warnings. I wish this would just hurry up and get over with. That is with not much damage and now injuries.

  35. Ryan K says:

    While the line has weakened overall in the past 2-3 hours, there definitely has been a trend to see more of the embedded vortices within the line. I’m more alert regarding the line now than I was an hour ago, even though any actual tornadoes embedded in the line would be weak. Nonetheless, still strong winds and nothing to mess with.

  36. Candleflame says:

    Hoptown cleared small hail and some pretty good wind, hope the best for the rest!

  37. MarkLex says:

    I mean the wind has been HOWLING for hours……..Just howling. I have all my windows open at 3:43 am in Late Jan. Heat has been turned off, and with the windows having been opened for a few hours, it’s 71 degrees inside my house.

    • alena says:

      I have my windows open and the wind is crazy, howling like a banshee. I will be glad when this is over, although I have loved the warm temps. Everybody stay safe.

  38. James A. says:

    Still waiting here in Perry Co. I’m slated to drive a relative to a 9 A.M. doctor’s appointment. Wondering how the weather might affect my plans.

  39. LD says:

    WAVE3 in Louisville’s been live cast streaming to cover this event down to a granular level so everyone understands how their specific area is being affected in real time. Team effort, they’re all over it.

    Would love to have something like this from WKYT, since I cannot receive a strong enough signal from them since the HD changeover. Yes, even with an additional antenna.

  40. James A. says:

    Severe T-storm warning for an area including Perry Co. Chris, your warning came before that of the local radio station, which I was listening to. Good work. Let’s see….I gotta get ready. Where’s my flashlight?

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