Tornado Watch Into Early Afternoon

A new TORNADO WATCH is now in effect until 1pm for far eastern Kentucky. Here’s a look at that watch and the latest warnings…

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Good Wednesday morning, everyone. A squall line of thunderstorms continues to work eastward across central and eastern Kentucky. This is mainly a damaging wind produce, but a few isolated tornadoes are possible along the line.

A TORNADO WATCH is out for much of central and eastern Kentucky until Noon. Here’s a look at the watch outline and the latest warnings…

The rest of your tracking toys…

Current Watches

Possible Watches

I will have updates as needed and via twitter: @kentuckyweather .

Stay safe and take care.

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83 Responses to Tornado Watch Into Early Afternoon

  1. Tim says:

    The line just moved through Louisville. Civil Defense sirens kept going off due to the tornado warnings but nothing reached the ground. We did get about 1.5 inches of rain in about 15 minutes. Our creeks are near overflow. Winds were about 55 MPH

  2. Tim says:

    Ok my 1.5 inches of rain was a guess……….a bad one. They said we got around 7 tenths inches of rain in 15 minutes. It was hard and wind blown.

  3. Tominlou says:

    In eastern Jefferson County… We had heavy rain for a second, and some wind. But you would have thought the apocalypse was upon us if you pay attention to the local media (thru TV, weather blogs, Facebook, etc…) for the past 8 hours.

  4. Israel says:

    The squall has intensified. Bow-echoes could form. Here in Lexington, WINDS HAVE INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY, UNBELIEVEABLE AND ITS NOT EVEN HERE YET!!! The temperature and humidity (dewpoint) have also increased overnight ahead of the squall line showing no signs of stopping intensification. Squall line has also slowed down which means the threat for flash flooding has increasex also! Louisville Nws Mesoscale forecast discussion
    Stay safe everyone.

  5. Chris Mercer says:

    My temp just climbed to 70 in Lawrenceburg right before the storms. hit. thought it must be wrong, but no Frankfort also reporting 70! At 5:30 A.M.–in January!!!!

  6. pattyversailles says:

    Oh man!!! It just moved into Woodford!! Whew! THE WIND!!!

    • Sitting Duck.....Literally says:

      I was sitting at the bus garage in Versailles waiting to leave on my run when this storm blew through. VERY glad it was short lived and it proved to be a pretty uneventful morning…..if there is such a thing with a bus load of kids!! LOL

  7. MarkLex says:

    That line moving through Lexington right now looks so impressive on radar. Not a single flash of lightning or thunder. I don’t get that!

  8. Tonya Harris says:

    The sirens just went off in Richmond–right around the time the school buses will be running. Not good. Maybe they should have a delay today?

  9. LD says:

    Tornado warning sirens going off in Berea. This line looks like it’s getting stronger on the radar (colors darkening, gaps filling in).

  10. rdavidponder2002 says:

    Sirens in Laurel Co.

  11. Bethany says:

    Can’t thank you enough,Chris for all you do!! When I first heard the sirens in Danville I went straight to twitter on my phone to see what you had posted. Then went to the tv to watch 27. My tv satellite lost signal and that meant no tv, but you kept updating on twitter!!! Love everything you do! I was able to stay updated because you post everything on twitter in real time.

  12. Andy Rose says:

    Nice to see some school districts at least doing a delay and taking our children’s saftey seriously unfortunatly knox county isn’t one of those

  13. BubbaG says:

    Messed up we are talking ‘springly’ storm event instead of a snow event. Boo warm air! It will now get cold with minimal precipitation for over a week and then warm up. We need not guess when most of the precipitation would then fall. Boo to the trend!

  14. misty says:

    VERY brief shot of a downpour and a couple strong gusts of wind. Hmm. South Corbin

  15. turner says:

    storm just rolled thru Southern Breathitt Co. Brief downpour about 7:52/ Peak wind gust was 37mph. Although I measured a wind gust around 645 @ 54 mph. So far less than .05 inches of rain. Looking at radar it seemed as if the line really weakened out once it crossed 75 corridor and moved east. Now @ 804 am it is calmer than it has been all morning. Thank God electric still on pray it says on.

  16. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    had 68 deg, sun, dark clouds, rainbow, then rain and wind and temp dropped 10 deg in 15 mins!!!! CRAZY!!!

  17. Travis McCarty says:

    Crackuweather is calling for 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow. Any snow updates from Chris for this weekend?

  18. Chris Mercer says:

    Louisville and Bowling Green set record highs in the wee hours of the morning.

  19. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Now that the fun & games are over, let’s get serious. How bout the blizzard of 13’…. looks like a 1 to 2 inch event tomorrow night for a lot of KY. Bring it on πŸ™‚

    • Heat Miser says:

      what forecast are you looking at ?? Most of KY will get very little … even Chris said London/Corbin will see little or no accumulation. Check out next week …. temps back up in the low to mid 50’s and it is the beginning of Feb ….. oh the smell of spring …… makes me happy, happy, happy !!!

  20. KP says:

    The “Red Alert Warning System” called last night at 10 p.m. to let us know that bad weather was forecast and to prepare. A tornado warning was issued as the squall line approached but the warning system did not call. I gripe about this system but others in town (Paris) say it’s a great thing. What’s so great about NOT getting called when there is a tornado warning?
    A couple years ago it called to warn of a tornado 45 minutes after the storm left the area. Yeah, real useful. πŸ™

  21. Wes says:

    Do you think that SE Ky will be put under WWA for tonight/Thursday?

  22. bjenks says:


    Post from NWS Louisville…….RECORD HIGH FOR THE DAY SET AT 3:52 in the morning….We are lucky the sun did not shine birght all day yesterday. These storms could have been much worse than they were.

    Thanks Chris for all your updates yesterday. You alerted many of us followers to a potential dangerous situation. Thanks for sharing your knowledge so we could prepare for the worst.
    Now where is the SNOW!!!!! That is directed at Mother Nature and not Chris. She can give us A.M. temps or 73 degrees and TStorm/Tornado warnings, but NO SNOW!!!!!

  23. Coach foley says:

    Didn’t realize it would be as much heavy rain today

  24. rolo says:

    well have point out NOPBODY mention FLOODING with this system, but its already happening and the RAIN is training from SW/NEAST and SE KY could be in a serious suriation. so a BUST on the forcast to this point.

    understand the WIND STORM was focus but nobody in the lex area TV Mets mention HEAVY RAIN setting up like it has today.

    caught some off guard here as low lying areas already block in areas, people will not be able to get home or get out this evening.

    • rolo says:

      dont ya luv my none typing skils,, but FLOODING a big concern in low lying areas in SE KY.

      wish we had the HEADS UP ON THAT EARLIER!!!!!!

  25. LD says:

    Hope everyone made it through safely and with minimal damage.
    Had a few tree injuries and some misc. debris around the neighborhood.

    Winds were really hit or miss in Berea. Some people said it was the loudest wind they’d heard in some time, others like me kept wondering what all the fuss was about. Seriously, my plastic trash cans outside didn’t even move during the entire night. I can’t remember the last time there was such a discussed severe weather front that completely lacked thunder or lightning.

    Our reservoir welcomes the rain, so keep it comin’.

    • rolo says:

      uhh u must be real young, there been alot of severe weather without THUNDER and lightin,

      just ask MARION CO peeps who got hurt, or the home destroyed in Perry co by trees falling in on it. yea big fuss for nothing it was

  26. rolo says:

    yea KEEP IT COMING LD??? seriously wioth the cold ground we had it RUNNING STRAIGHT OFF, yea lets wash someone trailer away or house, or get couple feet water in ur house and see if u say KEEP IT COMING. im sure u live in big fancy SUBDIVISION up in BEREA and never seen a out of hand stream or river, but alot of us have.

    geesh, there no drought going on.

    • LD says:

      Looks like someone is having a hard time adjusting to their new meds.

      Yes, keep it coming where I live, the place without any flooding issues. The “where I live part” is implied and understood, since I didn’t specifically ask for it to rain everywhere in the entirety of the known world. I spent an hour driving around the southern part of the county this morning, since we didn’t have any power. It often goes out without much cause in the fancy ole subdivision here (though this time it had a reason).

      The reservoir is still down a couple feet from where it needs to be in order to get past voluntary water restrictions. Facts, so much less colorful than ranting with your sticky caps key, but there you are.

      Looks like the rain is starting to let up. Time to go polish the yacht!

  27. Coach foley says:

    What a Snow strom this would have been my my my

  28. Todd says:

    If the ground hog sees his shadow Saturday does Thant mean 6 more weeks of spring like weather ? πŸ˜‰

  29. Coach foley says:

    Storm I’m a dummy

  30. Jus Wunderin says:

    Why does the NAM 12z run show lots of snow tonight and no one talking about it?

  31. Todd says:

    These next few days days of snow chances might be it for the winter, check out the latest 6 to 10 and 8 to 14 day NOAA temp charts, BLOW TORCH to say the least, so much for February being the cold snowy month like so many mets have suggested! BUST! Early spring is coming, sorry snow geeks!

  32. Coffeelady says:

    Storms this morning were not so bad for lightning and thunder, but man, did we get the high winds and torrential rains! In fact, right now, at 1:15, it is still pouring here in Somerset. From the looks of the radar, looks like it is here for a while yet.
    Chris, what are our chances of seeing white stuff over the next few days? Sure a shame to waste all of this great moisture! πŸ˜‰ Glad that it appears no one was hurt badly in the storms this morning. A great BIG KUDOS to Chris, Micah, Kari, and everyone connected to the WKYT news and weather team. Thank you ALL for keeping us on top of things. And to the NWS offices who were issuing the warnings enough in advance of the storms for people to take shelter.
    A note to those who dont have them….the NOAA weather radio was a godsend last night, as we have a daughter who lives in another county who does NOT have one. (I will fix that soon. πŸ˜‰ ) We were able to call and get her up to go to the basement when a tornado warning was issued for her county. I highly recommend spending the money to purchase one, if you don’t own one. (No, I own no stock in the company that makes them.) I consider it money very well spent!
    thanks again Chris, for keeping us ahead of the storm!

  33. Mike says:

    Hmmmmm ….. Strong winds and rain — no apocalypse here…Over hype? … I hear so much about these storms – take shelter! take shelter! to be followed by rain and winds (30 – 50 mph?) Sirens go off, tornado warnings, station show home videos of it raining on Versailles Rd in Lexington! (I am not kidding or exaggerating – I saw it.) The tornado warnings have even changed – “conditions favourable” rather than “one has been sighted” … What does a “watch” mean anymore?

    All this hype means I don’t know what to pay attention to anymore. I used to take warnings seriously but not anymore. The hype and warnings should be reserved to impending, life threatening dangers — not heavy rain and wind.

    Bye the way — I actually have / had an emergency radio that didn’t work in bad weather! Again, no exaggeration. The EMS people came out to the house and told me it wouldn’t work well in bad weather. It was really for other emergencies… No the radio sits in a box in the basement. Now I just rely on the TV coverage. Wait — Go back to the top of this post and repeat…

    • Todd says:

      Agree, weather is the latest media hype for ratings, TWC now names winter storms for a few inches of snow, back in the 80’s 2-4 inches of snow was a travelers advisory, now winter storm HYPE!

    • Matthew says:

      “All this hype means I don’t know what to pay attention to anymore.”

      Word of advice, pay attention to any Sirens or warnings. Sometimes these are only radar indicated as possible. But, when I was young they sounded the alarm to late where I lived in Ohio. It was late at night and by the time the sirens went off some had already lost their lives. I am sure they would have wished for a siren earlier so they could be prepared even if it did not actually touch the ground.

      Seriously, just because a tornado does not touch down or is actually spotted does not mean a siren should not be sounded. If the conditions and radar indicate the possibility I say sound the alarm. I will say that if they did not sound an alarm because of no actual visual and one hit people would be up in arms that an alarm was not sounded soon enough.

      • MIke says:

        My weather radio warning thing issued by the EMS folks in Madison County used to go off for WATCHES in communities 80 miles from here. the watch area did not extend to our area at all. Did I say these alarms would sound in the middle of the night? (3 am for example!) Needless to say – that alarm got boxed up and put away.

        Warnings are important BUT just because we have flashy new radars and easy access to the public I think we go overboard now. (Like live video coverage from a member of the public of rain on Versailles road?????) Save the warnings for true danger and not wind and rain like we had this morning…

      • Rachel says:

        Agreed! “Hype” about tornadoes is hardly the same as hype about a snow storm. If everyone had actually paid careful enough attention to the DAY’S worth of hype they gave last March, no one would have died. Period. There was absolutely no, zero, excuse for anyone to have been in a trailer when those tornadoes went through last March… nor was there ANY excuse for people to be standing outside in the streets and yet, that is where 100% of the people in Kentucky and Indiana were on that day in March who died.

        Warnings used to come only if a tornado had been sighted… now they use radar and other technology to know when a storm is capable or likely to produce a tornado and call warnings from that. I don’t call that hype, I call that saving lives. I call that what might have been a second chance for everyone who never had a warning before that technology existed. It might be “hype” but it’s probably the kind of hype you should listen to. Afterall, does it really hurt you to spend 15 minutes in your basement or to sleep with your radio on if it means it might save your life?

  34. Jason says:

    Man, Footage coming in of some Big tornadoes down in Georgia..

  35. Ready4Snow says:

    Geez,are there anything left for people to complain about on this weather board..Let’s see,complaint’s of no snow,rain,mud,weather radio’s,tornado watch,invisible dome’s,model’s,etc,etc,etc…lol

  36. Go Cards says:

    There was a confirmed tornado just to the west of Louisville in Harrison County Indiana. NWS will survey Jefferson County tomorrow to see if this same tornado touched down in Western Jefferson County. Destroyed a barn and uprooted trees in Elizabeth Indiana.

  37. Dara says:

    It makes me sick that people can rant about hype……be glad you had warning that serious severe weather was POSSIBLE today! I would much rather be prepared than uninformed and for you that say that its just being overblown, the NWS thought enough about it to alert Emergency Management to the probability of severe weather. On March 2, Bailey talked about impending HORRIBLE weather possibly taking aim at our area and thank god he did because there could have been hundreds killed if they hadn’t been warned about what was a mere possibility. Think about that when you flame anyone for trying to make the public aware of the possibility of danger. I, for one, am very thankful that we have people that take the time to warn us ahead of time. I get so sick of the word hype when it means bashing people for talking about what is POSSIBLE!

  38. Todd says:

    The word RANT should be used on here more, I lot of people on here are just frustrated with the underachieving forecast these days, results are the trend, get use to it!

  39. Todd says:

    NWS now saying up to 1 inch of snow Thursday night in some areas, TWC is saying 1-2 inches in Frankfort, WOW that would be EPIC πŸ™‚

  40. gumby says:

    statement by nws that didnt make since at all…correct me if im wrong

    they said this
    if qpf is half an inch..that would be 5 inches at a 10 to 1 ratio and they said 20 to 1 which would mean higher totals and they said 1-2 inches…dont make much sense to me

  41. gumby says:

    latest gfs
    those totals are at 10 to 1 ratios average them out its an average 3 to 4 inches for entire region…these are the models that nws usually goes by so why are they not going by them when they are actually showing snow lol

  42. Coach foley says:

    The rain better let up soon.flooding here in lily my yard is a lake

  43. rolo says:

    look at 2-3 inches THURSDAY NITE into friday for SE KY/E KY possible.

  44. rolo says:

    yea GUMBY I think they are eating some

    I see 2-3 inches though

  45. barb says:

    thank goodness all of the rain wasn’t in the form of snow. Bring on spring!

  46. MarkLex says:

    That warning system in northwest Lex in the Masterson Station area sounds like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The last few times I’ve heard it sound off, it was like ten minutes after the worst of the weather had struck.

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