Tracking The Changes Ahead

Good Wednesday to one and all. Our change to milder weather is underway and this will lead us into some nice temps over the next several days. The mild air will bring some shower chances back into the commonwealth as early as late Thursday. Our nice numbers may be getting all the hype this week, but the return of old man winter will be getting all the play next week and beyond.

Do you guys remember what was going on 5 years ago today? We were picking up the pieces from a massive tornado and severe weather outbreak across Kentucky and surrounding states. 18 tornadoes touched down in the state February 5-6, 2008. 85 total twisters were recorded during the “Super Tuesday Outbreak”…

Super Tuesday Outbreak 2 Super Tuesday Outbreak

 In addition to the tornadoes, widespread damaging winds swept across much of Kentucky.

Things are much calmer out there today compared to 5 years ago. Highs will range from the 30s in the north to 50 in the south with a mix of sun and clouds.

Thursday will see temps take off with highs surging into the 50s across the board.

A complex storm system begins to impact our weather by Thursday night. One area of low pressure works into the Ohio Valley as another storm develops to our southeast. Showers will increase by late Thursday and kick into high gear Thursday night and Friday morning.

These two storms will then come together to form a nor’easte. That strengthening storm will pull colder air southward into Kentucky…

GFSThat has a chance to produce some snowflakes around here later Friday.

Milder air returns by Saturday as readings head back toward 50 degrees. That will set the stage for even milder air for Sunday as a cold front heads our way. Some showers will develop before the weekend is over as a strong cold front moves our way.

That front blows through here later Monday or Tuesday as much colder air moves in. That may set the stage for another storm trying to form across the southeastern U.S. by the middle of the week. The GFS and European Models have formed a bit of an alliance…


We will see how that one works out, but the middle and end of the month look to feature a whole lot of winter.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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24 Responses to Tracking The Changes Ahead

  1. MarkLex says:

    You know what would be cool to see? A U.S. radar or satellite loop of the entire winter season? I wonder how long it would take to load?

  2. alena says:

    I am loving these nice mild sunny days, but I expect a lot more winter to show up the rest of this month and the first part of March.

  3. Joey Wilson says:

    Thanks Chris! I’m enjoying the warmth but am looking forward to more snow chances.

  4. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks, Chris. Appreciate all that you do, everyday, not just one day a year. I read the blog daily, and usually two or three times, especially in changing weather conditions. Looking forward to a couple of warmer days, but also looking forward to seeing old man winter storm back and hopefully, bring us all a good snowstorm. Now THAT would be sweet!
    It’s National Signing Day!! Everybody get behind the BBN and lets make it a GREAT day for all the new signees!

  5. Teacher Nate says:

    Boo. Softball starts next weekend. Winter needs to be done with.

  6. karen 57 says:

    R we talkin….cold winter temps or snow or both.i wanna see a really good snow..tired of just a couple inches here and there….bring snow to campbell county …..thanks chris…u r a lot better predictor than weather guys on tv…..thanks again.:) God Bless

  7. Todd says:

    looks like the blog is taking a break also, this Blaw weather has folks bored including me! Sunshine is good for the blues though!

  8. KeavyMan01 says:


  9. chris g in clay county says:

    Thanks chris for updates and thoughts.

  10. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Saw bees, weeded clover, and spotted a dandelion in the yard today. Hmmmmm……….

    • Andy Rose says:

      and people want to say we have had winter. Winter should have killed alot of that hopefully real winter will show up in a week or so as Mr Bailey has predicted

      • Teach says:

        I don’t know where you live but Mr. Baily has been right on target for my area and we have definitely had WINTER. I appreciate the time he takes to give me chance to see weather for my area, not just an app that does the entire nation.

  11. Todd says:

    Major blizzard going to hit the northeast Friday, should be fun to watch TV coverage on this thing, Boston could have over 2 feet, LUCKY!

    • BubbaG says:

      They can keep it! I prefer power over a bunch of cold air, wind and crippling snow. I somehow think we do not have to worry about that kind of stuff…. Boo to the trend! It about half a generation long now. Boo!

      • Todd says:

        I would love 2 feet of snow, The last time Frankfort got 20 inches was 1998, no power issues! 1994 no power problems, we have under ground power in my hood, so it takes a monster to put the lights out here!

  12. Otta says:

    This teacher has had his feel of snow days! I’m ready for spring sports!

  13. JJTeach says:

    Valentine’s Day seems to always be a good time to track something “wintry” in this state. Looking forward to at least one more brush with some winter fun before March 1st comes along. After that date, I’m ALL about Spring baby!!

  14. Jeff Hamlin says:

    A link to an article about the upcoming New England storm. Model wars!

  15. bjenks says:

    Looks like the middle to end of February will be cold. Hope we can tap into some Gulf Moisture during that time. If not, oh well, spring is right around the corner.
    As long as it is winter I will at least THINK SNOW!!!! We still have a chance of some wintery percip.

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