Winter Blows Back Into Town This Week

Good Monday, weather weenies. The winds of change are howling across the bluegrass state to start the new work week. These winds will blow winter back into town over the next few days. Snow threats and arctic air will take  center stage later in the week and weekend.

Today will feature a mix of sun and clouds with temps in the upper 40s and low 50s. Winds will be the main story as gusts may top 40mph at times. Hold on to those hats!

Colder air will then bleed into the state into Tuesday. This air is marginally cold enough to produce snow as the next storm takes aim at the region on Wednesday. The models are beginning to come into better agreement with a farther northward tracking low toward the Carolinas. The NAM and GFS look very similar…



The models are still trying to figure out the track of the low and are struggling with the thermal profiles. Regardless, temps are going to be touch and go with this system, but I do suspect we will see a swath of wet snow setting up. We will have to figure out exactly where that is as we get closer. The track alone is one that usually produces snow around here.

Arctic air will then plunge southward into our region on Friday and that will set us up for a wicked weekend of winter weather. There is a good possibility of a wave of low pressure developing along this arctic front and then bombing out just to our east or northeast. The Canadian model shows this…

CanadianI’m not really sure how to feel about the pattern  setting up for the rest of the month. I do love my cold and snow, but not so much this time of year. Spring training starts this week and my mind is quickly turning toward the spring months just around the corner.

I will update again later today. Have a great Monday and take care.

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23 Responses to Winter Blows Back Into Town This Week

  1. Dan says:

    Trying saying wicked weekend of winter weather fast three times.

  2. WXEMGUY says:

    Good point…I just tried…not a good outcome…as is the appearance of this weekend by the looks of it! Wednesday also looks to be a sloppy messy system as of now. It’s gonna be an interesting week.

  3. WXEMGUY says:

    PS…GFS 06Z looks like it has returned to the weekend outcome of a low…with big snow…heading our way out of Texas. Mean time…I think the model sees the Wednesday storm as too warm, but that is my opinion. It’s touch and go on the Wednesday system, but either way, the weekend storm is back on big time.

  4. spencerlady says:

    Yesterday I believe I saw buds starting to make their presence known on a flowering tree. I DID see a couple of inches of green stems from my daffodils poking out of the ground. Spring right around the corner!

    • BubbaG says:

      You appear to be trying to be too amicable 😉

      In regards to a snow beyond an inch or two, none of the comings event through the weekend look to be very promising- especially if the rolling trend are averaged with it (though too simple a description, “regression” is a fancy word for that).

      Could some of the usual areas have a better chance? Yep, since the further from the “D” zone the better.

      Very short poem: Bring on Spring 🙂

  5. WXEMGUY says:

    For anyone interested…check out what happens this weekend on the 06Z GFS…That’s healthy…


  6. Jamie says:

    I’m officially done with winter. Pitchers and catchers report today.

  7. Snow is welcome anytime in winter. I love me some baseball, but any sport that consumes more than 9-10 months of the year is a bit much. Plus, it’s double-minded to want snow so bad, but limit it to a two-month time frame. Beggers can be choosers in these parts. Let’s hope something happens this weekend and then come March, spring can have its way (except no where near as hot as last year; 2012 was just ridiculous on too many levels)…

  8. bjenks says:

    I am so ready for this boring winter to be over with. Bring on spring and warm weather. Wed. event to warm for good snow, will be a wet mess for most of us. This weekend looks to be best shot and who knows after that. Looks like warmer air builds back in for the next (Feb. 20th) huge rain maker for the Ohio Valley. Northeast could get another noreaster out of that one.

  9. Jason says:

    Looks like it could get *really* cold this weekend with a few inches of snow, then a quick warmup early next week..

  10. Israel says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a chart like this but for Louisville or Lexington?

  11. unclesi says:

    hey, not gonna snow around here, period Jack
    hey, temps too warm for anything but rain, not gonna happen Jack
    , hey bring on spring … golf, fishing, frog gigging,

  12. Chris Mercer says:

    Updated Stats Through Today Feb 11 for “meterological Winter’

    Normal Average Temp: 34.5 Normal Snowfall 8.5 Inches
    2012-2013 Average Temp: 38.4 12-13 Snowfall 8.3 Inches
    2011-2012 Average Temp: 39.1 11-12 Snowfall 2.3 Inches

    IF met winter ended today, this would end up 0.2 degrees from falling into the Top 10 warmest (the list starts at 38.6 degrees). The only consecutive winters in the last 140 to be in the top 10 warmest were 1949 and 1950.

    • BubbaG says:

      In your back yard, but most to the west and south of the river have got close to nothing. From a weighted geographical standpoint, most of us are waaaaaaay under that.

    • Mike says:

      BG is correct — In my part of Richmond, 2 inches, 3 if I count the pile the neighbor boys made in the snow on the driveway next door.

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