A Better Looking Weekend

Good Friday and welcome to the last Friday of February. Old man winter made a return visit to the commonwealth overnight with a messy mix of sleet, freezing rain, snow and rain. Some areas picked up quite a bit of ice and that will impact the early morning commute for some. That’s now working off to our east and is being replaced by a good looking pattern for the weekend. Enjoy it… an extended period of winter returns next week.

Temps today will surge into the 50s on a gusty wind. Skies will become partly sunny, giving us a nice start to the weekend. Temps will come down into the low and mid 40s for highs Saturday as we keep a mix of sun and clouds. Sunday looks even better with readings nearing 50 with mostly sunny skies.

Temps will roll into the 50s for Monday as gusty winds crank up ahead of our next storm. Showers and thunderstorms will increase later in the day ahead of our wrapped up storm. MUCH colder air will sweep in for Tuesday and Wednesday with snow a possibility…


This will bring about a deep trough across the eastern part of the country as a major blocking develops for the middle and end of next week…

Euro 2

Not only is that a VERY cold pattern developing… it’s one that should also lead to several snow chances through early March. This may also bring a major storm into the Ohio Valley, at some point.

Have a great Friday and take care.

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43 Responses to A Better Looking Weekend

  1. Virgil Edwards says:

    Lets just hope those models are wrong and that we can just go ahead and get spring underway. Old Man Winter had three months to get his act together and deliver and he has failed so no sense on him trying to give us any more exhibition rounds and just wait 9 more months.

  2. Cosmokramer says:

    “…an extended period of winter returns NEXT WEEK”….

    Two thoughts on this….the only way we could have an extended period of winter is if it is leap year and adding Feb. 29th meant extending winter…..2nd thought, in what mystical land INSIDE Kentucky does the magical time dubbed NEXT WEEK ever materialize. Man, it’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone during KY non-winters.

  3. Miss Kate says:

    that last paragraph made me laugh. it sums up our whole winter.


  4. Bobt says:

    So CB is saying more temps in the low 40’s and rain is going to continue into March? Got to love Kentucky winters. Too warm for snow, but to cold to be outside.

  5. Israel says:

    Lost all hope. Not gonna get “into” a “snowstorm” storm until its a day away if one even comes. (Like It will) What happened to “next weeks” storm that was supposed to come middle to end of next week?

  6. Miss Kate says:

    boy, I tell ya. if we ever make it to “next week”, we are going to get like 75 feet of snow!!

  7. john says:

    Major storm as in rain, or snow?

  8. Renee says:

    I’m with Chris. I’m typically all for snow, but I’m tired of the back and forth game….come on spring.

  9. Marie says:

    Bring on spring! This weather is depressing. I am ready to get outside and play, garden and BBQ! All in my shorts and flip flops!

  10. bjenks says:

    You all watch….It will happen NEXT WEEK….We will get our once a year 4″ snow that lasts all of four hours. These late winter systems stink. Not enough cold to sustain the snow that falls. 15 year trend continues….On to next winter……….As I said a few days ago. I am done with this so called winter and ready for Spring……..THINK STORMS…….

  11. snowlover says:

    Once again, we’re a week away from nothing! Come on spring!

  12. unclesi says:

    hey doesn’t it get old saying the same thing over and over and over and nothing happens ….. and if it ever hits, he will say, told you so ….. not gonna happen jack

    • Israel says:

      That’s true Jack, if he gets something right, he says he’s right and even call others haters hut when he get something wrong he’ll never mention it aand it gets old.

    • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

      Understand your frustration but do not shoot the messenger. The title of this years winter should be named “Boomerang”.
      I think all of us that read this blog has excepted reality,for example nobody on here is giving out links to a forecast model showing a chance for a crippling snow chance a week down the road.
      In conclusion what should Chris do different, I am sure he would welcome objective insights from all of his readers.

  13. Timothy says:

    warm up, rain,wrap around snow with a little dusting. It’s not CB’s fault at all, but the snow dome lives!

  14. Todd says:

    The weather channel already showing the track of next weeks storm cutting into the lakes, we might get some clipper type stuff later next week but a southern track monster is not going to happen without a major warmup in KY! Remember the south is getting much warmer this time of year so a lot more warm air available to kill KY snow!

  15. I can appreciate the desire for spring. IF winter had cooperated up to this point, I would be too, but I’m still hoping for a decent ankle-biter at least before spring roars in for good (as it did last March).

    But the truth is many people still have not seen hardly any snow this year…and if Ol’ Man Winter wants to dump some snow when it’s still technically winter, then he can do so. Seriously, there needs to be greater corporate flexibility. If you happen to be picky in nature, then don’t complain about a lack of snow. Can’t have it both ways.

    • BengalFan says:

      AGREED! If the Bengals could win a big game in two weeks, well I would be so happy, season is over, but A Win is a Win!!!


  16. Chris Mercer says:

    Another 60 degree day in central Kentucky in meterological winter. Sorry to say, but I’m sticking with my call ( I made in Mid-December) of this being the two warmest back-to-back winters in Lexington since 1949 and 1950. A few more days and we can compute the averages.

    • Bobt says:

      February has actually not been that warm. The above average January will push it to an above average winter overall. February (Knox co.) actually has lower avg. high than 3 out of the last 4 winters. Almost 6 degrees cooler than the last two. Personally I would prefer a cold Jan. over a cold Feb. Even a warm January is too cold to be outside most of the time. A warm Feb. allow you to enjoy some days outside, but this year has not cooperated.

  17. unclesi says:

    hey I remember that post …. good call
    probably going to be norm around here

  18. Wayne says:

    I am heading to Indianapolis at the end of next week. Personally, I’m rooting for nice weather. Come on Spring.

    • Aaron C. says:

      You’re going next week? Are you suuure? Mother nature has been waiting all winter for next week. I surely hope your plans come to fruition.

  19. Aaron C. says:

    Winter 2012-2013. Not impressed. Nuff said.

  20. Thanks Chris. I’m ready for Spring, so not looking forward to those colder temps. Our local met here agrees and has warned of the colder temps and snow/rain chances to come as well. The weather will be what it will be and none of us have a choice but to take what comes šŸ™‚

  21. Bill says:

    Where is Rolo?

  22. Bobt says:

    Rolo tired of the 40 degree rains and the one week away snow. No real reason to post when nothing is good I guess. This in between weather is depressing. Too warm for snow, but too cold or wet to enjoy any outdoor activities. What luck to live in an area that has a winter with pretty much no snow, and then end up with a February that won’t warm up. Temps supposed to be in the 50’s this time of year and the extended forecast after this weekend is stuck in the low 40’s. The misery continues. lol

  23. Jeff Hamlin says:

    I’d like to see the lot of you armchair meteorologists do even a fraction of Chris’ work and field the criticism he gets. Only then will you have authority to say anything. šŸ˜‰

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