Monday Evening Update

Good Monday evening. Our plains blizzard is cranking up this evening and it will begin to impact our weather later tonight with heavy rain. That will continue into Tuesday as winter gets set to blast back in here for an extended stay.

Heavy rain and thunder will be with us for much of the day Tuesday. Winds will gust to 40mph at times as cold air sweeps in from the southwest. That’s right… the southwest as the low moves by to our west and north. That will switch things over to a rain and snow mix by Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Colder air will continue to funnel in on Wednesday as snow showers and squalls take over the deeper we get into the day.

That will set the stage for some light accumulating snow into Thursday. The NAM is impressed…


Here’s the GFS snowfall forecast into Saturday…


This won’t all fall at once and you will get a little here or there through the extended period. Winds will continue to gust up as temps run well below normal into early March.

The pattern doesn’t look like it wants to break anytime soon. Here are the latest runs of the GFS into the middle of the month…


Yes… It’s depressing.

Have a great rest of your evening and take care.

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27 Responses to Monday Evening Update

  1. TONEY says:

    why is it so depressing? winter is not over til march 21st on the calendar and even you said that winter would be back end loaded. spring and summer will get here soon enough then we will all start complaining cause it is too hot or dry or both. lets enjoy each season as they come and go.

    • Israel says:

      This is what makes people appreciate seasons. If winter says even till April, people tend to appreciate the warmth more. When it’s BURNING HOT in summer, people appreciate fall and winter more. Neva endin’ cycle.

    • Andy Rose says:

      whats depressing about it is 34 degree rain before freezing temps and once temps get below freezing you have a couple flurries flying around just like every event we have had so far

      • Bobt says:

        Don’t think CB was thinking (or hoping) that it would be this back ended. Don’t think too many mets would give a winter forecast thinking that best snow chances would come in March. Probably thinking more lat Jan. / early mid Feb. time frame. This long of a cold cycle this time of year is odd.

  2. Israel says:

    I’ve Been seeing the latest runs from the models, about none of them are breaking this pattern. It will go on and maybe end in late March. I have a feeling this will he another crazy tornado year for the US. When winters gradually go away like in 2011, it gets nasty, but if spring comes quickly and early like in 2012, there are little. Last year had one of the least tornadoes in US. (Not Kentucky)

  3. Ready4Snow says:

    Not really depressing just disappointment …But have learned over the years not to expect much when it comes to big snows in ky….Things just ain’t what they use to be…

  4. Coffeady says:

    Ah we’ll, if either the NAM or the GFS is remotely correct, we would pick up more snow than we’ve seen the past two winters here. But, winter isn’t over until mid March, and I have seen wild things happen in late winter. Big snows even. And now that I am like Chris and shifting into Spring mode, we will probably get a good, measurable snow. And that would be alright, too. Just hang on and enjoy the ride! Thanks, Chris, for all you do.

  5. which way is the wind blowing says:

    Go hard or Go south. Maybe we can steal a snowstorm with this pattern.

    • Bobt says:

      May just have to go south. An entire winter of ankle biting snows and 40 degree rains makes you want to head south. Go big or go warm.

  6. sue(Flatwoods KY) says:

    i love SNOW but we have a trip planned to Missouri March 30th I REALLY hope the cold and snow is gone by then!!!!!

  7. Joey Wilson says:

    Depressing? Not for me.

  8. Miss Kate says:

    GAH!! that map kills me. it changes above my house (from blue to purple) and changes back (from purple to blue) right below where Bubba is. thanks river. I really appreciate it. I mean I know it is just a general idea, but even the models recognize it.

  9. Muddy says:

    If its going to be cold , it might as well snow!

  10. M Birge says:

    Once again no easy to Understand legend on mid-March temp graphic.

  11. MarkLex says:


    Can someone sing “Soft Kitty”? I’m not sick, but it might help.

  12. bjenks says:

    MEGASTORM on the way. First couple of weeks of March will be real interesting around Kentucky. Feet of snow will be measured somewhere around us……LOL…..


    Bring on Spring….

  13. Kywatchman says:

    Punch drunk…

  14. Marie says:

    Yes, depressing alright. Bring on spring!

  15. Mark says:

    What a strange winter this season.

    Came across these pics of Phoenix of all places looking more like Des Moines or Milwaukee 😉–mlb.html

    It was graupel – sometimes called snow pellets – which is ice that forms around actual snowflakes.
    Regardless, a rare winter scene for the desert southwest.

  16. BubbaG says:

    For snow, we are looking mainly at arch biters at best. Notice that ankle biters appear to be our big snows now. The 33 degree rule for most precipitation will hold true.

    Notice the irony that the blizzard to our west will be rain here? Mehnter blehs.

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