A Lot Of Winter Pushing In

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a blast of winter ahead as we close out February and say a big hello to the month of March. This prolonged stretch of cold weather will be accompanied by rounds of snow showers and squalls that will put down some accumulation.

The weather today will continue to feature cold air seeping in from the west and northwest. Temps will generally run in the mid and upper 30s.ย  Snow and rain showers will be on and off today, but shouldn’t amount to a whole lot. Some rays of sunshine will be possible in between any of the showers.

A low pressure will slowly spin to our northeast through the next few days. It will have spokes of energy rotating around it and these will give a little boost to the snow as they pass through here…

WheelLight accumulations will be possible overnight into early Thursday. Some melting will take place as we go into daylight hours tomorrow. Some heavier snow squalls will then develop and those could put down some localized accumulations.

The next spoke of energy will arrive later Friday into Saturday and that will the best chance at putting down a few inches for some areas. The GFS continues to be impressed with the total snowfall through Saturday…

GFS Snowfall

You will NEVER see that much snow on the ground at any one time. That shows the total accumulation during this time span. A lot of melting will take place between these rounds of light accumulations.

The air grows even colder for the weekend with highs below freezing a good bet for several areas.

The next storm to impact the region blows in by Tuesday and Wednesday. That should have more of a “system” band of snow with it as reinforcing cold air follows it.

This cold and energetic pattern will continue into the middle of March. That means we aren’t done with snow threats after next week and the prospect for a Ohio Valley storm is still on the board.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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56 Responses to A Lot Of Winter Pushing In

  1. Cosmokramer says:

    No mention of the Swath? I guess the only way to work swath into this post is to say this forecast may be “swathless”.
    So will this be snowman snow, sleigh ride snow, or both?

  2. Bobt says:

    Melting snow this week. Bigger snow next week. Sounds sort of familiar. Bring Spring.

  3. Mark says:

    Amazing recent snow totals in the plains.

    Amarillo had just over 19 inches from the recent blizzard, one of their biggest single storm totals ever. The snowpack was 17 inches – all time record snow on ground at any one time. Had it not been for peak wind gusts of up to of 75 mph, the snowpack could have been even higher ๐Ÿ˜‰


    At last count, Wichita has recorded 21.0 inches this Feb – all time snowiest February. Before February started, Wichita had only seen 3.2 inches all winter. There are still a few more days to add a little more to the already record Feb total before more normal temperatures return to Wichita this weekend.


    16 inches at Woodward, Oklahoma.


    Oklahoma City and Tulsa didn’t get much this time, but they probably still have fresh memories of their record snows of Feb 2011 (same system that made Dallas snowbound just before the Super Bowl and then brought Chicago to a standstill).

  4. Big Papa says:

    It’s depressing even reading these comments anymore. Chris must really love reporting the weather because if he didn’t he would have kicked this blogs bucket a few months ago because of some of the people on here.

  5. troy says:

    Looks like each run of the GFS has this these snow “showers” intensity less and less and the NWS has temps inching higher. Looks like this is once again falling apart…… Imagine that…. At least we have “next weeks storm” to look forward to (which the GFS is showing all rain at the moment). hehe

    • Mark says:

      Hey Troy, I was in Morristown TN during the blizzard of 93, too! I was nine at the time. My family and I lived in west side of town, not far from the airport and where NWS Morristown is now located. Perhaps we have unknowingly crossed paths!

    • which way is the wind blowing says:

      Hehe should be the main theme on this site. The dysfunctional weather models have turn forecasting into a practical joke.

  6. blizzardtim says:

    I say lets just get on with spring as well…lol..

  7. Lincoln says:

    I agree with previous comments, it’s not even worth looking or commenting anymore in the comments section.

    • unclesi says:

      hey i’m no genius, but isn’t that being a hypocrite … saying it’s not worth looking or commenting but then typing a comment ….. if people don’t like criticism they stay out jack

      • Lincoln says:

        I am not referring to criticism.I am referring to the ignorant people who comment on here as of late,Jack.

        • Pat says:

          Lincoln, that is the whole purpose of being able to comment. None of us have the education that Chris has as far as predicting the weather. That is what it is, it’s called a prediction for a reason. No one is ever going to be able to tell what mother nature is going to do with 100% average. I don’t agree with everthing that is posted on here, but I respect their opinion. I don’t post often but i love reading what other people have to say about the weather. The people who post on here also give heads up to what is happening in their location and may effect people outside their location. I can always agree to disagree with some post, but i am not going to call them ignorant, it’s called an opinion. If you don’t like this site anymore, there are other sites, Bill Meck, that you can always go to. If you do you will be about the only person who does and the floor will be all your own.

          • Lincoln says:

            Perhaps you don’t understand, I am not referring to the weather, or the opinons on the weather. I am talking about all the other BS that gets said that has absolutely nothing to do with weather. I have been on this blog for a very long time now(almost five years) and a lot of stuff that gets said in the comments now at times is ignorant. Not opinons on weather etc. The blog has its fair share of people who troll it. I am not saying I dislike the blog etc.

  8. which way is the wind blowing says:

    Did I just wake up and found myself living in Seattle.

  9. snowlover says:

    I agree…we always have next weeks storm to look forward to..when that falls through, we’ll concentrate on the week following that! hehe..it’s a never ending cycle of let downs…blah…

  10. Joe T says:

    12z GFS has eased up some on the cold in the long range. Here is hoping that trend continues. Ready for sunny and 65 for a change.

  11. Paul says:

    So March is coming in like a lion. Guess that means we look for pleasant weather on Easter weekend this year!

  12. Todd says:

    A few wet snow flakes mixing in in Frankfort, temp has dropped to 35

  13. Andy Rose says:

    Once again Knox County wasting resources by pretreating the roads for a non event. Put that money to good use like fixing the road rot caused by the salt that you wasted to begin with

  14. Snowman says:

    Turn on the blowtorch! This winter was over in October….

  15. WendyT says:

    Thanks for all your effort, Chris. It’s been a tough winter. The negative comments have been a real downer (and I’m guilty of posting a few negative comments myself). Disappointment is tough for us snow lovers. The radar looks interesting at the moment. It would be nice to see some flakes fly even if they don’t stick. It’s still pretty to watch.

    • Coffeelady says:

      WendyT, I know what you mean. I try to find some positive in every blog post I comment on, or I don’t comment. Yes, snowless winters are tough on us snow lovers here in KY, but, we will get through it and go on. As I have reminded some folks several times, Chris puts his thoughts on here in long range looks, and that is NOT a forecast set in stone. And more times than not, he hits it pretty darn close, good or bad for snow lovers. Still the best meteorologist in these parts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks, Chris. We didn’t get as much heavy rain as the northern part of the state yesterday. So far today, we have seena little bit of light rain, with a few flakes from time to time. We sure have gotten the cold and wind, though. I hope we get to see some snow, if it is going to stay cold. But, now that I really don’t care whether it does or not, it probably will. As I said before, that is alright, too. Have a great Wednesday everyone and GO CATS!!!!

  17. Shawon says:

    Ready for two more weeks of winter. We will have drought and heat soon enough. Go Cats! Beat State!

  18. Todd says:

    The NWS is now saying over an inch of snow possible in central KY tonight, that would be EPIC ๐Ÿ™‚ !
    Also Chris saw this coming several days before the NWS jumped on their last minute train of thoughts ! The master wins again!

    • unclesi says:

      the master …bahahaha hey he said next week so many times of course he’s going to get it eventually …. hell if I say it’s going to be 70 next week, then hey one week will come around when it gets to 70 … does that make me a master … of course not jack

      • Todd says:

        Sounds like your a JACK of all trades JACK!

        • BubbaG says:

          Well…. CB could be called the master for places north of the river and “understudy” for places south. Master understudy! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

          In his defense, he is only as good to some degree as the models are, since the models completely SUCK for snow forecasts.

          • Todd says:

            In my earlier post I was just highlighting the fact that Chris a few days ago took a chance and said their would be snowshowers and small accumulating snows coming in while the so called experts at the NWS said it would be to warm for that with temps in the 40s and 50s!

  19. Miss Kate says:

    sleeting at Clays Ferry a few minutes ago. it is gross out there.

  20. BubbaG says:

    Rolo’s goats says, meh.

  21. snowlover says:

    Possible accumulations were mentioned for some tonight. What areas are more favorable??? Anyone????

  22. Tonya Harris says:

    Is the weather what is affecting the phone service in Richmond? I can’t make any phone calls right now, and a friend just stopped by wanting to borrow it because theirs was out, too.

  23. Snowluv says:

    My opinion
    1. Chris blog, effort, skills are awesome and to be commended
    2. Having said that there have been some swings,misses, wishful thinking
    3. Models are horrible, laughable until a few minutes out
    4. Overall another underachieving winter, especially r area with record blizzards ne and plains

    • Snowluv says:

      Ps. I’m with most everyone else. Not excited about a few renegade flurries with damp grey skies. If its not the big one who cares. I say bring on spring. Honestly I get the feeling from Chris blogs he feels the same. No more excitement. Even he is sick of the models and same ole.

    • BubbaG says:

      There is always next year’s next week ๐Ÿ˜‰ That said, it has been “next week” for the past two winters and “next week” for the past fifteen winters as far as big snow (for a lot of us).

  24. rk says:

    “jack” has his opinion like everybody else. Still, it’s your choice to read it or ignore it, like I do. Keep up the good work Chris. I really appreciate it.

    • Ready4Snow says:

      Unclesi “Jack” would be banned on any other site for insulting a Met….Unclesi, I know the master Chris Bailey,si you’re no Chris Bailey….Hey Hey Hey

      • BubbaG says:

        The sentence structure of both apparent posters seems similar. Perhaps their frustration is impeding their posts…. Rolo’s impediment is due to Wild Turkey ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. sue(Flatwoods KY) says:

    i have had 9 inches of snow this winter and would love to have more but am happy with what we have had this winter even if we dont get anymore! It is alot more then what we got last winter! But I REALLY want nice weather for the end of March and first of April for our Spring break!!! We have a BIG trip planned!!!!!!!! Thanks Chris for all of your hard work that you put into this blog for us weather weenies!!!

  26. MarkLex says:

    I’ve noticed this winter that Chris RARELY acknowledges any of the negative comments and just continues to happily post his thoughts. I think that’s smart of him not to acknowledge some of the crap posts. I am guilty of being negative at times but it is depressing reading through the comments and it puts my mind in a negative place just reading through them and scrolling down, so by the time I’m ready to comment, I’m in a BAD MOOD!!!!! LOL

    • BubbaG says:

      CB is not going to get dragged into it. He is more savvy and likely has a wild spring to be focusing on soon :). Hopefully not too wild ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™

  27. Todd says:

    Just had a heavy period of sleet and snow in Frankfort the roads have turned white temp 34?

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