Marching In Like A Lion

Good Thursday and welcome to the final day of February. The month is going out on a cold and, sometimes, snowy note here in the bluegrass state. Rounds of snow showers and squalls will be with us for a few more days and that means March will come roaring in on a wintry note.

Today’s action will feature breaks between the snow and that’s a hard way to get much in the way of accumulation. Still, the heavier bursts of snow can cover things up for a time. Highs today will run in the 30s on a gusty wind that will make it feel more like it’s in the 20s.

A similar setup will be with us for Friday and Saturday as even colder air filters in from the northwest. Late Friday into Friday night will have a decent shot at seeing some light accumulation for much of the area. Highs over the weekend will run in the upper 20s and low 30s with lows dipping into the teens by Sunday and Monday. Normal highs during this period are in the low 50s.

We will then turn our attention toward the northwestern sky and a system dropping in here Monday night and Tuesday. This should have a band of snow with it…

GFSΒ That will also bring a fresh brand of cold air for the middle and end of next week. The new CFS weekly temp forecast shows the possibility of an even colder dump of air toward the middle of March…


That would be ridiculous to see something like that take place. Come on spring… you can fight this!!! πŸ™‚

Have a great Thursday and take care.

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57 Responses to Marching In Like A Lion

  1. Cosmokramer says:

    West Liberty….34 degrees…cold, wet, liquidy spheres of H2O that splatter into crown-shaped transparent globules upon contact with my sidewalk and porch…..

    You’ve heard of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes… about another empty bowl of Blog’s Nada Flakes?

  2. Joey Wilson says:

    Cold and snow always good. Cold and dry in March? No thanks!

  3. snowgal says:

    As usual, not a flake down in Pulaski County.

  4. BubbaG says:

    Tis a hollow thing, this snow with no accumulation. Perhaps next winter we might escape the infamous Kentucky 33 degree rule for precipitation. Then again I said the same thing LAST winter.

  5. Cam the Man says:

    It’s never too late for cold and winter. He’s just making a comeback late in the game. I love it!

  6. Weatherdadof2 says:

    A beautiful, snow covered morning in Laurel County.

  7. bjenks says:

    Hey did anyone notice that there was not a NEXT WEEK and SNOW in the same sentence. Hopefully the Mon./Tue. system will be an over achiever and put down a good SWATH of snow. Won’t be no TREND BUSTER or OLD SCHOOL event. Hopefully the FENCE does not come into play and all of Kentucky can get a couple/few inches. As for the cold that is being predicted that is just not right. It should be getting warm as I am ready for spring. THanks CB for the update.

  8. Chris Mercer says:

    Had a deck duster in Lawrenceburg overnight.

    Hoping for another Early March overachiever. The largest single snowfall I’ve had in the past five years (5 1/2 inches at one time) started late on the evening of March 4 and into March 5 of last year. Of course, it was 70 by March 6, but hey, if those temp maps are correct, a 5 inch snow might stay around this time.

  9. Mark says:

    A few renegade snowflakes coming down now in Nashville. Ready for spring (despite the risks of severe wx), but now there are predictions of 1 to 2 inches snow here by Saturday morning.

    It will be a year since the leap year twisters of Feb 29 2012 which were a warm up for the big March 2 outbreak. No loss of life in KY, but there were fatalities in Tennessee and with an EF4 that struck Harrisburg Illinois (just north of Paducah KY).

    This is also the second anniversary of the EF3 twister that hit Henry County KY. It was a squall line tornado (they give less prior warning on radar than of supercell twisters) at about 5am (people of course still in bed). Yet no loss of life, partly due to use of weather alert radios (no house should be without one, especially mobile homes).

    • unclesi says:

      what are you talking about no loss of life in KY, my cousin died in the East Bernstadt tornado … better check your facts man … threw her body over a mile from her house, not a pleasant reminder. I believe 20 people died in KY from the twisters jack

    • MJ says:

      22 in KY died in the March 2 outbreak. 4 in Ohio and 13 in Indiana. In KY, 6 died in Laurel and Morgan counties. 2 in Johnson, Lawrence, and Menifee. 4 in Kenton county.

      • Rachel says:

        The thing that makes me so disturbed about the number of deaths from those tornadoes were the number that occured in trailer/mobile homes. It was literally almost every death. I can’t honestly fathom why on a day like that when there have been weather warnings for 2 DAYS beforehand anyone at all would still be hanging out in their trailer home… Not that I don’t have sympathy for those people who died or their families, but every single one of those deaths (the ones that occured in trailer homes) could have been easily prevented.

        • Mark says:

          All 13 deaths in Indiana on March 2 were in mobile homes.

          18 of the 22 fatalities in KY on March 2 were in mobile homes (the four deaths from the EF4 in Kenton County were the exception; two in motor vehicles, the other two in well built permanent homes that were never-the-less leveled).

    • Andy Rose says:

      I think he was referring to the twister that hit Henry County guys so back off just a tad πŸ˜‰

      • unclesi says:

        after reading it again he was referring to the 29th twisters – I thought he meant the Mar 6th didn’t have any … my bad Mark

        • Jeff Hamlin says:

          How does that crow taste?


          Jase πŸ˜‰

          • Mark says:

            Perhaps more like the taste of “foot-in-mouth” we have repeatedly seen with this individual.

            Chris Bailey has been more than patient with abrasive posters, but even CB has his limits.

        • Mark says:

          I was referring to both Feb 28 2011 (Henry County KY) and Feb 29 2012.

          Our sympathy for your loss from March 2 2012.

          Had the monster Ringgold Georgia twister of April 27 2011 gone just a few more miles west, my parents near Cleveland TN could have become statistics.

    • Mike says:

      The problem with some WA radios is that they go off too often. Mine used to go off for a thunderstorm watch in Pulaski County — I live in Richmond! … The boy who cried wolf…

  10. which way is the wind blowing says:

    it looks like the lion has awoken from his hibernation. I hope his prey is 40 degrees and rain. Because Kentucky would make a great furtile hunting ground.

  11. Michael says:

    I think 23 people died in KY during the March 2nd outbreak. Mark was referring to the Feb. 29 th outbreak…. I think. Freaky thing was that West Liberty was hit with a damaging tornado on the 29th and then everything was destroyed by the monster two days later. Here’s hoping for a calm storm season across the country!

  12. KP says:

    It was also one year ago that Chris posted that profile with a teaser of, “Who is this?” It was under the headline of T.G.’s replacement. It was just a dark blob but all of us were saying, “That’s Chris!!” I was so happy, but then the night turned horrible with the tornadoes. Then, two days later, TWC shows up right smack in our area. Very bad.
    It’s a good memory for getting Chris. Bad memory for having tornadoes.

  13. Todd says:

    Close to a half in. of sleet & snow on the deck this morning here in east Frankfort, puts us at about 10 inches for the year!

  14. Cosmokramer says:

    Salt….the other white precipitation….(use your best Sam Elliott voice).

  15. BubbaG says:

    I have not seen much of anything in south Lexington or North Richmond all day. Some occasional light sleet and a stray flake…. Is there only one spoke on the wheel? πŸ™‚

    • Aaron C. says:

      The spokes are there, they’re just really really hard to see as they’re translucent. πŸ™‚

      • Aaron C. says:

        I noticed there was snow on the ground this morning on south side of Richmond (home) but none on the ground as you made your way north on I-75. Looks like parts of town, at least, got more than others this morning.

        • BubbaG says:

          Hence my one spoke question. Looks lie a tad early this morning and nothing since. It takes a long time for the one spoke to hit again.

          From a snow standpoint, seems March is not as much a lion as a big rotund cat. A cat that goes meh-ow πŸ™‚

    • Pat says:

      It was snowing hard about 7:00 last night in south Lexington. Watched the first half of the game and thought i would wake up to at least the ground covered, but nothing. When I was going to work in Richmond I got there about 6:00am there was a light dusting on the ground and cars at DOCJT were covered. The river thing is in full effect this winter again. It either snows north of the river or south of the river no give an take.

  16. Connor says:

    Say what you will, but 3 different meteorologists from Accuweather have KY in the bullseye for a snowstorm for Tu/Wed.. I know, I know,………but I have followed them as closely as I have this blogsite all winter and this is the first time KY has really been in the middle of the swath of snow with NO word of mixed precipitation. HMM. Strum that banjo Rolo!

    • BubbaG says:

      Have you been drinking some of Rolo’s special water? Fire water!

    • troy says:

      The problem with Accuweather is that it should be named “Inaccuweather” as that weather service/site has been the MOST consistently wrong among all weather related sites all winter (usually year round for that matter). Whether it be a call on rain or snow and especially temperature predictions (usually 8-10 degrees on the high side). Accuweather is a joke….I could forecast better!

      • Connor says:

        Agreed, but just sayin’,…….consensus is lining up. Even NOAA site future casting maps have the same track and timing. I am so over this Winter ‘jumping the shark’ but this to me holds the most promise yet as if we get precip it will be ONLY in one form (come on Rolo, say it, I know you can)….SNOW.

  17. Todd says:

    Last decent chance at snow might come Tuesday, after that sounds like things will start to warm up, I sure hope so! Calendar winter is over!

  18. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Light snow in London. New dusting on cars, rooftops. Precip currently not on radar.

  19. Connor says:

    Fire BAD! Water in snow form GOOD! Awaken Rolo, awaken……loosen the tethers of the mighty KY snow dome’s grip and let it waft away. “Strum Rolo, Strum”…………….said Connor.

  20. miss kate says:

    snow next week is unacceptable. it is my Bday and i already placed my order for some warmth. snow is not welcome.

    • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

      Get over it. Place an order for a Bailey’s & Coffee. Some of us snow lovers have not seen a decent snow fall in over 10 years. And if the snow lion decides to extend his territory upon Ky,well so be it. I hope you do not get eaten up by all the hype that comes with it, In other words do not start shaking like a wounded Gazelle. Sorry about the bombastic hyperbole. I am just a selfish individual and wants everything to be about myself and my welfare. By the way my birthday is on April 11th I hope there is no tornado that interferes with my week of events.

  21. Mike says:

    OK — One last try… Check this out for snow possibilities for next week.

    After this, I really give up. Honest!

    • Connor says:

      Haven’t even looked at it Mike and I am as forlorn as you about these meek times. BUT, I am on board for the 1st time in over 22 months on the potential of early next week. It is lining up on all weather sites and little variance seen.

      • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

        Speaking for myself, every time I have place a bet on it happening it has come up snake eyes. As the days past my confidence grows,but I am well aware that the rock salt in my garage has not been open. I bought that bag of salt over 3 years ago.
        All I know is that a lion has escape from the upper north and he is on the prowl in KY. I ask the question will we be his victim. God I sure hope so.
        PS. The best bet is that we will only come up lame. For example have a couple ankles bitten. Bubba is the go to guy to speak to the nature and the occurrence of these injuries, since he has witness many of these over the past decade.

    • BubbaG says:

      I think you will by default of season πŸ˜‰

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