Storms To Follow The Warmth

Good Tuesday, everyone. The warmest air of the season continues to surge into the state today as temps take a run toward May readings. This warm air will be with us until a powerhouse of a cold front sweeps in here on Thursday. That front will bring a little boom to our weather.

Highs today will flirt with 80 degrees in much of the state. Gusty southwesterly winds will continue to blow and that trend carries us into Wednesday. That could be another 80 degree day.

A strong storm system is slowly rolling across the plains states and will head into the northern Ohio Valley on Thursday. This will drag a cold front across Kentucky and provide us with the potential for strong or severe thunderstorms. The action may start in the west by Wednesday evening and work east from there.

Take a look at the setup from the European Model…


That usually leads to a squall line of storms that sweeps in here. Damaging winds will be the main threat from the boomers that get going.

Much colder air then filters in for Friday, when readings may not get much above 50 degrees. Upper 20s for lows will be possible Saturday morning with afternoon temps in the mid and high 50s with some sun.

A nice rebound in temps is likely by Sunday with 70 degrees possible.

It’s going to try to get VERY warm early next week…

Euro 2

That setup would lead to another severe weather outbreak from the plains eastward. Our active spring pattern is about to get hopping.

Have a great Tuesday and take care.

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6 Responses to Storms To Follow The Warmth

  1. Go Cards says:

    2013 National Champions! Good luck Lady Cards! Beat the Huskies.

    • Coffeelady says:

      Well, I hope the Lady Cards can do it. I bleed blue, but I would LOVE to see someone knock off UCONN and win that title!

    • Russ says:

      GoCards, I’m with you man. However, I come here for the weather not for the sports discussion. Half of CB’s Twitter and RT’s are anti Cards. How much crying do we have to read about the officiating. Did they notice that McGary about took off Russ Smith’s head or pushed Chane Behanan around in the post/

  2. Coffeelady says:

    I will still take the warmer temps, Chris. Just hope the storms don’t get too bad. It would be kind of nice to hear a thunderstorm, as long as its not a severe one. I am glad that you are talking about good weather for the spring game. Really looking forward to that on Saturday night! Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

  3. Todd says:

    77 degrees before noon, 80s look very good today in east Frankfort, tornado’s stay away Thursday??

  4. Rickie says:

    Loving the beautiful sunshine! Just hope the storms don’t get to bad.I know Mr Bailey will keep us well posted…. Thanks Chris!

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