Another Surge Of Summer

Good Sunday, everyone. Much milder air is blowing into the bluegrass state today and that mild will turn downright warm as we head into the week ahead. Another taste of June temperatures takes up residence on the area by Tuesday and Wednesday. Could there be a healthy price to be paid for that? Probably so.

Let’s start with the good stuff we have out there today. Highs will warm into the 70-75 degree range with partly to mostly sunny skies. The hum of lawnmowers may fill the air.

Temps hit the upper 70s to around for Monday and Tuesday with a slight chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm.

Temps will surge into the low and middle 80s for Wednesday and Thursday as another monster storm develops to our west. That will head toward the Great Lakes by Friday and will drag another powerful front across the state. Check it out…


That is likely to lead to a severe weather outbreak from the plains to the east coast. That’s what usually happens when your high temps drop by more than 30 degrees from one day to the next in April…

GFS 2Enjoy your Sunday and take care.

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11 Responses to Another Surge Of Summer

  1. Coffeady says:

    No happy medium for us, I guess. Oh well, at least we have a heads up. Thanks, Chris. Appreciate you so much. Have a great Sunday, everyone.

  2. rolo says:

    tx Bailey

  3. Todd says:

    I will take 5 days a week of warm weather and a couple chilly days all year long!

    Chris will warn us if the severe stuff looks dangerous!

  4. Shawon says:

    Looks like the timing of the front for late week has been pushed back a little bit from what I had been hearing. I wonder what our chances are for storms in Kentucky on Thursday?

  5. Toni Jabroni says:

    Perfect weather today- could not have ask for a thing more.
    OK, a bit of rain overnight for the gardens would be lovely 🙂 but by and large it was wonderful for working outside.
    Even fell asleep in a lawn chair after a heavy day of weeding- that suits me to a “T” and was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

  6. Cole in McCreary says:

    Getting really windy here, been cloudy most of the day, looks like rain soon!

  7. Todd says:

    Mostly cloudy in Frankfort today, but temps nice in the low 70s, hopefully more sun Monday, love spring weather

  8. Andy Rose says:

    Rain came a day early

  9. chris g in clay county says:

    I was fixing to say where did the rain come from? Didnt think any rain was suppose fall this evening

  10. chris g in clay county says:

    I was fixing to say where did the rain come from? Didnt think any rain was suppose fall this evenin.g

  11. chris g in clay county says:

    Don’t know how the second comment sent. All I did was open my browser on my phone.

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