Tuesday Severe Weather Tracker

Good Tuesday, everyone. We have a cold front heading close to the state today and this front will likely spawn a few rounds of thunderstorms across the state. The potential is there for some of these storms to become strong or severe.

The main threats today will be from damaging winds and large hail. As usual, I have you all set to track the storms across the commonwealth. Here we go…

Today’s Risk Area
Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current Watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas
Current MDs

Track the storms here…

I will send out updates and warnings via twitter: Kentuckyweather or follow along in the twitter feed on the right side of the blog. I will also have updates on my Chris Bailey WKYT Facebook page.

Make it a great day and take care.

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16 Responses to Tuesday Severe Weather Tracker

  1. BB says:

    When can we expect the storms to arrive?

    • Teacher Nate says:

      that was my question too

      • Coffeelady says:

        From what I saw on KYT this morning, and looking at the radar, I believe Micah said mostly afternoon and evening…..and he said that not everybody would see them, as well. Hope that helps, guys.

        • Mark says:

          Thanks Coffeelady. Good morning everyone.

          As Chris touched on, damaging winds and hail are the threats with the highest chances for today; that outlook remains unchanged this morning. A twister or two can’t be ruled out, but they will likely be relatively weak and more isolated in nature.

          However, today may only be a warm-up for what’s coming later in the week.

          The central plains is already under a moderate risk for severe wx Wed which includes a high tornado threat. It’s relatively rare to have a moderate risk, but even more rare to be issued so far in advance. However, there’s high confidence that big things will happen Wed in states like Oklahoma. That mess will affect far western KY and TN by late Thur, perhaps becoming a bit less tornadic, but definitely something to watch.

  2. Jim Grayson says:

    Doesn’t look too good for the young man to come and mow our lawn this evening after he gets off from work at six, is there, Chris? This sunshine is going to heat things up. Wish it would cloud up and stay that way…
    Thanks, Chris. We appreciate you.

  3. Coffeelady says:

    And so, here we go. Hopefully, we can get the lawn mowed and will dodge the rain and storms for today, anyway. Thank you, Chris, for always giving us a heads up on what to expect. As for now, I am enjoying the warm temps, even if I do have to looks at cloudy skies.

    Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

  4. MarkLex says:

    My birthday is Wednesday – I hope there isn’t any damage that day

  5. Todd says:

    You can tell there is a lot more juice/humidity in the air today, any storms that fire up should have plenty of fuel to work with unlike last weeks storm threat?

  6. Israel says:

    Today the NWS forecast discussion says best time frame for t-storms would he from 4-8 and a hit-and-miss type.

  7. Aaron C. says:

    What makes the clouds over the western half of the state (and also into TN,) look so blocky on the visible satellite?

  8. Aaron C. says:

    Not sure about forcing/other parameters, but many of them are also showing plenty of moisture, instability, lift, and exhaust for western parts of the state as well. Not sure if the front is close enough to act as a trigger to cause severe storms or not. The front is causing a lot of those storms in E MO and W KY to head north/northeast, so the watch box there might be more of a tall skinny right-facing parallelogram than the watch box over northern KY. Just thinking out loud here….

    What do you all think about the threat out that way?

  9. Aaron C. says:

    That answered that question. Thanks SPC. Will have to look up what “height rises” are….have no idea if that is related to cumulonimbi development….

    In the meantime, strong storm over NW TN.

  10. Mark says:

    As Chris tweeted, severe t-storm watch now in effect for far northern KY.

    Also there’s a Mesoscale Discussion (MD) by the SPC about consideration for adding another severe t-storm watch for western & central KY.

    • Mark says:

      Cincinnati area under severe t-storm warning, worst area just north of downtown.

      At this time, no new watch for western and central KY. SPC gave a 40% chance a watch would be issued.

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