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Good Tuesday everyone. A TORNADO WATCH has been issued until 5am central time for parts of western Kentucky. Here’s a look at the watch outline and the latest warnings…

The threat for strong and severe storms moves into the bluegrass state today and will hang around for a few more days. Our spring has been as quiet as you can get, but folks across Oklahoma were saying the same thing a week ago. Things can flip in a heartbeat.

A cold front slowly works toward the state today and gets close enough for thunderstorms to develop. The highest threat for severe storms is across western and parts of central Kentucky. Damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes will be possible.

That threat moves farther east across the state late tonight and Wednesday.

I have you all set to track today’s possible severe storms…

Today’s Risk Area
Latest Day 1 convective outlook

Current Watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas
Current MDs

I will send out updates and warnings via twitter: Kentuckyweather or follow along in the twitter feed on the right side of the blog. I will also have updates on my Chris Bailey WKYT Facebook page.

Take care.

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9 Responses to Severe Storms Tracker

  1. Chris g in clAY COUNTY says:

    Hopefully, no where near the destruction that was in moore oklahoma will come out of any severe storm anywhere in next while. words cant describe what pics and videos ive saw of yesterdays storms. This could very well be worse then the 1999 storms.

    Glad we have you and other weather guys/ gals to keep us informed when storms strike. i always hate it when someone says they missed it again, talkimg about tv weather people, when government funded weather outlets dont predict 100% either. we are lucky to have the technology of today. Back in 60s/ early 70s radars were not as plentiful as they are today. Lot of tv stations didnt have one?

    THANK YOU Chris for all you do at kwc, wkyt, fox 56,, lexington hearld leader and various radio station forcasts. we are lucky to have someone so dedicated to doing what they love to do.

  2. Teacher Nate says:

    looks like the early bands and lines are hitting lexington and just dissipating.

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Amen! Thanks, Chris. Hopefully, the storms we get here from this system won’t be as devastating as those the folks in Oklahoma have been in. I feel so badly for them, and for those who lost family members to the storms.
    ChrisG is absolutely correct when he says we are so fortunate to have someone like you, Chris, to give us so many ways to know what is going on weatherwise. You are appreciated more than you know.
    Have a great Tuesday, everyone. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the blog and twitter today. The folks in Oklahoma are in my prayers.

  4. Jason says:

    Well said Chris G.

  5. Todd says:

    Instability increasing in Frankfort area, sun is out and getting hot, storms in Tennessee have a north east movement, could get some ugly storms in a few hours, south east KY was supposedly in a lower risk area for today, looks like they are in line for these tenn storms??

    • Ramsey says:

      SPC updated the slight risk to include almost all of Kentucky. I’m watching the action down by Bowling Green. It’s working it’s way up. I’ll be interested in what our dew point here in Shelbyville does over the next couple of hours.

      Also watching North Texas. That’s where my family is. Looking out west towards Abilene and watching the storms building makes me a bit nervous for them.

  6. Mark says:

    It’s understandable CB hasn’t had time to put out an updated blog this late afternoon as he’s doing on-air tv weather in Lexington at this time, but he is tweeting warnings as usual.

    The current severe t-storm watch for eastern parts of KY and TN is mainly for strong damaging winds, with lessor chances for large hail and less still for twisters. So far, it’s been all severe t-storm warnings – including reports of downed trees in the London-Corbin KY area.

    But there is a tornado watch for western TN including up to the KY line there. Some storms approaching far western KY.

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