Tracking Snow Showers and Squalls

Good Friday to one and all. Snow showers and squalls will kick into high gear today and can cause some travel issues across the area. This is the first of two snow makers to impact the region over the next few days. Let’s break it down…

– We start the day with a few snow showers that can cause some travel issues. Winds will be gusty with temps in the upper 20s and low 30s.

– Snow showers and squalls will intensify as an intense upper level low scoots across the region this afternoon. These bands of snow can drop a quick inch and reduce visibilities to near zero at times. Roads can become slick in an instant.

– This is the type of setup that can produce some thunder and lightning with the heaviest squalls. Yep… you read that correctly. We’ll see if it can actually do it.

– Temps will drop into the upper teens and low 20s by early this evening. Wind chills hit 0 to 5 above this evening and overnight. Ouch!

– The next system dives in late Saturday into Saturday night and should produce a swath of light snow. Here’s the view from the NAM:


– That looks like another light snowfall across the region. Winds will be super gusty and that can help cause additional travel problems.

– Arctic air returns late Monday into Tuesday and may give us single digit lows by the middle of the week to go along with a few snow chances.

– A harsh pattern is still expected for the final week of January into early February. This will likely feature another visit from the polar vortex to go along with above normal snowfall.

Let’s get back to tracking what we have out there today…


Current temperatures


I-75 @ Winchester Road Lexington

I-75 @ Winchester Road

I-75 @ Iron Works Pike Lexington

I-75 @ Clays Ferry Bridge South Between Lexington and Richmond

US 60 @ US 127 Frankfort

US60 @ US127

US 127 @ Frankfort Frankfort

US127 @ Frankfort KY

I-75 at MP 36 London

I-75 @ MP 36

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike Near Covington

I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

I-64 @ 3rd St. Exit Louisville

I-64 @ 3rd St. Exit

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway Louisville

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway

I will have updates as needed. Have a good day and take care.




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76 Responses to Tracking Snow Showers and Squalls

  1. jjteach says:

    Looks like Franklin County got in on some of the heavier snow showers overnight. Just got my onecall for no school because of the conditions of outlying roads. Back to bed for this teacher! Need the rest so I can track all the snow shower action later today

  2. Chris Mercer says:

    Just had a big boom of thunder in Lawrenceburg.

  3. jjteach says:

    HUGE BOOM of thunder just a couple min ago in Lawrenceburg!!! Wild!!!!

  4. prelude says:

    SW Jefferson county in Louisville getting absolutely blitz extremely heavy snow quarter sized snowflakes getting close to a inch.

  5. Todd says:

    Thundersnow in Frankfort WOW! Huge snow flakes 🙂

    • Israel says:

      Not a snowflake here in Lexington….. I see the VERY and even an extreme squall on radar thats showing RED’S! It’s rare to see reds in snow showers, that MUST have extremely heavy snow.!

  6. Andy Rose says:

    Above normal snowfall. What is that suppose to mean?

  7. Damaged Goods says:

    At work here in Brooks (about 20 minutes South of Louisville), the snow was coming down at really decent clip for a little bit. It’s died off a bit for the moment, but we picked up a good half inch or so. I’m hearing of traffic issues back in town. I’m hoping it won’t all be melted by the time I get off work. From CB’s post, sounds like the fun is just beginning! If we can get snow showers like that off an on all day, it won’t take long to get a couple of inches on the gound!

    Stay safe out there, everyone.

  8. Bryant says:

    For whatever reason, Laurel County has cancelled school off. As I look outside, I see nothing but bare ground, clear roads a partly cloudy sky. Why? If they are basing this on potential, I say that’s a joke. The snow that was advertised for this part of the state has bee non existent for days now, and ZERO reason to believe anything will materialize today, unless you live in central and northern KY.

    • Andy Rose says:

      This is a post on Knox County’s FB page
      KCPS, and surrounding districts, participate in winter weather conference calls with the National Weather Service. They are predicting that the arctic front will move through the region between 11am and 2pm today. Several districts, including Knox, have decided to cancel in the best interest of our student/staff safety for what is predicted for later today.

  9. jarhead says:

    Snow hail ? In Georgetown about 6:50 thunder and flash of light got my attention. A few minutes later I went outside to find hail in the snow. COOL. Was this Graupel or snowhail ? I took a picture but I don’t twitter so not sure how to upload.

  10. Bradc says:

    Not a flake in Carrie area of knott county all week

  11. c-BIV says:

    NE Louisville has 2″ now, in just 2 and a half hours.
    Finally, the heavy snow bands came right over the city.

  12. Robby says:

    While we didn’t experience thunder snow, some did and Chris called it last night on twitter. Very impressive

  13. teach says:

    Thunder snow and lightning in Cynthiana!

  14. prelude says:

    Louisville is a complete winter wonderland county wide. Temps are dropping the snow was heavy and wet I smell a possible flash freeze.

  15. Brian from Rockcastle says:

    About 1-2″ of snow here in Rockcastle co. Acurred at around 1:00 am this morning.

  16. rolo says:

    BRYANT I THINK ITS A JOKE THAT LAUREL, JACKSAON and CLAY CO canncelled school. what a big crock.

    • Andy Rose says:

      This is whats on the Knox FB page Rolo
      KCPS, and surrounding districts, participate in winter weather conference calls with the National Weather Service. They are predicting that the arctic front will move through the region between 11am and 2pm today. Several districts, including Knox, have decided to cancel in the best interest of our student/staff safety for what is predicted for later today.

  17. DjC says:

    The sun is out in areas of South/East Kentucky, which will only add to the instability as very cold air aloft moves in toward noon. There could me some intense snow showers/squalls in areas that cancelled school, considering there is already thundersnow taking place in northcentral KY. Perhaps that is why Laurel and some other counties cancelled. Parents would be PO’d if the kiddies had to ride home on slick roads later in the day. It’s a tough call, but either way school systems can’t win. They get criticized if they cancel, and get chewed out if they don’t and a bus slides off the road.

    • A Realist says:

      yeah ..cant be sending kids to school in snow or even if its “supposed” to snow …thats just unamerican these days lol

  18. Mike says:

    After careful measuring with my official ruler… … My part of Richmond (measured as an average of my driveway and deck) officially received 0″ of snow. We are now officially at 1.5″ inches for the year. Wait… I see some snow in the air… Oh, now it’s gone…

  19. Smaug says:

    Roads slick in Hamburg (Lex) subdivisions this morning. Cars sliding off the road in a few spots .

  20. Ryan in Shelbyville says:

    We are up to 2″ here and it is still snowing.

  21. Bjenks says:

    The 1500lbs. of salt (on the back of my truck since New Years Eve) is down to 900lbs. Hopefully after tomorrow evenings snow I can get rid of a little more. It is killing my gas mileage.
    I have inch on deck here in the Schnitzelburg area. Lot I take care of in the Highlands had 1 to 2. Did see a flash of lighting around 615. Did not here thunder.
    Now bring on a bigger one?

  22. Paula T. Lewis Co. says:

    We just had thunder in the Tollesboro area of Lewis Co. at about 9 A.M. Then about 5 minutes later, it started really peppering down the snow. It is still coming down really hard. Roads are covered up, too. They were clear. Good thing they called off school. Well, have a very good day everyone and stay safe out there.

  23. Mike S says:

    Had a quick inch in Valley Station this morning. Very picturesque, a wet, ‘clingy’ snow caking on everything.

  24. Louis says:

    Good thing that buses weren’t out where I live here on the Boyle/Garrard line. Rural roads had tons of black ice. Several cars slid off the road when I was out earlier this morning. The roads seem fine, then wham, there is a large patch of iced over roadway. This type of situation is more dangerous than if the roads are coated with snow because you can at least see the snow. Schools definitely made the right decision in this area in interest of safety. With the dropping temps and more snow on the way things could get dicey. Cannot believe people are complaining about trying to keep students safe. Good job Chris with your spot-on forecast.

  25. J. says:

    I was wondering why Knox and Laurel counties had called off school… the sun is out in Harlan County at the moment, and there’s no snow whatsoever on the ground. Pretty unusual to see those school systems closed while ours are in session… thanks for the clarification, Andy Rose.

    Hoping for some snow action later today!

  26. Bernard P. Fife says:

    So far nothing in Monticello….we’ve had a couple of bursts of snow but nothing on the ground. I know we weren’t expecting a lot but man…what’s it take to buy a couple inches, lol.

  27. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. seen some snow this morning but we had black ice and very little when we got up. Now we are having snow squalls, but so far, nothing is sticking much. Guess the water on the ground is keeping it from doing so. Looking forward to seeing snow squalls this afternoon and evening. Wouldn’t mind seeing some thunder snow, as many have this morning. Haven’t seen that in a long time.
    Everyone have a great Friday, and stay safe out there! Thanks again Chris for all you do.

  28. Andrew says:

    Bout 2 inches in Jtown. Thick white puffy snow. Its awesome and the dog is loving it!

  29. Bradc says:

    Comfortable morning here in knott county near 40 and lots of sunshine

  30. Todd says:

    Close to 1.5 inches of snow in east Frankfort, most at any one time all winter, thunder snow made my day earlier so anything additional is bonus now!

  31. Ben in Lexington says:

    I need some immediate help please. I am going to be driving to Bowling Green in a couple of hours. Are the roads supposed to get slick here in Lexington today? Is the snow moving from Louisville supposed to impact Lexington and if so how much?

  32. Bryant says:

    A few random flurries and light snow showers here in Laurel. Drove from London to Corbin on back roads, all roads are clear and dry. Ridiculous decision by local schools to cancel. Weather advisory looks misplaced as well, radar showing most of the enhanced stuff well north. In other words, business as usual

    • London2014 says:

      Ridiculous decision now, but if the opposite had have happened and students ended up being put back onto buses with hazardous road conditions, then the decision to not cancel would have been ridiculous. Plus, having the potential of young drivers navigating on slick roads is always a risk for themselves and others. It is a no win situation. Just go north to Rockcastle, everything is covered.

    • Andy Rose says:

      If you only knew how many times school districts had been sued because of stranded buses/accidents you wouldn’t’ say that you spouting off about something you have no clue about just like the 57 degree average for January.

    • TennMark says:

      Perhaps schools could have had at least a half day if not a full day, perhaps not.

      But NWS Jackson KY has the WWA in effect until 11pm tonight. Not just for this morning. As CB mentioned, more winter to come later today.

    • Louis says:

      Nothing like a Monday morning quarterback trying to show everyone how much smarter he is than they are, when it is quite clear that he doesn’t have a remote clue what he’s spouting off about. Go up to the school board if it bothers you so much and tell them how ridiculous they are in trying to keep students safe. Just be sure to take some cheese with your whine.

      • Bryant says:

        How old are you? 16? You wouldn’t have survived the 70’s/80’s when we actually attended school in these whopping 1″ snow storms. I guess momma makes sure nobody bullies you as well?

        • Louis says:

          Yeah, ok internet tough guy. We missed most of January and February in Lexington schools during one year in the late 70s. We ended up going well into June and had to extend school days to 4:10 release time just to have a chance to make up all those days we missed. And that was in the city of Lexington. They certainly did call off school back in those days when apparently everyone was tough and walked 10 miles to school, uphill both ways. Good try at trolling though.

          • Bryant says:

            You started this man. I’ll add to it. You are talking about the late 1970’s. I lived in Louisville and can certainly remember being out of school for long stretches. The difference? We had true winter weather, with long stretches of sub freezing weather, and continuous systems rolling through. Including the blizzard that struck N Ky, Ohio and the NE. I can remember looking out my window and seeing the banks of snow from the plows well over my dad’s height. Tell me, how does this compare? It doesn’t.

  33. rolo says:

    yea andy most time there DRUG UP DRIVERS though.

  34. Andy Rose says:

    Snow now falling in Knox

  35. Andy Rose says:

    That was short lived blue skies again in Knox

  36. TennMark says:

    NWS Nashville has just issued a Winter Weather Advisory for parts of the Tennessee Plateau. Crossville TN has light snow.

    Looks like some of this snow over the Plateau will work into southeastern KY the next few hours.

  37. Todd says:

    Crazy how this little clipper produced more snow at my area than the epic polar vortex, GO CLIPPERS 🙂

  38. Aaron C. says:

    No accumulation in Richmond. We might be the winners of the Golden Goose Egg this go round if the radar doesn’t light up soon. All northwest, south, and east of us. Negative or not, the facts are the facts. If no snow for you is a positive, then this is a positive statement.

    I have my own feelings about it but complaining or not doesn’t seem to make any difference one way or another. 🙂

    • Joey Wilson says:

      That’s the nature of snow showers: Some get quick moderate/heavy snow, some get a dusting and some get nothing. Chris never said everyone will get a bunch of snow from this. Some of you seriously need to lighten up; Mother Nature is random and “unfair” especially for snow lovers.

      • Aaron C. says:

        I didn’t say Chris said everyone would get a bunch of snow. Maybe I didn’t hear the forecast correctly; or maybe some people who listen to the local forecasts who repeat in casual conversation, “we’re supposed to get 2 inches” didn’t hear it correctly. Maybe most of the people can’t hear very well or pick and choose the worst of what could happen and go with that as what they say the weatherman called for.

        Anyhow, as you can probably agree with, I think it’s time to take a little break from visting and posting; since now those of us who don’t get snow are not allowed to post that we aren’t getting any—it might be a while before I return. You can be happy in that fact.

        Have a good rest of the winter.

        • Andy Rose says:

          Unfortunately that appears to be the direction the blog is heading posting anything other than what was forecasted is being looked at as being negative.

  39. retro fetch says:

    beautiful snow blowing around downtown Lex!
    hit a couple of intense squalls in Jessamine and Woodford this AM.
    SNOW – bring it!

  40. troy says:

    Flurries flying mixed with the occasional large snowflake and rain in Middlesboro/Harrogate. temperature is 40 degees.

  41. NikkiEKY says:

    No snow yet in Pike County….but skies are getting cloudy and wind is picking up. Hoping for a snowy Friday evening!

  42. Debbie says:

    In regards to ppl complaining about the decision to call off school in various districts…well, I have 4 kids myself, 2 of which are in school and I have always taken them myself, but this morning the roads didn’t start getting bad here in Nelson Co/Bardstown until around 7am, right about the time the buses start to roll out.County schools closed, but Bardstown City chose to remain open. Jeff. Co did as well, and look what they’re dealing with right now?! 5 or 6 bus wrecks/slide-off’s, and a whole army of angry parents , while the school spokesman is saying “The safety of our kids is #1”..Contradictory, a little bit??! I didn’t take mine, but I did have to venture out for something @ the store(just up the street) and even the main oft-traveled streets are still slick as snot. If my kids have to make up snow days until August, at least I’d know they were ALIVE!

    • Bryant says:

      Here are the reasons why school should have never been cancelled down here, Debbie: 1. snows have been sporadic, with little, if any, accumulation of roads. 2. temps are marginal, in fact, above freezing. 3. back of the snow band is working through, with less than an inch of snow being reported.

      • Debbie says:

        So, basically what you’re saying is that some of these “snow showers/flurries” can’t ever “over-perform?? We never get anything in Bardstown, and really didn’t get but perhaps 3/4-1” this morning, but we just had another little “burst” that wasn’t even showing on radar 15 minutes ago, (in fact, the sun came out brightly!), and it’s already covered up my dogs’ tracks on the porch, as well as covered the streets, which had, btw, had melted nicely. Far as temps go, and I think some would agree w/ me on this, it CAN snow (and come down quite hard!) waaay above freezing (I have actually seen it snow @ 42° and put down about nearly 1.5″ in short order, covering everything, inc. the pavement. I wasn’t really directing my concerns about what your county did/didn’t do…just certain districts, in general. I think it’s best to be on the side of caution. I was a Jr. in HS(79) when we got snow like this one morning, and my bus went nose-down an embankment. We were thrown around quite a bit, several smaller kids injured, incuding one little girl thrown down the aisle into the dashboard from the very back of the bus. And NO?!-The bus driver was experienced and was going slow enough, it was another driver who came over the line and we hit an icy spot. Anything can happen at any time.

  43. c-BIV says:

    Nearly 3″ in NE Louisville. At 2am this morning, wave 3 Weather blog had Louisville metro getting between a dusting to 1/2″ of snow. Isolated 1″ amounts North of the river.
    So, it is nice to see snow over perform around here.

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