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If you’re looking for a comprehensive location to reach potential customers, then look no farther than  The site receives thousands of hits each month, thousands of comments and has hundreds of subscribers.  There are often multiple posts per day, bringing people back to the site time and time again. draws a wide audience from across the entire state of Kentucky.  In 2011 alone, the lowest amount of unique visitors to the site was 270,000, and it’s growing.  In fact, has received as many as 1.3 million hits in a single month alone.

Pricing information is available upon request.  We offer any of the following click-through advertising options on a timed basis, meaning your ads will be up as long as you pay for them.

 961 x 80

Display a banner as wide as the header of the site at the bottom of the posts.

180 x 250
This ad size displays in one of the sidebars.

180 x 450
This ad size displays in one of the sidebars.

12 Responses to Advertise With Us

  1. Tom Teague says:

    would love have an ad on your site, need some pricing, thanks Tom

  2. Chris.. follow your blog hourly… literally… even though I only post occasionally. Please send me some prices. Thanks

  3. Tom Teague says:

    I could not open the price list, my security must be the problem would you try to see if I can open there. Thanks Tom

  4. bgbecky says:

    Chris- my husband is a local business owner and might be interested in purchasing ad space. Can you put prices on the different sizes please?

  5. Marti says:

    I would like pricing on the 180 x 250.

  6. Josh says:

    Chris, being an Allstate agent in Ky and protecting people’s home and other property during extreme weather, I would like to place an ad on your site. Will you Please send me pricing info. Thank you

  7. SpiderSavvy says:

    Hi Chris,

    I run a Kentucky Web Design and SEO company and I think several of my clients would be interested in advertising on here. When you have a chance please send pricing info to

    Also, be sure to use rel=”nofollow” tags on the AD links. If not Google will penalize your site for Paid Links.

    More info about this:

  8. Chris Wilson says:

    Would also like pricing.

  9. Love your site. I would love to advertise on it. Visitors to you site often visit mine. Please send your price list. Thanks.

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