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  1. pattyVersailles says:

    The NWS still saying not so cold. What’s up with that? Is this cold front delayed or not happening at all? Anyone know?

  2. BengalFan says:

    Having just this one picture sums up this winter so far. no snow on the ground with a few flakes in the air. SO SAD!

  3. James says:

    Just uploaded two photos from last weeks little snow storm in corbin. The two pictures are about 5 minutes apart, really gives an idea of how fast the weather can change.

  4. A friend in Florida (whom I affectionately call Galoot) wants to see local photos… it would be nice if someone built a snowman, put a white beard on it, a sign reading “Galoot”, and posted a picture. Please, everyone, pray for our government. Be well, take care (as says our redoubtable weather guy).

  5. KeavyMan says:

    I posted a pic but it has never showed up. Guess I am doing something wrong.

  6. Debra Bowen says:

    Live north of louisa havent had any measurable presipation in three weeks hope we get some this round

  7. WAYNE55 says:


  8. In fact, he’s downright unlikable and Kevin James usually plays pretty likable characters.
    To be sure, all this relative warmth is causing ski resort operators and winter
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    wintertime blues. Pune, the state’s cultural capital and the second largest city
    in the state Maharashtra.

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