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Spring Gets Set To Surge

Good Wednesday, folks. We have a small shot of winter impacting parts of the state today, but the real focus is on another big time surge of spring air. This arrives later this week and kicks into high gear this weekend and early next week. Can we get to record highs? That’s a possibility.

Our southern storm continues to push to our east and southeast today. It’s bringing some rain and wet snow to the southeast, and some slushy accumulations may be noted to begin the day in the high mountains. For the rest of the area, a passing flurry is possible with temps in the upper 30s and low 40s,

Milder air then pushes in quickly on Thursday with readings hitting the upper 40s east to the low 50s in the west. Those numbers continue to climb on Friday with upper 50s to low 60s in most areas. Skies stay mainly sunny.

A weak system moves in by Saturday and should bring scattered showers our way…


Temps will be in the 60s. From there, temps get ready to take off from Sunday through Wednesday (at least). Record high temperatures are possible as a big ridge of high pressure dominates our weather…


Highs should reach the 70s and I’m honestly wondering if parts of the state can make a run at 80 degrees. This is a very extreme pattern that is biased very, very, very warm through next week.

Does that mean we are totally done with winter? Nope…


This is not going to go harmlessly into true spring… It’s just not.

I will update things later today. Have a  good day and take care.


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Valentine’s Day Update

Good evening, gang. Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is going well. Old Man Winter is going to pay a small visit to southeastern Kentucky tonight and early Wednesday. That could leave some snow behind, but the overall focus of the forecast is for a full blown case of spring fever.

Rain across southern Kentucky continues this evening and we have already had some flakes mixed in. The southeastern corner of the state may pick up on some slush by early tomorrow morning. The NAM looks a little overzealous with the snow map…


The highest elevations will have the best chance of picking up on some wet snows to start Wednesday. Here are your evening trackers…

Temperatures by Wednesday afternoon will hit the upper 30s to low 40s for most areas.

Milder winds will then kick in on Thursday as temps hit the 50s in the west and upper 40s to near 50 elsewhere. Much milder air then surges in here for Friday with most areas topping 60 degrees…

Euro 3A weak system will increase clouds on Saturday and may throw a shower our way…




Highs this weekend will be in the 60s and may hit 70 by Sunday, if the clouds get out. From there, it’s game on for potential record highs…

Euro 2

The interesting thing about computer forecast numbers in this setup is… They are usually underdone. Spring it on! 🙂

Enjoy the evening and take care.


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A Chilly Shot Before A Big Blast Of Spring

Good Tuesday and Happy Valentine’s Day. Our “close call” system is having a minor impact on our weather today into Wednesday. Thais happens as chillier air moves back in, but the big surge of spring coming later this weekend into early next week is the star of the weather show.

Our day may start with a small batch of light rain and light snow zipping across the north. From there, we turn our attention toward a southern system bringing scattered showers to the region late today, with the greatest risk across the southern half of the state. Outside of any showers, it’s a mix of sun and clouds with gusty winds and temps in the low 50s…

That southern system will largely impact southern and southeastern Kentucky tonight and early Wednesday. The GFS is now bringing a swath of rain and snow to these areas…


That should show you just how close of a call this system really is.

This cold won’t be around very long as spring surges back in here by Friday. Readings into the afternoon will likely make a run at 60 degrees…


After a shower chance on Saturday, the temperatures then surge by Sunday through early next week. Record highs in the 70s are a possibility during this time…


That could set the stage for a very active storm system rolling our way by the middle of next week.

I will have another update later today. Enjoy your Tuesday and take care.


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Monday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. We have a couple of systems ready to bring a glancing blow of weather to the state over the next few days. This will knock the temps down for a few days, but the focus is on a major blast of February warmth by the weekend into early next week.

Our southern system zips eastward later tonight into Tuesday, bringing some showers across the southern half of Kentucky…


Winds will be gusty as temps range from the mid and upper 40s south, to the low 50s across the north. Colder air then filters in behind a cold front into Wednesday.

That cold will not hold and will get booted out of here VERY quickly. Temps by Friday may hit 60 degrees and it’s up, up and away from there.

The only drawback could come on Saturday with enough moisture to create a shower or two…

Euro 2

Highs will hit the 60s on Saturday, then surge toward the 70s for Sunday into Monday. That happens with a big ridge of high pressure into the region…

Euro 3

Record high temps could be threatened during this time.

The jet stream takes a big dip in the west and that trough rolls eastward into the middle of next week. Several models now cut that upper level system off, instead of brining the full trough in here…

Euro 4

If that is indeed the case, it would lead to unsettled weather with showers and strong storms, but the mild weather would continue.

I know many of you still want snow. While I haven’t been among you for nearly 2 months now (I still love snow, but and have been in spring mode since Christmas), I’m still looking for chances showing up. Right now, it’s a struggle to even find the chance.

Enjoy the evening and take care.


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March Weather Continues To Dominate

Good Monday, everyone. Temps are actually bordering on the normal side of the thermometer today. In a weather world gone mad, you know this won’t last very long. We have a small taste of winter in the days ahead, then we run the risk of record highs this weekend and early next week.

Highs today are generally in the 40s with a mix of sun and clouds. Ok, that’s enough of the normal part of the program.

Highs on Tuesday will hit the 50s as winds crank ahead of a strong system diving in from the northwest. This system will have a push of winter behind it, and tries to pick up a southern stream system. Odds continue to favor this as being “close but no cigar”…


Some snow showers and flurries can kick in for a bit, as winds become northwesterly.

The shot of cold behind that is in and out of town quickly, leaving the door wide open for a SERIOUS surge of spring. Highs by Friday will likely go deep into the 50s.

Weekend numbers can hit 70 or better and carry us into Monday…

GFS Temps

With a deep trough working into the Mississippi Valley shortly thereafter, could a severe weather signal show up?


That’s a negative tilt showing up on that bad boy. If that look continues, expect more severe weather talk in the coming days.

I will update things later today. Make it a good one and take care.