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September Pattern Rolls On

Good Monday, everyone. Our September pattern rolls on into the first full week of August and I don’t think too many folks are complaining. This pattern is complete with a tropical system rolling up the east coast. We will...

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A Little Look Ahead To Fall

Good Sunday afternoon, folks. With cooler than normal temps with us in early August, I figured it would be a good time to take a little look ahead to fall. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, fall is just around the corner! One...

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A September Setup To Start August

Good Sunday to one and all. The current weather pattern is more fitting for sometime in September than it is for the start of August. This is normally the hottest time of the year, but the setup will keep our overall temps...

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Tracking Bands Of Strong Storms

Good afternoon, everyone. Spiraling bands of showers and storms continue to show up around an area of low pressure working into the western Ohio Valley. Some of these storms may be strong or severe across the eastern part of the...

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August Starts With Strong Storms

Good Saturday and welcome to August! It’s another stormy day across the Commonwealth as low pressure works into the Ohio Valley. This will touch off rounds of heavy rain producing showers and storms, with the potential for...

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Tracking Strong Storms and Heavy Rain

Good afternoon, everyone. Another low pressure is working into the western part of the Tennessee Valley and will lift north into the Ohio Valley through Saturday. That brings an increase in storms and heavy rain, with the...

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Winter Storm Tracker

Good Monday, everyone. A major winter storm is rolling across the bluegrass state today and is bringing some shutdown snows. A foot or more of snow is a good bet for parts of the region and that’s something we...

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