Daily Archives: December 16, 2016

Time posted: 12:15 pm

Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. I wanted to make sure I dropped by for another update on our weekend of wicked weather fun rolling into town. Overall, this setup has been very well behaved and I have no reason to make any changes to the weekend forecast.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Precipitation moving in this evening can be in the form of a wintry mix, especially in the north and east. Watch for an icy spot before temps start to rise.
  • Highs for Saturday surge into the low 60s on a strong southwesterly wind. Showers and thunderstorms will develop into a line by afternoon and evening.
  • Arctic air diving in behind this line will undercut it, leading to a quick switch to sleet and some snow. That’s not going to last more than a few hours, but can put down some light accumulations…


  • I wonder if we can get a side helping of thunder to go along with that sleet?
  • Icy roads will be possible as temps drop into the low 20s Sunday morning.
  • Temps will hold steady and may drop into the teens during the afternoon in the west and central. This air mass is arctic and coming off a deep snowpack to our northwest. The GFS and your apps are about to get crushed on this.
  • Readings by Monday morning have a shot at single digits in a few spots. The Canadian sees that possibility for Tuesday, too. Check out Monday and Tuesday morning lows…


That’s likely a little too cold, but you get the idea.

Also, let’s watch a storm system for late Christmas weekend into a few days after the big day. That one may be a slower, stronger version of the one coming in this weekend.

I leave you with regional radar to track the action moving in today…

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and take care.


Time posted: 2:17 am

Getting Ready For A Fun Weekend

Good Friday, folks. If you’re a fan of wild weather, this weekend is going to be a fun one to track. Temps are going to spike and crash, winds are going to gust up, we could hear some rumbles of thunder, get in on a nice period of sleet and snow, then end things with another arctic blast moving in.

Clouds will continue to thicken today as temps slowly climb from west to east. Light precipitation breaks out this evening and could be in the form of a mix at the beginning. With a frozen ground, we will need to be on guard for some local icy spots… especially in the colder valleys…

Here’s a breakdown of where we go from here…

  • Temps on Saturday will really take off with many areas surging into the 60s.
  • Showers and some thunderstorms develop, with the potential for a line of weak storms during the evening.
  • Arctic air then surges into the back of that line and switches it over to sleet, some snow and freezing rain. That happens from west to east starting late Saturday evening…


  • There’s an outside chance of thundersleet with this system. 🙂
  • Light accumulations of sleet and snow will be possible across the entire state…


  • That will combine with a rapid freeze of all the standing water, and create slick travel conditions.
  • Temperatures drop through the 20s on Sunday with the teens showing up by evening. Lows by Monday morning will be way down there and could bring another round of single digits to the region. Much of that would be thanks, in part, to northwesterly winds coming off the deep snow pack to our northwest. Here’s the NAM for Monday morning…


The Canadian for the same time is even colder…


Funny thing is, the poor GFS sees none of this. The new version of it does, so that’s a positive sign.

I will hook you up with another update or two later today. Make it a great Friday and take care.