Daily Archives: February 19, 2017

Time posted: 2:22 am

Springing Into A Very Active Pattern

Good Sunday to one and all. After some spring showers, it’s time to get back into another full blown spring temperature pattern across the state. This may set record highs in the week ahead, but it’s also kicking off a very busy weather pattern across our region of the world. There’s no shortage of action showing up as we head into March.

Today’s weather will feature clouds slowly clearing out, leaving a big temperature swing from west to east. The east may stay in the low 60s, while the west flirts with 75. The faster your skies clear, the warmer your back porch thermometer gets.

Monday is the day records may fall. low to mid 70s look like a safe bet with partly sunny skies. Early April temps than hang tough through Friday with just a chance for a scattered thunderstorm or two by mid-week. Additional records may fall on any day featuring enough sunshine.

A potent storm system then develops in the plains states and works toward the Great Lakes and northern Ohio Valley on Friday. This could bring some big time thunderstorms to the region…

EuroMuch colder air comes in behind that system and we could even see some snowflakes this weekend.

This storm is likely to setup a classic seasonal battle between spring and winter. The seasonal transition toward spring will be met with Old Man Winter firing deep cold shots into the Midwest and plains states. Kentucky may go back and forth between the two and that spells some busy times…

Special 2

Big storm systems will fire up in the battle zone and that can bring lots of different conditions our way, based on each individual storm track. Severe weather and snow chances are there, depending on where each system goes. One thing is for sure, we are in the line of fire for heavy amounts of precipitation over the next few weeks. The European Ensembles precipitation show that flow right out of the western Gulf of Mexico…

Euro 2I will update things later today. Enjoy your Sunday and take care.