Daily Archives: March 4, 2017

Time posted: 7:50 pm

Saturday Evening Update

Good evening, gang. We have another surge of mild temps ready to dominate the weather pattern across the region over the next couple of days. This mild up will lead us into another very active setup for the week ahead with my money on spring winning the recent model battle.

Sunday looks like a winner of a weather day with highs into the 60s with a 70 in the west. Skies stay mostly sunny before some high clouds filter in during the evening.

Those clouds are with part of a mild and moist southwesterly wind flow that should spit out a shower or thunderstorm on Monday…


This action is ahead of a potent cold front dropping in here on Tuesday. A band of showers and thunderstorms will be along and ahead of the front, and some of the storms could be strong…


Temps turn seasonal for a few days for the middle of the week, but milder southwesterly winds kick in by the end of the week into the weekend. The look on the models is now more toward what the GFS and GFS Ensembles were showing… Mild.

That mild air can also mean a scattered shower or thunderstorms and gusty southwesterly winds…


The setup by late weekend and early the following week is getting my attention as a potential severe weather maker. The signal has been there for a few days and continues to show up pretty well…


This is not a good setup going into the spring severe weather season!

Enjoy the evening and take care.


Time posted: 2:11 am

Another Active Pattern Ahead

Good Saturday, folks. We’ve made it to the weekend and the weather looks pretty darn nice. Given the ugly stuff we had in the past week, I think we have earned a nice weekend. Unfortunately there is more ugly showing up for next week with some of the models going hog wild on some winter crazy.

Today starts cold with readings in the 20s. As milder air moves in, it can produce some light snow in the north and northeast early on…

By the afternoon, temps are taking off with low 60s in the west to near 50 in the east.

Sunday looks gooooooooooood with highs in the 60s under partly sunny skies.

The threat for a shower or thunderstorm will be with us on Monday as southwesterly winds continue to crank. The increase in moisture is ahead of a strong cold front plowing in here on Tuesday. That should have a band of showers and thunderstorms ahead of it…


We will need to be on guard for some strong storms with that, but the setup is much more tame than what we had a few days ago.

Seasonally chilly air comes in behind that for the middle of the week with a battle brewing late in the week into next weekend. The models continue to struggle with winter verses spring in this time frame.

The European Model has slightly different timing than earlier, but keeps showing an Ohio Valley to east coast winter storm…

Euro 3

Winter lovers want to lock that run in and roll with it. Taken verbatim, it shows a smackdown. That shows up well with the crazy cold temps it has to follow…

Euro 4

The Canadian joined the winter look by the weekend…


Canadian 2

The GFS is MUCH warmer…


The GFS Ensembles are riding with a warm look…

GFS Temps 2

I’m all aboard the GFS train, but it even shows a much colder pattern developing next week. Sigh… March is such a fickle month.

Have a great Saturday and take care.