Month: June 2017

Tracking Storms As We Flip The Calendar

Good Friday to one and all. June has been a rather wet month across Kentucky, so it’s appropriate to end it by tracking storms across the region. These boomers are part of a pattern that will keep rounds of storms going...

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Steamy Temps Usher In Some Storms

Good Thursday to one and all. Our weather pattern is transitioning back into one that looks and feels like typical summertime in the bluegrass state. Our temps the next few days will be around normal, but the humidity levels...

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Steam and Some Storms Ahead

Good Wednesday to one and all. Our fall fling is about to come to an end and is about to be replaced by another stormy setup across our part of the world. This booming look to the pattern is likely to carry us through the big...

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Looking Toward Early July

Good Tuesday, folks. We have a weak cold front dropping into the region today, touching off scattered showers and storms, and bringing more summer chill. This chill will give way to a normal brand of air later this week, but...

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Storm Chances Won’t Go Away

Good Monday to one and all. We are rolling our way into the final few days of June, but it feels more like the final few days of September. This awesome air mass will soon give way to another setup that looks rather stormy in...

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A Cool Period Before More Storms

Good Sunday, folks. There is a certain “wow” factor to our weather today and over the next few days. Some very, VERY cool summertime air continues to blow into the bluegrass state. Is this a sign of a summer...

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