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Time posted: 1:10 am

A Very Active Pattern Continues

Good Tuesday, everyone. We are rolling our way into another steamy setup for the rest of the week. This steam is going to give way to storms by the coming weekend. That’s when a cold front moves in and slows down on top of the region.

Let’s begin with today and roll forward. Temps surge into the upper 80s west, with 80-85 for the rest of the state. A few showers or storms will be noted from time to time.

Highs for Wednesday and Thursday will reach deep into the 80s and may even hit 90 in the west. High humidity levels will continue to be noted.

A cold front drops into the region later Friday into Saturday and becomes stationary. The end result will be rounds of showers and storms…

Locally heavy rains are a good bet during this time. I will focus more on this over the next few days.

I talked about all that amazing amount of early season snow and cold up in Canada and how that cold is likely to make a run at us to end the month and kick off October.

Check out the deeeeeeeeeeeeeep trough on the European Ensembles…

That thumb ridge in Alaska and western Canada is a thing of beauty and is something snow and cold lovers want to see as we head into the cold weather season.

Yesterday, I posted the CFS maps that were trying to bring a taste of early season winter action into the Ohio Valley. These are really just for fun to look at, but they have been doing a really good job in showing all this wet weather. Now, we have a second seasonal model suggesting some October flake action. Here’s the European Ensembles through October…

That’s interesting and may actually have some merit. Why? The crazy cold in Canada isn’t just going to disappear.

Oh yeah… the same model run keeps us above normal on rains…


I leave you with your tracking toys for the day.

Make it a great day and take care.