Daily Archives: September 23, 2018

Time posted: 4:11 pm

Significant Flood Threat Continues

Good afternoon, everyone. Serious flooding is already hitting parts of the region today, with a lot more rain coming in over the next several days. This will keep out significant flood and flash flood threat going through the middle of the week.

The bluegrass region was especially hard hit this morning with 2″-4″ of rain falling. Numerous homes and businesses were flooded, with many roads underwater. Here are the current warnings…

The Flash Flood Watch continues to be expanded and now goes through Wednesday…

These waves of showers and thunderstorms are going to keep coming at us through the middle of the week. The models show some very hefty rain totals, but my fear is they are underestimating the numbers…



Obviously, flash flooding is going to continue to be a serious issue. We should also be ready for the potential for river flooding to develop.

Here are your radars to track the new rounds of heavy rain rolling in…

I will update if needed. Enjoy the evening and take care.


Time posted: 2:04 am

Tracking The Flood Threat

Good Sunday, folks. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms continue to target the state today, with a lot more on the way for the week ahead. We have a lot of water falling from the skies during this time, leading to a flood and flash flood threat.

Much of central and eastern Kentucky is already under a Flash Flood Watch for the current rains falling…

I anticipate those being expanded to include more counties and go through the first half of the new week.

Today’s showers and storms are coming at us in waves.as moisture comes up and over a stalled front to our south. This action will be heavy at times and we will have to watch for flooding issues developing. Here are your Sunday soaker trackers…

Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will continue to stream across the region from southwest to northeast through Wednesday. This rich supply of moisture is pretty amazing to see, but it’s also a little scary. Several inches of rain will be likely during this time, with several areas possibly topping 5″ of rain.

I really don’t have too many complaints with the rain numbers from the WPC…

Flash flooding and river flooding are all possible over the next several days. If you live in a low-lying or flood prone area, keep an eye on water levels.

I will have another update later today, so check back. Have a good one and take care.