Daily Archives: December 8, 2012

Time posted: 6:59 pm

The NAM Is Trying

Good Saturday evening. The NAM Model continues to show a much better mix of the cold and precipitation on Monday. That leads to the model showing a quicker changeover to snow and more accumulation.

Here ya go…

I still cannot endorse something like that happening. But the trend of the NAM is to show a little more snow with each run. If it’s showing something similar to that tomorrow at this time, then we can talk. Until then… enjoy your Saturday evening.

Take care.


Time posted: 2:00 pm

Saturday Afternoon Update

Good Saturday afternoon gang. Our rainy period continues across the bluegrass state. Louisville picked up 1.80″ of rain Friday and that’s the wettest December 7th on record. The previous record was from 1978. Many areas will pick up another inch or two of water this weekend into early Monday.

That’s when the bottom falls out of the thermometers behind a strong cold front working across the state. This front will have a wave of low pressure along it and this will rev up the precipitation once again. The cold air should catch the back of the rain and switch it over to a period of light snow from west to east. The NAM continues to be the most impressive with the change…

The model says it snows hard enough in some areas for a light accumulation. I’m still skeptical of that, but it’s not impossible.

Today’s obscure Christmas video comes with plenty of… hair:

Are you guys honestly not going to give make some video ideas? The request line is open!

Have a great rest of your day and take care.


Time posted: 2:40 am

A Big Temp Plunge On The Way

Good Saturday everyone. Our wet weekend rolls on across the commonwealth of Kentucky and this damp weather is something we have to go through to get to winter. Almost all of the years I looked that started December on a warm note had to get wet before they got cold and white. That concept looks to be doing its thing right now.

Occasional showers and some thunderstorms will continue to roll across the state today into Sunday. Heavy downpours will be a good bet. Some areas have picked up close to 2″ of rain and many may get another inch or two before all is said and done.

Back around Thanksgiving, I targeted December 7th-14th as the time frame we started to make the transition into winter. That transition is underway now with the rain and now we await the change too much colder temps and that comes on Monday. Take a look at how temps drop some 30 degrees in a few hours…

Readings will basically drop from 60 degrees at midnight to the 30s by Monday afternoon. Winds are going to crank up during this temp tank.

The cold front will have a wave of low pressure along it as it works eastward. The back edge of the precipitation shield will likely end as a period of light snow for some. The GFS shows the quick transition…

The NAM is evening spitting out some light accumulation across eastern Kentucky. I just don’t see this system producing much in the way of accumulating flakes around here. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Again… this week looks to do exactly what we said it would do… be the transition period into winter. That said, there have been several model runs of late that cook up a big storm next weekend. The Canadian is doing just that…

We will have to wait and see about that one. I don’t trust any model with properly handling a piece of energy ejecting out of the southwest. Hence the wild swings many of them are displaying right now.

More updates come your way later today. Make it wonderful Saturday and take care.