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A Few Big Boomers Ahead

Good Tuesday, everyone. It’s another early summer feeling day across the Commonwealth as that strong southwest wind does some more work. This is ahead of a potent Plains storm system that will produce a few strong to...

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A Few Severe Storms In The Days Ahead

Good Monday to one and all. It’s another VERY warm day across the Commonwealth as we gear up for another stormy setup. This will be complete with the potential for strong to severe storms rumbling through over the next...

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Storms and Changes For The Week Ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. We have a little bit of awesome taking place out there today as spring does some serious flexing. This surge of warm air takes us into the start of the week ahead before storms show back up and change the...

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Great Weather For The Weekend

Good Saturday and welcome to the weekend. MUCH better weather is blowing into the region today as sunshine and mild temps take control. Even warmer temps are onĀ  the way for the next several days as storms start to slowly show...

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An Ugly Start To A Nice Weekend

Good Friday, folks. It’s another pretty ugly weather day across Kentucky as we get set for much better weather for the weekend. This nice stuff includes more sunshine and temps that surge toward May levels. That will be...

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Severe Storms Possible Today

Good Thursday, everyone. It’s an active weather day taking shape for parts of the region as another potent storm system impacts Kentucky and surrounding areas. This setup will then be followed by the warmest pattern of the...

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