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Another Fall Front Arrives This Weekend

Good Friday, folks. It’s an absolutely gorgeous fall day across the Commonwealth of Kentucky with bright skies and awesome temps. As we head into the weekend, the focus is on another fall cold front pushing through here on...

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Fall Settles Into The Region

Good Thursday, everybody. It’s a gorgeous fall pattern taking shape across our part of the world and this looks to be locking in through the remaining days of September. We will track a couple more cold fronts before the...

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The Chill Of An Early Fall

Good afternoon, everyone. Our blast of late October air arrived in grand fashion earlier today as it was introduced by a wind-driven rain. This chill of an early fall is settling in for the long haul as we wait on another fall...

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Pot Of Chili ALERT

Good Wednesday to one and all. Our fall storm system is rolling over us and it’s bringing some nasty weather with it. It’s also bringing late October temps with it and that means the first Pot Of Chili of the season...

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Wind, Rain and Crashing Temps Ahead

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s another dreary day across the region as we get set for a big fall storm system to roll right on top of us. This will bring gusty winds, rain and temps that take a big tumble toward late...

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Monday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, everyone. It’s been a rainy and dreary day across most of the region and this is a sign of what’s to come over the next few days. This happens as a fall storm system wraps up on top of us, bringing more...

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