Daily Archives: January 8, 2017

Time posted: 4:33 pm

Sunday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. The bitterly cold temps are slowly beginning to ease as we head into a very active weather pattern for the week ahead. Here’s a quick update on how things look.

Clouds thicken up tonight into Monday as temps climb out of the cellar. Some very light snow and flurries will be possible during this time.

Showers increase on Tuesday and Carry us into Wednesday as temps take off. Some thunder and lightning will be possible during this time.

As the numbers climb, another brutally cold air mass is moving into the northern part of the country. Check out this contrast in temps by Thursday…


Watch how the battle zone sets up right on top of our region by Friday…


That’s pretty incredible and will lead to some nasty weather from the lower plains into the Ohio Valley. For us, you can see the line we are walking in terms of winter weather. It is my experience that arctic air tends to expand a littler farther south than models show from this far out. We will see how that works out in the coming days.

One thing is for sure, that type of temperature gradient is loaded with precipitation. Check out the straight up precipitation totals through next weekend on the models…





Everything from flooding rains to snow and ice, to a combo of the three are possible late this week into next weekend.

This will be a very interesting week of weather tracking around here. Those extreme temperature gradients can throw some wild weather around.

Enjoy the rest of the day and take care.


Time posted: 1:59 am

A Busy Setup For The Week Ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. We have another bitterly cold day out there, but my focus is shifting quickly to a wild setup for later next week. It’s a setup that put Kentucky squarely on the fence between heavy rains and a big winter weather event.

Let’s start with today and roll forward.

The day starts with some flurries and snow showers across central and eastern Kentucky. This can put down a fresh coating in some areas…

Highs today will stay in the teens in the central and east, with the 20s in the west. Winds will make it feel much colder.

Clouds will continue to thicken into Monday and we will have to watch for some flakes trying to fly as temps slowly recover.

Showers move in for Tuesday and that action may start out as some frozen stuff early on. This is ahead of a wet weather maker into Wednesday.

This will then take us into a volatile setup for the end of the week into the start of the weekend. A HUGE temperature gradient will set up across our region. Spring temps will battle another surge of arctic air spreading out to our north. This combination will place Kentucky right on the fence and that can often lead to trouble.

Notice how the Canadian goes from rain and thunder to ice and snow very quickly…


The GFS Parallel has a threatening look…


The GFS can’t make its mind up on significant ice and snow or heavy rain and potential flooding. The last two runs of the model…



I could see any option working out with this one, but it’s very early in the game to get too specific. It’s going to be interesting to track all this in the coming days.

I will update things later today. Make it a great Sunday and take care.