Daily Archives: August 26, 2018

Time posted: 1:31 am

Steam and Storms To Close Out August

Good Sunday to one and all. Steamy temps continue to surge back into the state, bringing scattered storms along for the ride. As we enter the final days of August this week, the storm threat is going to increase as a front slows down on top of us.

A scattered storm or two will be noted out there today, especially in the central and east. Humidity levels are going to be WAY up, making it feel like the 90s for many across the western half of the state.

Heat index values continue to run high for Monday and Tuesday as this high gets established along the east coast…

A storm or two will go up during the afternoon and evening hours as the flow is straight out of the Gulf.

The front to our north and west is heading our way by Wednesday and may bring a healthy line of thunderstorms with it. That front then slows down on top of the region into, at least, the start of the Labor Day Weekend. The end result would be for rounds of showers and storms to develop…

These storms may put down some very heavy rains during this time and could continue through the remainder of the Labor Day Weekend.

I leave you with your Sunday scattered storm tracking toys…

Make it a great day and take care.