Daily Archives: August 31, 2018

Time posted: 1:47 am

Scattered Storms Through The Holiday Weekend

Good Friday, everyone. Rounds of showers and storms will continue to flare up each and every afternoon through the Labor Day Weekend. These storms can put down some very heavy rains, but outside of the storms the steamy temps will be the main player.

Our recent cold front is turning into a warm front and slowly lifting back to the north, touching off a few storms this afternoon and evening. Just like we saw on Thursday, any storm that goes up can put down enough rain to cause quick rises on creeks and streams…

Saturday into Sunday will also find a few afternoon and evening storms going up as temps and humidity levels continue to rise.  That same tropical air means those showers and storms will have some pretty good downpours with them. The GFS is the most robust of all the models in terms of rainfall through Labor Day…

This increase in the steamy air is going to carry us through Labor Day and the first week of September. Daytime highs next week will range from the middle 80s to low 90s, with a heat index deep into the 90s on several days.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting your ready for what is likely to be an increase in tropical activity in the Atlantic Basin. That is in the process of ramping up for, what looks to be, a pretty busy September. Here are the current systems being watched by the National Hurricane Center…

Have a fantastic Friday and take care.