Daily Archives: February 24, 2019

Time posted: 7:18 pm

Sunday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. Sunny skies sure helped the cause today, but massive flooding persists in several areas following a widespread flood event. As we get ready to flip the calendar to March, the pattern starts to take on more of a winter look.

Temps are seasonally chilly to begin the upcoming week, but the numbers climb as the week rolls on. This will come with very windy weather and temps spiking close to 60 by the second half of the week. That’s ahead of a strong storm system moving in here for the upcoming weekend.

This has true arctic air behind it and may take us from thunderstorms to snowflakes in a matter of hours…

The cold coming in behind that is very impressive as gusty northwest winds continue. Wind chills are forecast to take a walk on the frigid side…

Holy smokes!

The amount of cold coming this weekend into next week is impressive…

With that amount of cold, we will need to watch for a more southern storm track taking shape. That shows up on all the models and could mean winter weather for our region…



Enjoy the rest of your evening and take care.


Time posted: 2:55 am

Flooding Rains Finally Slow Down

Good Sunday, everyone. Widespread flooding continues to be a serious issue even as the heavy rains finally move away. This drying trend takes us into the closing days of February, with a winter look as we head into the first few weeks of March.

Even with the rain moving away, major flooding issues persist in many areas. Here’s a look at the current warnings and regional radar to track the last of the drops to our east…

Winds are still super gusty today and reach 40mph at times. This is a northwesterly wind ushering in much colder and drier air for the afternoon and evening.

A seasonal brand of air hangs with us into Monday and Tuesday as skies stay dry.

The pattern will send a weak system our way by the end of the week, with an arctic front blowing in for the opening of March. Behind that, it gets frigid with some winter weather chances…

This is one anti-spring look to the pattern across much of the country…

Similar to last March, #teamspring is likely to take a few lumps.

I’m travelling today and probably won’t be able to update things. Have a great Sunday and take care.