Daily Archives: March 18, 2019

Time posted: 1:15 am

The Ups and Downs Of March

Good Monday, everyone. We are rolling into the second half of March with the typical temperature spikes and drops that made the month famous. These temp differences will increase as get a series of systems to roll from west to east across the country.

As always, let’s begin with today and roll forward. Highs are down a few degrees from Sunday, but the below normal temps aren’t all bad. Highs will generally range from the mid 40s north to low 50s south. Winds will add to the chill.

Tuesday looks similar, but we throw a few more digits your way.

Our first system looks to move in here late Wednesday into early Thursday and should bring gusty winds and a few showers with it…

Temps behind that will take off for the weekend as west to southwest winds kick in. That means we should hit the 60s then head toward 70 or a little better late in the weekend and early next week. That’s ahead of a stronger system rolling in from the west…

This pattern will continue to send these “bowling ball” systems rolling across the country…

That’s a pretty active setup and one that can provide us with some big storm days and ugly days.

As we look down the road, it appears El Nino isn’t going away and will likely strengthen in the months ahead…

That is forecasting a moderate El Nino to develop this summer into fall. That may temper summer temps, but may do the opposite for next winter.

Make it  a great Monday and take care.