Daily Archives: June 26, 2019

Time posted: 1:44 am

Steamy Temps Finally Arrive

Good Wednesday, everyone. Normal summer temps are finally arriving in the bluegrass state bringing some steam to the region. This steamy air is likely to hold through the weekend as scattered storms slowly kick back in. The stormy skies may become more prominent this weekend into the start of July.

Temps out there today are in the mid and upper 80s for many. Humidity levels are on the increase and there’s a slight chance for a shower or storm going up, especially in the west. Here’s regional radar to help you out…

Thursday and Friday will see temps closing in on 90 for many areas. The wet ground and lush vegetation will make it hard for temps to get too toasty, but that does mean more humidity around. Scattered storms will go up, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.

That’s a trend that will carry us through the weekend, with a slight uptick in the amount of thunderstorm action.

The focus on your 4th of July week continues to be on a better potential for rounds of storms to return to the region. That’s something I alluded to with my last update and it’s looking a little more like another battle zone takes shape around here. You can see that on the GFS…

The model is starting to increase the rainfall numbers over the next few weeks…

The more things change, the more they… Awwww… Forget it. 🙂

Have a great Wednesday and take care.