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Scattered Stuff The Next Few Days

Good Sunday, everyone. It’s a full blown late September day across the region as temps continue to skew well below normal. The problem comes in the form of a system diving in here and cutting off just to our east. This upper level low will spin close enough to bring the threat for a few showers and storms for the next several days.

This system works through here from northwest to southeast today and that should touch off a few showers and storms. No, it’s not raining all day and some won’t even see rain. Still, we will be tracking some action…

The upper low really settles in just to our east and southeast into the first half of the new week. Without question, the heaviest rain is well to our east, but this system is close enough to throw a daily threat for some showers and storms into, especially, central and eastern Kentucky.

The GFS has been most consistent in the handling of the low and our rain chances through the middle of the week…

Again, the farther east, the better the chance at seeing appreciable rains.

Temps run cooler than normal through the middle of the week, but temps do steam up by the end of the week into the weekend. Some 90 degree numbers may show up, but that happens typically 20-40 times each summer across the state. That’s a fact some weather folks on twitter seem to lose site of. Every 90 degree temp that shows up at an asphalt surrounded/jet engine heated airport thermometer is treated as the hottest day in recorded history. 🙂

Regardless, we will also be watching another system dropping in from the northwest over the weekend. That may bring additional rounds of showers and thunderstorms, followed by another temperature drop…

Obviously, any shower and storm action will greatly impact temps.

If we just take a step back and look at the overall pattern that’s been with us and continues to show up, we find a lot of back and forth. Until that stops happening, why would anyone forecast anything else? That back and forth typically leads to near normal overall numbers for the summer.

Make it a great Sunday and take care.

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