A Frigid and Flurry Filled Friday

Good Friday, everyone. This illustrious post is coming to you from my iPhone and won’t be as long as normal. I get home to start checking models to begin work on the blog and discover my internet is down.

Our Friday is starting out with light snow and flurries in many areas. These flakes appear to be overachievers and could put down a nice coating in several areas…


I’m trying to paste the radar into this update, but it doesn’t look quite right on my end. Just hit the radar tab at the top of the blog and check them out on your own. Thanks, Windstream.

Flakes wind down later today with very cold air continuing. Highs generally stay in the 20s with a wind chill in the teens.

Saturday starts in the teens with afternoon highs reaching the 30s.

The system moving in for Sunday and Monday keeps what earlier runs were showing with a mix at the start across the northern half of the state, but mainly rain takes over from there. Heavy snows fall to our north, but you can see how the north has a chance at some frozen stuff to start…


A powerful arctic front then follows that up by the middle of next week. That should give us a snow chance before some frigid stuff swings in.

The pattern is starting to show itself as one that is going to be very active on the leading edge of the arctic air. That spells a lot of snow for areas who get in the “zone”. Does that eventually include Kentucky over the next few weeks? The GFS ensembles continue to like that possibility…



The operational GFS does as well…


The new European Model also puts us in the “zone” during the next week to 10 days.

Here’s your friendly reminder that I’m only showing those to illustrate the overall pattern being forecast on the models.

I will have more updates later today, with or without Internet. Have a great day and take care.

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31 Responses to A Frigid and Flurry Filled Friday

  1. Lisaj says:

    Maybe we’ll be in “the zone ” for Christmas. I would love a white Christmas this year!!

  2. which way is the wind blowing says:

    I am rooting for a Xmas miracle.

  3. Crystal in PIkeville says:

    It’s snowing in PIkeville

  4. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Snowing in Pikeville

  5. Andy_Rose says:

    Surprisingly we actually have/had flurries in Knox County this morning

  6. SHAAK says:

    Marc Weinberg will lambast you again for showing model runs, Chris. That guy is such an a$$.

  7. Rich says:

    Let’s hope we are in the zone for some snow. A white Christmas would be wonderfu! Thank you Chris for your weather forecasts.

  8. EF5snowfall says:

    Very low probability of any snowstorms for kentucky this winter.just about all of them will be comming from the south. A lot of warm convection and chilly rain.

    • bm says:

      That’s what we all say each winter, but we do get our share of it,

    • BubbaG says:

      CB pretty much stated our chance for a big event is more likely to be ice. Typical for southern feds. We might get some clipper action of a few inches and a few drive-by events of one to two inches.

      This winter will likely fit more with previous winters before the big events in last two years. Hopefully minus big ice for the second half of winter.

  9. Rolo says:

    so XMAS going to be warm up, really wish we have this weather for then.

  10. retro fetch says:

    Thanks for the yeoman effort on the update, Chris.
    I was surprised to see a little snow flying around this morning!
    Good stuff. I’m still liking those ensembles.

  11. denab says:

    We have a healthy dusting in Mount Sterling. Enough for salt trucks to run.

  12. Mike S says:

    On this date in 2013, a whopping 66.9 percent of the U.S. had some form of measurable snowfall on the ground, including some of us in Kentucky. Louisville still had 3″ on the ground after at least 4.5″ fell from a couple of accumulating systems.
    Today’s snow on the ground still covers a respectable 38.9% of the U.S.

  13. upslope says:

    woke up to 15 degrees and surprisingly 2″ of snow here in the mts of wv….local mets said a flurry or 2 …..that’s y they are stupid idiots and y chris is the best

  14. Rodger in Dodger says:

    It’s that time of the year – models looks great days out, we get some very cold days, we log on 3-4 times a day hoping for Mr Bailey’s updates, models lose the storm, models bring it back, will it go north or south of us? … hope, anticipate, disappointment … Rodger loves it!

  15. LD says:

    “Pleasant roof top duster this morning! Here’s hoping for a lot of small accumulations this winter.”

    *Posted from my Vertu Aster Stingray Black phone after reading today’s post on my Microsoft Surface Book.

  16. Mark Hausterman says:

    GFS 06z run showing 60s for Cincinnati ridiculous! I want a White Christmas!

  17. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Whatever happens, it is definitely going to be cold! We have had a few flurries and a couple of good snow showers here this morning. Makes it look and fell more Christmasy. Even though think mid summer temps would actually be closer to right in regard to the Christmas story. I would still love to see a white Christmas, and I am not ashamed to admit it, Most of my co workers are more “Scroogish” about snow, and say Bah “humbug when it is mentioned. But that’s ok too. As Charlie Brown says “I wont let this negativity ruin my Christmas!” 😉 Have a great Friday everyone!

  18. Mark Hausterman says:

    GFS 12Z run I meant.

  19. To my surprise we woke up to a nice dusting in Jenkins Ky. I thought NKy would be receiving every thing it was a nice surprise. It’s still snowing, nothing sticking…. BUT BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE!

  20. Shelley says:

    Time warner internet is SO much better. We had terrible service from windstream for eight years before we finally switched. We have had very little trouble and super fast internet.

  21. Prelude says:

    Not understanding why people get upset and somewhat angered when a white Christmas doesn’t occur? Statistically the chances of a white Christmas is like 10% in our region that means 90% of the time it’s not going to happen. This is not New England or the Midwest or the Rockies or even the Mid-Atlantic for that matter, it’s the Ohio Valley. I say 70% of the time in the winter we are always going to see more rain then snow.

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