Thursday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. Rounds of snow have been pressing across the state all day, and another round is sweeping in this evening. This will put down additional accumulations of an inch or two with another 2″-3″ possible in the southeast by morning.

Roads will be slick and, in many cases, snow covered. Your tracking tools in a bit.

Another sneaky snow system may impact parts of the state on Friday. Check out the Friday into Friday evening snow forecast from the NAM…



A BIG snowstorm is going to impact areas just to our south and east Friday night and Saturday. This is likely to brush far southeastern Kentucky with some accumulating snows. Here are the numbers from just that event…


My goodness… that is sooooooooo close!!!

The pattern next week looks active. We get a sharp front in here Tuesday night with rain to a mix…


The setup behind that on the European Model has a “Bold” look to it…


I leave you with your snow tracking tools…


Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 @ Winchester Road
I-75 @ Winchester Road

I-75 @ Iron Works Pike

I-71/I-75 at I-275
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ I-275

I-275 at Mineola Pike
Near Covington
I-275 @ Mineola Pike

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

I-71/I-75 at 12th St.
I-71/I-75 @ 12th St. in Covington

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway
Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway

I-64 @ I-264
I-64 @ I-264

I-264 @ Freedom Way
Near Louisville International Airport
I-264 @ Freedom Way

I-65 MP 92.4

I-65 MP 36
Near Bowling Green
I-65 MP 36

US60 @ Chenault Road

US 60 @ US 460
US60 @ US460

US 60 @ US 127
US60 @ US127

US 127 @ Frankfort
US127 @ Frankfort KY

I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead

I-64 MP 97
I-64 WB @ MP 97

Mountain Parkway @ MP 36
Near Pine Ridge

I-75 at MP 36
I-75 @ MP 36

I-75 at MP 23

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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28 Responses to Thursday Evening Update

  1. kaybake says:

    Darn, on the soooo close BIG storm Fri night/Sat, but loving today nonetheless! Thanks CB!

  2. BubbaG says:

    They can have it 🙂

    That said, CB hinting at ice chances next week- nobody should have.

  3. Terry says:

    Very close to a winter storm watch for Harlan Co but will likely be another advisory tomorrow late:)

    We need about a 50 mile shift NW and my area gets several inches…anxious to say the least!

  4. BengalFan says:


  5. billie says:

    Finally coming down in Monticello ky Chris! Absolutely loving it!

  6. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    That other storm is so close it hurts but I am thankful for the snow I got today.Snowing now in Pikeville.Chris is it suppose to warm up next week??

  7. Clay County says:

    Pouring the snow in Clay County. We got about 3 inches earlier today when the first wave of snow moved through.

  8. MikeM says:

    If Blizzard Tim doesn’t get snow this weekend there’s no hope. Good luck buddy.

    • Blizzardtim says:

      I got my fingers crossed mikeM!..As of the moment they saying gonna be a sharp gradient cutoff..Like literally fro 5 inches in east half of my county to 1-2 on west side..At this point and since I didn’t get any snow at all last winter..I’ll take 1-2″ and run with it!

  9. Turmoil Tim says:

    “Next week” looks like rain and other mets are predicting a warm next two weeks. Not good!

  10. EF5snowfall says:

    Local Mets here are saying warm next 6 weeks andb record warmth possible. Yuck.

  11. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    It’s really snowing hard in Pikeville

  12. Blizzardtim says:

    Just heard our local guy here say tomorrow night from 10pm-10 am Saturday could be snowing 1-2″ per hour in parts of east TN!!!

    • Msd87 says:

      I’m are you in Knoxville? It’s real hard to figure out tomorrow. I’m just a few miles west of the city, we could go big or have nothing but flurries. Sref is likely overdone but it’s been trending way up today.

  13. Bobt says:

    Not much at all here in the middle of Knox Co. That’s okay. Ankle biters are not very fun anyway. Maybe next time. Either way, it will be okay. Next couple of weeks doesn’t look promising and mid-Feb is when the average highs hit 50. I look forward to that too.

  14. Christopher says:

    Think the kids may put the sleds to good use after all! That last wave really added to the total at our house in central KY. Not to mention another snow day. It’s like Christmas all over for my kids.
    I’m glad because it looks like 50’s and rain for the next couple weeks. Everyone enjoy and stay safe!

  15. Jimbo says:

    The last wave of snow in the Huntington area was the best/strongest. I probably have little over 3 inches and still snowing lightly. Good job Chris.

  16. Jude says:

    Good call on totals Mr. Bailey. A solid 2.5″ here in west Frankfort. Great forecasting my man!!

  17. Bobt says:

    Nothing on the ground here in 1-3 territory(Knox)
    We usually are the cutoff for all systems execpt out of the south. Always factored in with areas like Harlan, but never seem to fare anywhere near them in these type systems.

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