Wednesday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. Warmer temps continue to surge into the region as a warm front drifts to our north. This will open the floodgates for a spring-like day on Thursday. That “spring” feel will go the other way quickly by early Friday as an ice threat shows up for parts of the state.

That ice threat still has us walking a very fine line across the bluegrass state. The greatest chance for some freezing rain will be across the north. The latest freezing rain threat maps from the WPC really show that well…





Those maps closely resemble the freezing rain map from the European Model…


We have to wait and see exactly where that 32 degree line sets up, but it’s safe to say it will be in the vicinity of northern Kentucky.

Once we get into Sunday and Monday, temps surge again on a strong southwesterly flow. That flow is ahead of a slow moving upper level that will cause additional showers and thunderstorms to develop and roll across the region. Rain totals over the next week are impressive…


Obviously, those kinds of totals can cause some high water issues.

Once we get through all that, the same pattern of the past 6 weeks shows up as things trend much colder. The European Ensembles from WeatherBell shows the return very well…

Euro 2

The GFS is almost identical…

GFS Gi 6

I will update things later tonight. Make it a great evening and take care.

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13 Responses to Wednesday Evening Thoughts

  1. fbm tim says:

    interesting to see those maps has me still in the ice,we had a 90% and that fell to 20%

  2. JimCVG says:

    Looks like we’ll be skating down the streets in Covington. Be careful out there folks!

  3. Turmoil Tim says:

    Ground is warm now. Marginal 32 degree temps are not going to lead to many slick spots. Can we get some cold and SNOW in here this month?

    • corey says:

      Ground is warm!? Where are you!? Its been freezing the last week…one day of 50 degree weather isn’t Gonna Make much difference…now tomorrow it might reach 70…that will up some

  4. Blueyz says:

    I hope that if we have snow we do not miss school. I love snow but at this point was hoping for the milder February.

  5. kaybake says:

    Can’t really say I mind these spring-like reprieves… trusting more (snowy) winter is down the road! It’s early. Took the dog out at 6am and the critters (rabbits and opossums) were out, perhaps confused!

  6. Rich says:

    Looks like my part of southern Indiana will miss out on the freezing rain. I love to watch frozen precipitation fall from the sky. Definitely prefer snow but this is better than rain

  7. Terry says:

    If, key word IF, the rainfall map came true, 7 inches would definitely flood Harlan out as that is a lot of rain in my local, especially this time of year with no active vegetation to soak it up.

    Here’s to sending hope that you all in North KY don’t get much or any ice period!

  8. Cold Rain says:

    Last week of Jan.looks good on the long range models..Like the PNA look..Long range so who knows..Been a boring winter so far to me..Liking the warmer temp. though.. If no snow bring on the blowtorch..

  9. Keavyman says:

    I live in the Richmond, Indiana area and the mets out Indy is saying this area could as much as 1″+of ICE! ICE STORM WARNINGS are possible here with a good chance of loosing power for weeks, perhaps. You all in KY just enjoy the rain… I try to find Kerosene Heater somewhere. Everyone inline for this Ice event and Flooding event…..STAY SAFE and WARM! BTW..we had 4 days with temps below 12 and as low as -5.yes, our ground is frozen quite nicely. Thanks CB for all you do!

    • Terry says:

      I hope it (the evil ice) misses you too. Here in SE KY, it is not even a remote possibility, but as you are probably well aware, things change fast.

      I hit 7 over the weekend…only single digit night so far here but I have had a few other nights in the low teens. While it definitely hasn’t been a harsh winter yet, there is still some time left for tough weather before the season ends.

      Be safe up north!

  10. BengalFan says:

    Im just wondering, But maybe this is the ice storm that CB bold prediction???! But looks to hit Missouri, IL and WV. Ky looks to be spared (maybe nky gets a little)

    I hope pattern isn’t like the last 6 weeks! Mostly high winds, 60. 70 degree spikes, and lots of rain. Cky has only had about 2maybe 3 inches of snow. Let’s hope for a change.

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