Tracking More Of The Same

Good Sunday, everybody. We have a cold front moving into the state today, and this will bring about another drop in temperatures. As we look down the weather road, I see more of the same setting up in the next week. This will be complete with a taste of winter, followed by a super-sized surge of spring.

Folks, the weather across the country is nothing short of extreme. I don’t normally focus much on the weather outside of Kentucky, but this is worth a mention.

Parts of Oklahoma were near 100 degrees Saturday…

That is absolutely amazing to see in February. I wonder how mother nature can top that? Well, how about dumping snow on those same areas just a few days later…


That’s a snow forecast through Tuesday. From near 100 degrees to snow in 2 days may be one of the most extreme weather cases I’ve ever seen or heard of. Just… wow.

Another extreme is happening in New England. This is an area slammed by a blizzard just a few days ago and is getting slammed by another blizzard today…


Some areas will pick up 2 feet of snow after picking up 1 to 2 feet of snow a few days ago. All this after basically having very little snow prior to this week.

Back here in Kentucky… things are pretty calm when compared to the above. Temps start in the 60s to near 70 and drop quickly this afternoon and evening as a cold front moves in. Gusty showers will be noted along and ahead of this front…

Temperatures by Monday morning drop into the 20s and warm into the 40-45 degree range by the afternoon. Skies look mostly sunny.

Tuesday is a very windy day with highs of 45-50 ahead of a cold front diving in from the northwest. This front has a nice blast of cold air coming behind it for the middle of the week. This system tries it’s best to capture a southern storm system, but the models are still a bit south and east of us…


Some snow showers or flurries will be possible while the cold enjoys a brief stay in Kentucky. The Canadian has done great with these cold shots this winter and shows this for Friday morning…


Temps by Friday will quickly rebound with 70 degree temps potentially showing up next weekend.

That should be ahead of a parade of storm systems rolling across the country, as winter doesn’t let spring take full control…


I will have another update later today. Enjoy the day and take care.

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21 Responses to Tracking More Of The Same

  1. Evan Hayon says:

    Just think, people don’t believe in global warming!

    • which way is the wind blowing says:

      It really does not matter anymore what people’s beliefs are at this moment in history.
      The future is bright the free market is allowing other forms of energy to catch up with the extracting industry.
      If you find the time watch the Vice episode on HBO ( season 4 # 45).
      I hope we can find new leadership here in the state of Kentucky to take advantage of this growing market.

    • BubbaG says:

      When similar events happened before technology afforded instant communication, how did this warming thing get proliferated then? 😉

  2. Mike S says:

    I don’t know, but that snowfall map sure looks quite generous in amounts. Local Amarillo NWS only projecting up to a couple of inches. Could be the higher elevations, especially NM like Santa Fe where temps hit 60’s. But I do agree, some places that saw record smashing highs will be some 50 + degrees colder, like Gage OK from 94 to a high of only 42. But, these places are known for their wide temperature spreads. Last February, on the 10th, a high of 83 after a low of 23. Just last month, a high of 75 then two days later, a high of 29. It’s not that uncommon for these types of spreads, especially in that arid to semi-arid regions.

  3. Allen says:

    Louisville NWS mets aren’t buying into the precipitation potential yet. From their morning post “Tonight will be clear and cold, followed by dry weather right through next weekend.”
    May the best forecast win and let the games begin!

  4. Prelude says:

    So it’s 66 degrees outside when I woke up this morning very pleasant extremely nice out.

    • Bjenks says:

      Yep windows open once again. Got my spring cleanup done yesterday, now to get my blades sharpen and equipment tuned up so I can start on everyone else’s this week. If I am not going to make $$$ shoveling snow, I might as well start digging dirt and planting again.

      • AC says:

        And just when you’re about to bring out the gloves and shovels for plants…….

        Wait for it.
        (eh in this case I’m probably totally wrong lol)

        • Bobt says:

          It won’t be too long until nature wakes up. It’s one of my favorite times of year. The smell in the air is just different. We still have some cold left but for the most part the change is getting started. Average highs hit 50 in the southern part of the state next week. Daylight is already getting longer. Can’t wait until the time change next month.

          • B H says:

            Had some heavy showers move through Southern Ohio early this morning. Very nice warm day yesterday and just as warm starting off today. Even if your a snow lover you have to like this. Better than freezing your tail off like a couple days ago in the cold wind.

            • Bobt says:

              The good thing about this winter was the cold spells didn’t last but a few days. I will take the warm winning out if we don’t have potential for the white stuff. Not even really tracked a potential system all winter. Thats the first that I can ever remember since following the blog.

  5. Lynn says:

    Weather forecasting is not an exact science, everyone knows this. Most historic winter storms usually surprise us. I recall, back in Jan. 1978 there was the usual weather prediction for the day of the 24th, Partly cloudy and mild. Late, that same day there was a blizzard warning issued for our region. In 4 hours the blizzard hit hard with 50+ mph winds and blinding snow. The next morning the temperature was -25 degrees with a 20 foot snow drift in our driveway. Just to show you how weather can change in just a few hours.

  6. TONEY says:

    what happened to our back loaded winter? not trying to downgrade or anything like that but what even happened to winter this year… half gone and days are getting longer… fact we gain 1 hour and 8 minutes of daylight this month and the clocks go up an hour on march 12th and let us not forget that pitchers and catchers report to spring training on monday so we are fast running out of time for a back loaded winter or a for that any winter at all………COME ON SPRING!!!!!!!!!!

  7. retro fetch says:

    Y’all know I’m in the snow camp but I do have to say, this weird warm fools spring is really nice. Been out getting yard work done in shorts and a tee ( still dealing with leaves that took forever to fall ) and fixing to shoot some hoops with the boy. Pitchers and catchers – 2/14!

  8. Mike says:

    1/2 inch of snow and never more than a week of sustained cold… The most disappointing winter in my 12 years here in KY. I like hot summers and cold, snowy winters, with a spring and autumn in between. This winter has been a bust. Let’s see what the next two or three weeks bring…

  9. Troy says:

    75 degrees right now. This is nice!!! And some say Spring has not been here since January… lol

  10. Snowcat says:

    Don’t forget I think it was Spring of 87 that we were having forest fires and over 80 degrees in EKY and it was starting to snow in Cincy. Only a few hours later the snow made it to EKY and we ended up with almost 16 inches. That was in April and went from high 80s to snow in a few hours.

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