A Steamy and (Sometimes) Stormy Weekend

Good Friday, everyone. Our weekend is upon us and it looks like more of the same across the bluegrass state of Kentucky. Steamy temps and stormy skies look to continue, with the greatest storm threat coming to wrap up the weekend on Sunday.

The weather to start the weekend will find temps ranging from the mid and upper 80s east to the low 90s west. Isolated storms will be possible…

We will need to watch and see if we can get a complex of storms to develop tonight and early Saturday. That’s something that happens from time to time in this type of setup. Otherwise, isolated storms will be with us Saturday with similar temps to what we have today.

A strong cold front drops in here Sunday and early Monday with a big increase in storms. Some of the storms may be strong and put down torrential rains…

You will also notice a tropical system showing up across the eastern Gulf of Mexico. That’s similar to what the Canadian has been showing with recent runs and continues to show this…

The European Model really develops that into a big system working west across the Gulf of Mexico and toward Texas…

As that happens, check out all the cold air up in Canada. Wow! That is quite the contrast across North America.

What does it all mean for us? Cooler air works in early next week, but we will need to watch and see what happens with the system in the Gulf. Tropical systems down there usually have a huge influence on the overall pattern across the states.

Have a great Friday and take care.

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2 Responses to A Steamy and (Sometimes) Stormy Weekend

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, I like the fact that you mentioned the below normal temperatures in Canada. A lot of meteorologist hardly present any weather information about what’s going on with our neighbors to our north. This past winter, various low temperature records were recorded through out Canada, along with record snowfall. Is this a sign that we should be exploring, I think so. Turning your attention to the Gulf, the two models, the European and the Canadian trying to bring in a tropical depression, one in the western part of the gulf and the other near the west coast of Florida. If a depression develops in the western gulf, this disturbance could move north toward our area and bring a lot of heavy rain. If a depression develops off the west coast of Florida, it will likely bring down much cooler dryer air into the entire mid west. We shall see, but there is something there to watch. Have a great day everyone.

  2. Schroeder says:

    I just looked up the phases of the NAO ( North Atlantic Oscillation ) and this past May,( almost the whole month) the NOA was in the negative phase. This explains the unusual cool May 2017. Now, sense June first, it has change back to the positive phase, which has change our weather back to warm and humid, which is our summer. Interesting, this past winter the NAO the phase was in the positive, hence the mild winter. I just thought this was interesting is why I’am posting this information. I’am sure Chris will tell us more about this weather phenomenon.

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