Big Changes On The Way

Good Saturday, everyone. We have another front touching off scattered showers and storms out there today, but the focus of the forecast is on big changes coming next week. We are going back into the fall-like pattern we had for the first half of August. Can this one just go ahead and lead into an early fall? Maybe.

Highs today are in the 80s with scattered showers and storms going up. Here are your radars to track the action…

I can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm on Sunday with temps deep into the 80s.

Solar eclipse day continues to look very steamy with the chance for a few clouds getting into the region. Here’s the latest cloud forecast from the GFS…

The NAM…

The most fascinating thing to me about all this is the drop in temps as the eclipse is occurring. Temps may tumble by more than 10 degrees as we lose the sun for a while.

Beyond the eclipse comes a big change for the middle and end of next week. A strong cold front drops in from the northwest with an increase in showers and storms Tuesday into Wednesday…

Temperatures come way down behind this front for the second half of next week into next weekend. We may string together another extended run of highs in the 70s…

Can this just go ahead and lead us into a full-blown early start to fall? The CFS has been showing that for some time now, and the GFS Ensembles are showing the below normal going through early September…

By the way, the CFS keeps showing some significant cool periods for September…

Have a great day and take care.

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5 Responses to Big Changes On The Way

  1. Chris Mercer says:

    Considering the past few days have been hot and humid, I think no one would complain about an early start to fall!

    • LD says:

      That front swept through here yesterday and blew out all the heat and humidity for the weekend. Look at those dew point numbers out there right now, crisp and clear fall like morning.

      Lol, just kidding. How’s August looking temp wise so far if you include low temps?

      As nice as it would be, seasons being in defined boundaries is best for everyone and everything in the long term. Chaos in weather isn’t cool, kids.

      • Chris Mercer says:

        August is running one to two degrees below normal. Will probably get close to normal by Tuesday, but looks like the month will end cool

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. I have enjoyed the past few days since we haven’t had a real hot nor dry summer. I love all of the seasons but I like them in the right time. To me, baseball means hot weather. Hard to enjoy the pool with 70 degree temps in mid/late August. I do feel for those who have to go out and work in the heat. I am in and out all day so I can appreciate that too. If it must cool down I guess it will. But please keep it nice and warm in Florida for a couple more months! Vacation is coming up. ;). Have a great Saturday everyone!

  3. Schroeder., says:

    It is going to be very difficult to predict this coming Autumn and Winter 2017-18. At this time meteorologist at NOAA are continuing to predict a ENSO- neutral / La nina border line conditions. This would mean, in my opinion a repeat of the nothing 2016-17 Autumn and Winter.

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