Tracking Hurricane Irma

Good Sunday, everyone. Hurricane Irma is slamming the state of Florida today, and should cause devastation from south to north. The greatest emphasis of this storm will be across The Gulf Coast side of the sunshine state.

Before I get you all the tracking tools you need on Irma, a few thoughts:

  • The remnants of Irma will work into the region by Tuesday and hang around for a few days.
  • Rounds of showers and thunderstorms begin Monday night and should carry us through the rest of the week.
  • Heavy rains will be possible, but this shouldn’t produce nearly as max totals as Harvey did here. Still, we will need to be on guard for some local high water issues.
  • Winds will be rather gusty and may reach 40mph at times on Tuesday, especially across the southern parts of the state.
  • Hurricane Jose looks to patiently wait behind Irma and may threaten the east coast next weekend.

I’m starting the tracking tools with the interactive radar. Take control of it as you please, and you can even pull up live storm cam feeds from south Florida as Irma comes ashore…


Hurricane Infrared GOES East

cone graphic

time of arrival graphic

Make it a great day and take care.

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20 Responses to Tracking Hurricane Irma

  1. B H says:

    42 degrees and dropping here in Southern Ohio.

  2. BubbaG says:

    Looks more west. Does that help or hurt? Seems worse case was more east, based on all the previous projections. Still bad, but perhaps not as bad as could have been. Not much if any consolation for those dealing with it.

  3. Prelude says:

    The last time Tampa Florida was directly hit by a major hurricane believe it or not was 1921 the population back then was 10,000 people. So here we are 86 years later and the population of Tampa is now 3 million. The track shifted further west with Irma all that means is what was expected on the Atlantic side of Florida (nothing but bad) has shifted to the Gulf side of Florida. The Gulf side of Florida will get the worst of Irma but statewide Irma will be felt from the Gulf side to the Atlantic side of Florida.

    • TennMark says:

      Some dry air is weakening Irma a little prior to the eye coming ashore on the Florida peninsula but the storm is still dangerous. A 120 mph gust was just recorded at Marco Island, FL. Worst of the storm surge yet to come.

      Enjoying the fantastic wx here before the remains of Irma arrive.

  4. Prelude says:

    What I am finding completely fascinating and disturbing is different reports coming in from the Bahamas and now reports coming in from the Florida Key’s that the ocean has completely receded in spots. What I mean by receded is where the ocean should be it’s actually gone you can walk out literally on the ocean floor. I’m sure the ocean water will come back to those spots but just goes to show how crazy strong hurricane Irma is. A few meteorologist that have commented on this have said it’s unprecedented they have never seen anything like that before.

  5. Pkwok says:

    @prelude – Amazing video. Thanks for the link.

  6. Cheryl says:

    My sister has to travel from Floyd county to Lexington on Tuesday morning with her little girl for doctor’s appointment. How’s the weather looking for travel? Would it be wise to reschedule?

  7. Mike S says:

    Was that a vortex just behind Mike Bettis of The Weather Channel earlier today? That poor guy is a tornado magnet.

  8. David in Gtown says:

    Is it me or is the satellite showing a more north/northeast jog of the eye now that it is on shore?

  9. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Wondering if Kentucky will see more rain/wind from Irma if it keeps up this northerly track.

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