A Great Fall Weekend

Good Friday, folks. Fall is here and the temperatures are feeling the part as we head into the weekend. It’s hard to believe October starts on Sunday, but that makes me a happy camper. We are now into my favorite time of year, with winter just around the corner.

Our day starts in the 40s with patchy fog in the valleys. Highs will be in the70-75 degree range for many, with slightly higher numbers in the west and south.

A weak cold front arrives late today, with an increase in clouds and just a small chance for a shower…

Temps behind the front look awesome. Saturday starts in the 40s and ends with most thermometers stuck in the upper 60s…

Sunday morning looks chilly and I can see some pockets of upper 30s showing up in some of the cool valleys. The NAM is close…

Highs on Sunday should be back into the low 70s for central and eastern Kentucky, with middle 70s in the west. It looks like a gorgeous start to October.

What happens next week will have a lot to do with the tropics. We are likely to see a weak system form near the coast of Florida this weekend or early next week…

That system then works westward across Florida and into the Gulf. Does it develop or fizzle out? The European model says it fizzles letting a cold front move in by late Wednesday or Thursday…

Ahead of that front, temps could hit the low 80s.

The European Model then follows that up with another weak front by next weekend…

You can see another system showing up near the Bahamas¬† on the map above. The GFS also shows this, and then brings that northward, merging with one heck of a cold trough in week 2…

Ummm… yeah.

Anyway, the European at day 10 also shows the beginning of a would be deep trough…

Make it a great day and take care.

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4 Responses to A Great Fall Weekend

  1. PaulB says:

    Can’t wait to see what Schroeder plaigerizes from other blogs today. What a loser!

  2. winter lover says:

    Great weekend to go camping weather wise. My favorite time of the year. Have a Good weekend!!!

  3. LD says:


    Nice to see that blue up north for a change instead of the orange or red; always weirds me out to see that on the maps all the time.

    Soooooo nice to get out of that 2 weeks of summer weather and high dew points. Still need some rain though or we’re in big trouble!

    Looking forward to seeing the comparison analysis between models from August and actuals for September on the blog.

    Didn’t see a mention of it here but the NE and the Great Lakes had record high temps during that period and more heat POSSIBLY on the way for next week.


    (link on the name for yah Chris Mercer)

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