A Cold Weekend Update

Good afternoon, folks. Our cold weekend is here, with a few spots getting in on a taste of winter earlier today, and a few more may get n on a touch tonight and Sunday. I wanted to stop by for an update on where we go from here, as the pattern looks hyper-active.

The rest of our day will feature highs from 40-45 with mostly cloudy skies and rain in the east…

Northwesterly winds continue to kick in with temps falling into the mid and upper 30s this evening, then into the low 30s overnight. That same northwesterly wind will keep clouds around, with the potential for some flurries in the central and east…

There may be a little better concentration of flakes in the far southeast.

Sunday should feature colder temps than what we have out there today for the central and east, especially if clouds hang tough. The HI-Res NAM is just flat out wintertime cold for highs…

If those numbers are correct, it would be among the colder October days we have ever had. Even if we had 5 degrees to those, it would still be among the top 20 or so coldest October days in the past 50 years.

For the past week, I’ve been talking about a big storm going up the east coast that could entrain some kind of disturbance from the tropics. That disturbance is about to become a Tropical Storm…

cone graphic

Watch how that gets entrained into a monster storm slamming the northeast…

That’s not quite up to Sandy standards, but it’s a distant relative.

That does pull down a little bit of chill in here for Halloween. Trick or treat temps drop into the upper 30s…

Rain arrives to start November…

That kicks off a very active and wet pattern in our part of the world. The setup I’m looking at can produce a ton of rain and even threaten us with thunderstorm action for a week to 10 day period.

At the same time, the amount of cold air building up on our side of the globe is VERY impressive. That’s gonna be a force to deal with later this month and into December. I think I have my Bold Prediction for the winter forecast and it has to do with December. 🙂

I will have a full update later tonight. Make it a good one and take care.

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4 Responses to A Cold Weekend Update

  1. corey says:

    A white Christmas!? That would be amazing lol

  2. Blizzardtim says:

    I believe Chris is sniffing out a white Christmas for someone…lol

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris….ok I love the tease but some meat and potatoes to go with it please! Hungry for a good winter forecast. Have s great afternoon and evening all, and GO CATS!!! Beat Tennessee!

  4. TA says:

    Thanks! White Christmas dreaming. ❄

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