Active Pattern Continues To Show Up

Good Thursday, everyone. We are dealing with a very mild and busy weather pattern taking shape across our part of the world. This setup means rounds of some showers and storms, with a heavy rain threat next week. That happens when colder air tries to crash in.

Let us begin with the precious present and roll forward.

Highs today may hit 70 or a little better for areas getting in on some sunshine. For the rest, it’s ONLY mid and upper 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. We could also see a scattered shower or storm around…

Showers and storms increase on Friday as a weak front gets into the region. That front puts the brakes on and goes back to the north over the weekend, allowing for the very mild setup to continue. Scattered showers and storms will also be back with us, but we will see many dry times. Sunday’s temps may surge deep into the 70s.

A stronger cold front moves in with a stout line of showers and storms for Monday. Strong to severe storms are a possibility late Sunday into Monday across the Ohio Valley.

That front then checks up, allowing for rounds of showers and storms to roll eastward through the region. That may give us quite a bit of rain during this time.

Watch how the Canadian handles this…

That also unleashes cold air late next week into the following weekend…

Notice how well that matches up with the latest 5 day temperature forecast anomalies from the CFS for November 8-13…


That same model run has a bounce back for a few days, then brings another big surge of cold in for by Thanksgiving week…

It then shows the cold taking hold as we begin December…

The CFS keeps showing what everything else is pointing to, a very active storm track for our region. Check out precipitation totals through early December…

I’ll hook you up with another update later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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31 Responses to Active Pattern Continues To Show Up

  1. Schroeder says:

    Back to the west to east flow. Fronts hang up due to higher pressure to our east. Winter will be delayed again.

  2. Cold Rain says:

    Looks like we may be tracking some apps runner this winter..Sure everyone will enjoy if its the case..Wonder if this is what Chris is hinting at..

  3. B H says:

    There is one thing I’ve notice over the years is that when it is warm in Alaska and the west coast it is usually cold in are neck of the woods.

  4. Schroeder says:

    I tried twice to give you a reason, but Chris Bailey keeps blocking my post. Probably he would rather read comments from Ralph or Prelude. Sad Forum unfortunately.

  5. Jkl says:

    You can be negative and say this winter is over before its even begun if that’s what ur hoping for because im pretty sure there is never a way to tell what exactly will happen or you can be honest and say this winter is up in the air and anythings possible , in cincinnati the last 2 yrs have been pretty lame to say the least and this winter being the same as last is a bold statement

    • Prelude says:

      Schroeder and the word “honesty” when it comes to weather should not be used in the same sentence. Schroeder will say the most bizarre off the wall things that are not remotely true.

  6. Jeff Kidd says:

    Thankfully Schroeder has spoken and thanks to him we know exactly what’s going to happen this winter. No need to read the blog anymore or any other trained meteorologists because Schroeder knows more than all of them. Maybe Chris can give you a call about his winter forecast so you can let him know what the weather will he like. You are so smart and intelligent Schroeder.

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