Winter Storm Update

Good evening, folks. A wintry mix and snow continues to overwhelm the bluegrass state, as a winter storm blows through the region. This will put down several inches of snow tonight into Wednesday.

A Winter Weather Advisory is out for much of the state, with the Louisville Metro now under a Winter Storm Warning…

I’m surprised that warning doesn’t include more real estate in north central Kentucky and into Ohio.

Here’s the updated call for snowfall…

I beefed up the totals a little along the Ohio River from Louisville to Cincy and dropped the totals a little in the northeast. The northeast may hang on to rain a little longer than everyone else. Granted, for all areas, we are walking a fine line with the forecast snow totals.

Slick roads will become an issue overnight and into the first part of Wednesday. Delays and cancellations are likely.

Before I get to your tracking tools, let me throw out something about the weekend system. It’s a much colder look showing up with the Saturday system, leading to the potential of rain and snow. The European is ugly…

The GFS is very similar to the European, but is a little farther south with the snow axis. Ugh.

Let’s take them one at a time. Here’s your current winter weather trackers…

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

Fifth Third Pavilion Live Cam
Downtown Lexington

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 @ Clays Ferry Bridge South
Between Lexington and Richmond

US 60 @ US 127
US60 @ US127

US 60 @ Chenault Road
Near Millville
US60 @ Chenault Road



Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

I-71/I-75 at 12th St.
I-71/I-75 @ 12th St. in Covington


I-65 MP 92.4

Louie B Nunn MP 3
Near Glasgow
Louie B Nunn MP 3

Natcher Parkway MP 5
Near Bowling Green
Natcher Parkway @ MP 5

I-24 MP 7 @ US 62


I-24 MP 7 @ US62

I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead



Pine Mountain

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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17 Responses to Winter Storm Update

  1. MarkLex says:

    Every single time, no matter what, whether it’s my phone, laptop, desktop, browser or whatever…..that storm chaser map loads fine as I’m scrolling down the post, then it always says “ooops, something went wrong” and stops displaying.

  2. Mike S says:

    Over an inch here in Valley Station, so it must be getting bad. The spin on radar looks like I’m socked in with this for a while.

  3. feederband says:

    2.75 inches with my super scientific yardstick in Iroquois Park area of LouMetro,

  4. BubbaG says:

    The north can have it! Too much surface on trees for the snow to stick now. Tree break and power outs for sure around here and likely even the places that did not get stressed trees from the last heavy snow. Seems a great miss for us.

  5. SpaceGhost says:

    Business as usual in the Ashland area…

  6. Lucy says:

    Closing in on 4 inches in Floyd County, IN.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Why am I not surprised the Huntington/Ashland area snow totals would drop. Never fails. Oh well, don’t care much for it this time of year.

  8. Mike S says:

    Cleaned off snowboard after a little over 5 hours of snow. Up to 2.8″ now at Valley Station. Won’t measure again until after 4 or 5 tomorrow morning.

  9. Jimmie says:

    I’ve had my fill of snow for one season. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if this one stays north.

  10. Stormtracker_WV says:

    Amazing–wonder how many times this has ever happened (significant/measurable snowfall) on the first day of spring in this part of the country?

    • Terry says:

      I was ready to post a similar question for SE KY but more generalized to include any day after spring officially begins!?? With the exception of the high elevations of Pine and Black Mt, I can’t remember Harlan getting more than an inch on the ground since the 1990s beyond March 20th, although every other year we tend to get dustings here and there even in April…I need to find some data. I know 1987 was the last real April snow and I was too young to remember it at 4 years old!

  11. Lucy says:

    Been snowing since about 4:00 pm in Floyd County, IN. Over five inches now and still snowing.

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