Wild Weather As We Usher In April

Good Saturday evening, gang. Our wild March pattern is about to roll over and become a wild April Pattern. If there’s a specific type of weather you like, chances are you’re going to find it during the first week of the new month.

Let’s start with the system working in this evening. It’s a cold front, bringing an increase in rain and wind from west to east…

That front slows down across southern Kentucky late tonight into early Easter Sunday. That allows a wave of low pressure to develop and roll across the state. We will see some dry hours, but precipitation quickly increases during the afternoon and evening. Much of this is in the form of rain, but some wintry weather shows up in parts of the north during the late evening into the overnight.

I like the map I made on Friday…

The computer models are seeing a swath of light accumulating snows showing up, but may be overdoing things just a bit. Here’s the NAM…



Some slushy accumulations are a good bet in the north on Sunday night.

Temps rise on Monday with a few more showers ahead of a warm front. That unleashes a WARM day for Tuesday…

If we can get enough sunshine, temps will make a run at 80 degrees on a strong southwesterly wind. This all comes crashing down behind a cold front arriving Tuesday night. High winds and strong thunderstorms are possible…

Temps drop more than 40 degrees into Wednesday, with the potential for a few snow flurries or snow showers on a northwest wind…

Let’s review… snow Sunday night, 80 on Tuesday, with more snowflakes on Wednesday. Kentucky weather is crazy and I’m not just talking about the dude on twitter. 🙂

Lows by Thursday morning may cause some damage to vegetation. Readings may drop into the low and middle 20s…

Notice all that bitter cold up in Canada? That has to go somewhere, and it works into the country by the weekend. That’s when another system then moves in here late Friday into Saturday, and may take on a winter look…

Lows behind that have a chance to flirt with the teens next weekend, with below zero numbers showing up as close by as Iowa on the GFS…

Go ahead and cry… I know you want to. It’s ok.

Have a great evening and take care.

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5 Responses to Wild Weather As We Usher In April

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris….. yuck! Hey best weather info for the Cleveland area for next weekend? Heading up to a birthday party. Are we seeing accumulating snow from about Thursday on for our area? Traveling weather is very much needed

  2. Jirvin1120 says:

    Yes….yes I do want to cry!

  3. Jeff Hamlin says:

    My redbud tree is budding finally.

  4. LeeAnnie says:

    So.Over.Winter. Wondering what the long range forecast is for summer?Guessing it has to include the phrase “above normal rainfall”! Ugh!

  5. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Wow Chris do you see a real warm up around the middle of april?? Happy Easter everyone!!!

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