Wednesday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. Clouds continue to be rather stubborn across parts of the region, as our temps continue to run below normal. That’s a trend that will carry us through the weekend, with even chillier temps on the way. Beyond that, things get much, much warmer for Kentucky Derby week.

Some of the clouds out there this evening continue to produce come mist or some out and out shower action in the east…

Later tonight, another low pressure zips out of Arkansas into the Tennessee Valley, turning the corner up the Appalachian Mountains. This brings rain back into the region, especially across the south and east…

Some locally heavy rain numbers are showing up across the mountains  of southeastern Kentucky…

As you can see, the farther north, the better in terms of your Thursday weather. Highs will stay in the 50s for areas getting rain, with low 60s outside the drops. Normal highs are now creeping into the low 70s.

Another cold front drops in late Friday, bringing a broken band of showers and thunderstorms. Winds will be rather gusty, with… Wait for it… Wait for it… another shot of chill for the weekend. Watch how the temps continue to run much colder than normal…

As a matter of fact, a frost is likely by Sunday morning. There is even the chance for temps to head below freezing and that’s showing up on the GFS…

Temps hit the 70s by Monday, with the potential for 80 degree highs by Tuesday and Wednesday. This will also likely kick off a pattern conducive for thunderstorms to develop…

Those storms may be something we have to deal with in the lead up to Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby days.

If you’re wondering if this warmer pattern is here to stay… My answer is no. I would not be surprised to see another frost threat into the first half of May. 🙁

Have a great day and take care.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Evening Update

  1. Virgil E. says:

    Frost, Snow, Freeze, 30s,

    These are all things not allowed in May. Or any month from now until late October.. Got it Mother Nature?

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Geez….I’m with Virgil on this one… we didn’t have thunder in February, so we don’t want frost in May! Just tell Mom Nature to send the cold stuff north please. 😉

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