Another Cool Shot Moves In

Good Tuesday to one and all. After the hottest May on record, June is starting out on a different note with fairly cool and dry weather. We have another cool shot blowing in tonight, keeping temps below normal through Thursday, at least. As temps try to warm after that, thunderstorms look to cut the heat off at the pass.

Our Tuesday starts very cool with readings in the low and middle 50s for most. Afternoon temps reach the upper 70s central and east, with middle 80s in the west. Winds will gust up ahead of a cold front arriving overnight. That may fire up a broken line of showers and storms…

Here’s regional radar to track the action from the north…

Temps behind this are very cool for Wednesday. The high temp numbers coming from the NAM are chilly for June…

That’s probably a little too cool, but you get the idea. Wednesday is going to be awfully nice! Low temps from the NAM for Thursday morning would be near records…

The GFS isn’t quite as cool, but also shows some readings dipping into the 40s…

Temps rebound later in the week, with the west being much toastier than the rest of the state. By Friday, a few showers and thunderstorms will increase from northwest to southeast. That’s a trend that continues into the coming weekend. That just happens to be when another front approaches from the northwest, bringing more showers and storms…

That keeps our temps in check and may send them back to below normal range for a few days.

Make it a great Tuesday and take care.

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8 Responses to Another Cool Shot Moves In

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. My kind of weather, keep it coming. I’m hoping the whole month and maybe the summer will be cooler and drier with brief interruptions. Have a great day everyone.

  2. Mike S says:

    Louisville’s hottest May on record wholly smoked the previous record by 2.8 degrees. That is more than twice the average gap between number 1 hottest and 2nd hottest for Louisville. However, January 1880 will likely hold the greatest gap, a 5.4 degree difference from the second warmest January. In fact, January’s 50 degree average was warmer than February’s all time warmest at 49 degrees.

    Oh, and by the way, thanks to May’s record warmth, it skewed the entire Spring’s top ten snowiest Spring and unusual cold into an above normal Spring for temperatures by 1.5 degrees.

  3. Schroeder says:

    Mike, very interesting information. On another weather phenomenon, NOAA has recently reported that we are now in an ENSO Neutral phase. How, in your opinion do you think our summer will turn out ?

  4. venus muncie says:

    wish there were two updates miss not seeing them

  5. TennMark says:

    Unless there is something like a derecho, our summers don’t exactly have the most interesting weather dynamics. Maybe nice weather at times, just not very interesting dynamics. One can look towards the tropics this time of year as hurricane season starts, although the destruction and loss of life from last year makes watching the tropics a bit more somber.

    Otherwise for many of us it’s a wait for the winter snows and spring severe storms for more interesting wx dynamics.

    But imagine being a weather weenie or meteorologist in coastal southern California during the summer dry season! One must get bored to tears at times.

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