Tracking The Late Week Storm

Good Tuesday, folks. We have a weak cold front slipping through the state today, bringing another shot of cold air for the next few days. As that happens, the overall pattern gets ready to really crank by the end of the week into the weekend. That’s when a deep trough slowly works across the eastern half of the country, bringing a couple big storm systems with it.

Today is a windy and very nice day with temps in the pleasant 60s. Those numbers come way back down behind the front for Wednesday and Thursday. Highs will struggle into the low 50s with frost and freezing temps during the mornings.

Hurricane Willa is coming ashore along the Pacific coast of Mexico today. This powerful storm is already throwing tropical clouds all the way toward our region…

The remnant low from Willa will cross Mexico and into Texas and then merge with a deepening trough across the eastern half of the country. Here are the European Ensembles tr

Another Pacific Hurricane, Sergio, also crossed the country to bring is rain a few weeks ago. To have two different Pacific tropical systems bring us rain is absolutely astounding!

That system will quickly throw rain our way as early as Thursday. The NAM only goes out through Friday morning, but you can clearly see a healthy system forming…

Snow lovers would be going crazy with that kind of setup in the winter, or even a month from now.

The Canadian shows something very similar then takes this storm up the east coast with additional systems diving in behind it…

Rounds of rain, gusty winds and chilly temps are on tap for the bluegrass state from late Thursday through early next week.

As I look at the pattern to close out October and begin November, we may very well see another deep trough digging into the country. This one may get help from a recurving typhoon in the western Pacific…

If that system does recurve as the models suggest, that energy would wind up heading toward the Aleutian Islands, forcing a blocky looking ridge ahead of it. This would send a very deep trough into the US and several of the medium range models are seeing the potential…

For the record, my analog years bring a severe storms threat and snow for the month of November.

I will update things later today, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.

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11 Responses to Tracking The Late Week Storm

  1. Terry says:

    It all makes sense as both the AO and NAO are rapidly going negative while the PNA is slightly positive. With a decent amount of blocking and higher than average snow pack in Canada, I think our November ends up below average myself in temps with, HOPEFULLY, early holiday snow. And if November begins winter, I hope the pattern will not flip to warm right before Christmas as it has many times in the past. My opinion, thete is nothing worse than a blow torch Christmas season!

    I say, GO COLD: STAY COLD!!!

  2. Schroeder says:

    Terry, I think you have a good handle on our future weather pattern through November. I just wish you and everyone on here that wasn’t around in 1969-70 could have experience that snowy winter, which lasted from December through March 1970. Maybe in the years ahead we will have another ?

    • B H says:

      Schroeder the one that sticks out in my mine here in southern Ohio the most was 1977-1978 winter. I like snow but that year I got cabin fever. Couldn’t wait to see the ground again. In 1976 that winter was very cold but not much snow. I graduated in1968. Seen several good snows. The coldest I ever seen was 40 below at my house. The city of Jackson Ohio had 38 below that morning. It was in the 90’s I think. The day before we got 2 feet of snow. It helped amplify the cold.

      • Schroeder says:

        Me too on 1976-77 and 1977-78. I will never forget that blizzard in January 1978 and the 25 foot snow drift in our driveway. I liked 1969-70 winter because we had a White Christmas and New Years Day 1970. The snow pack was on the ground for most of the winter and the temperatures stayed in the teens. We need another winter just like that, and where spring comes in April and not February.

        • Debbie says:

          I remember those winters, too! I was 7 and 7 and remember going to my Uncle’s house in Lebanon, KY for the “Big Family Christmas” (they gave me a “Bingo Game” & I still have the red plastic chips!!! 🙂 ) It began snowing…if I am thinking correctly…??-around noon on Christmas Day 1969 and by the time we all left (we were going to Bardstown, my other folks to Greensburg), the roads were horrendous on 31E to B-town. Esp. that nasty mess of curves before you get to Athertonville(which has since been straightened…we always had to pull over because my Mom would get sick on the curves…) I think by the time we got back to Bardstown around 6pm, we had like 6″+ snow. I also recall a winter in early 70’s where we had a lot of snow and ice events. OK…I’m old…. lol!

  3. Bus Haynes says:

    Also the trees were so cold they were popping like a shotgun going off.

  4. winter lover says:

    Oh yeah those1970’s winters very well remember them too.

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