A Swath of Snow Possible Friday Night

Good Thursday and Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s a very mild and windy day across the Commonwealth, but things look to change in a hurry later Friday. That’s when a rain and snow maker rolls across the region, putting down a swath of light accumulating snow.

Before we get to all that, let’s talk about the big holiday full of hearts. Temps will range from 55-60 in most areas as winds really crank. Gusts of 40mph will be possible from time to time as a cold front rolls in here tonight and early Friday. A few showers will be noted along and ahead of this boundary.

That front slows down across the Tennessee Valley with low pressure rolling to the east along it for late Friday into early Saturday. That system will throw rain and snow across our region, with an increasing threat for accumulating snow.

You can see this system on the GFS…

Yesterday, I made a map outlining the area with the best chance of seeing snow on the ground…

The models have come into pretty good general agreement with the map, but with some slight deviations.

As we get closer to this event, the models are getting a little stronger and snowier. The GFS has some 4″+ snows showing up in a west to east swath…

The new version of the GFS has something similar…


The Canadian is just now picking up on this system and has it more across the north…

I will have updates later today, including a First Call For Snowfall. Until then, make it a good one and take care.

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18 Responses to A Swath of Snow Possible Friday Night

  1. Russell says:

    Where is the snow …WKY….RIP winter.

  2. Bobt says:

    What a surprise. Rain in the southern part of the state. When will it end?

    • Terry says:

      Chris isnt mentioning it, but we may really get slammed with a lot of rain in southern KY next week as a boundary is going to stall. Depending on exact placement of the boundary next week, we could see several inches of rain down here! WPC has us around 4 inches right now but a very sharp cut-off from north to south, so maybe it does a rare trend south and we dont see much?! Probably get a ton of rain is my thoughts!

  3. Jimbo says:

    I still think this rare snow threat for me will shift north based on this seasons trends. I also see from Sunday thru Wednesday more rain is in the forecast.

    • Terry says:

      The models have operated so poorly short range this winter that Chris still shows the slight risk all the way south into TN, even though SE KY and TN don’t have a remote chance based upon current runs of all major models! We literally can’t even trust the main models within 6 hours lately. Maybe you actually get something; maybe it shifts south or north?

      • Bernard P. Fife says:

        I’m thinking he should just take the border counties out of play all together but, that’s fine by me. At this point with absolutely nothing this winter, Thelma Lou & I are ready for some spring.

  4. Ray Roark says:

    I’m ready for spring, as much as I love snow. This winter has been a total bust! The rain train continues though sigh !

  5. Schroeder says:

    I just wish we all could get two major snowstorms state wide and then gradually go into Spring in mid- April without the late freezes. Folks out there this current weather pattern is something I’ve not seen in my lifetime and I’m 68 years old. Climatologist need to make a study to see if we are really going through ” Climate Change.” Something is definitely going on with the world’s overall climate whether it’s natural or weather control. I just wish they would quit lying to everyone.

    • Troy says:

      I wish we could all just get one but even that’s not gonna happen. We’ll all get some cold snaps going forward. but for many of us, winter beyond that is over. It is just fact at this point as there is no signs of the trend changing at all.

    • Jamie says:

      We’re always going through climate change. That’s not really the debate. What people can’t agree on is what’s causing it and by how much. But I can’t worry about those arguments. As a gardener, I just have to play the hand I’m dealt every year, as we all do. I don’t usually say this before Springtime, but, we really need some below-normal precipitation months.

    • Terry says:

      Chris is only focused at the moment on northern KY snow but next week looks EXTREME for rainfall, especially southern KY! Dangerous look!

      Check out QPF, 1-7 days. Over 4 inches of rain and the trend may put us in the 5 to 7 inch range as the heavier amounts are barely south of the border and likely shift a little north. That atmospheric river that is aimed at California now may cause us a world of hurt next week!!!!


  6. Joyce says:

    Praying for a 6 inch snow!

  7. Mike S says:

    The NAM better start sniffing this thing out. So far, NAM is not impressed with this next ‘snow event’

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